2nd Photobook – All About Girls’ Generation “Paradise In Phuket” DVD Preview

Update [20110208]: Photos of the actual photobook added (cr: Yurui912 @Twitter)
Update [20110127]:
Clarification: The poster & card are gifts by individual retailers/sellers, as such not officially released by SM. Much apologies for not clearing the matter sooner
Update [20110126]: Included SoshiGoods’
Update [20110125] #3: DVDHeaven, YesAsia, grapemusiccd@eBay upped
Update [20110125] #2: 1st eBay link included cr:cheuw@Twitter for the notice
Update [20110125]: Title confirmed, Feb 8 release date, preorders, # of pages & content details, 3 pictures released
Update [20110119]: Feb 7 release date according to rakuten.co.jp. No independent confirmation
Update [20110118]: rakuten.co.jp’s preorder link added
Update [20110112]: Teaser images batch #2
Update [20110107]: Awaiting release news from official channel

Release Date: February 8, 2011

Publisher: SM Entertainment
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KBS Media – Invincible Youth 청춘불패 Photo Essay Book


UPDATE [20101126]: More photos of actual photobook added.
UPDATE [20101124]: More photos added from Yes24.
UPDATE [20101123]: 3 more photos added.
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Elite – Promo Photobook #2

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SM Town Live ’10 World Tour – Catalog

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Elite – Promo Photobook #1 (with 2PM)

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CeCi – 15th Anniversary Photobook

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