Flying Petals 2013 Calendars

Flying Petals,, is releasing their 2013 calendars, proceeds of which will be used to support Taeyeon.


Desk Calendar Details:

– 230 x 150mm
– About 26 pages

Wall Calendar Details:

– A3 size
– About 26 pages

The photos in the wall and desk calendars will be different.

Special Gifts:

  • B3-sized poster
  • Cellphone sticker
  • Ballpen
  • Photocards
  • Brochure*
  • Mini poster*

*Only for those who purchase both the desk and wall calendars.

Price (excluding shipping):

USD$18 per desk calendar

USD$21 per wall calendar

USD$30 per set

Ordering/Payment Period: 7th November 2012 – 5th December 2012

Shipping Period: Late-December

Shipping Details:

Desk Calendar

Wall Calendar

Desk + Wall Calendar Set

If you wish to purchase more than calendars/sets than the quantity listed above, please send an email to the admin ( with the exact quantity of goods you wish to purchase, and your country of residence.

Payment Method:

Paypal (

*Please check ‘Personal Payments’ & ‘Others’ during payment via paypal. You will have to pay any extra fees incurred. 

If you wish to make payment via bank transfer (KRW), contact the admin either through the ‘Q&A’ Board or email (

After sending payment, send an email to the admin ( with the following form filled up:



1. Depositor (your name) :
2. Deposit date :
3. Country :
4. Destination Address + Zip Code :
5. Amount of deposit :
6. Type of your order : (A) DESK CALENDAR or (B) WALL CALENDAR or (C) DESK&WALL SET
7. Quantity of your order :
8. Cellphone number :
9. Your PayPal account e-mail address :

Flying Petals will not be responsible for any errors on your part (e.g. wrong shipping information, depositing the wrong amount).
Any problems with regards to the shipping process should be directed to the shipping company.

Contact Details: Email ( | ‘Q&A’ Board

How an order may be placed in brief:

1. Calculate your shipping price according to how many calendars/sets you wish to purchase using the table above. If you wish to purchase more than the quantity listed above, send an email to the admin ( with your exact quantity of goods you wish to purchase, and your country of residence.
2. Send payment via Paypal to (Total costs of goods + shipping) You will have to pay any other extra fees incurred.
3. Submit order form via email (, using the above format.

The email addresses for the Paypal transfer and order form submission are different. Please take note and be sure to submit the payment/order form to the right email address.



Source: Flying Petals
Author: IAMSunshiner
Published: November 12th, 2012

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under


4 Responses to Flying Petals 2013 Calendars

  1. [SINGAPORE ONLY] Pre-order your Flying Petals 2013 Taeyeon Calendar Set here!

  2. sano says:

    I sent in the order for this. Just wondering if anyone got like a confirmation email or anything to indicate that Flying Petals received the order?

  3. Soshifi Me says:

    Has anyone received this yet? Since its already 2013 I thought I would have gotten it by now.

  4. Taengoo lover says:

    So… I’m very very very very very very disappointed with Flying Petals! They did not send all their calendars to withussone. The nice person I am (and apparently a dummy) I said I can wait for the next shipment. I’m still waiting. After numerous tries from withussone trying to contact FP they finally replied and said they would be sending out more calendars. Well.. I’m still waiting??? half the year is already over. wtf… you shouldn’t treat customers like this?!!!!

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