SNSD Express Pop-Up Cafe – Official Goods

Release Date: February 7th, 2013

Publisher: SM Entertainment

– Special Pop-up Cafe & Goods store at “Rabbit in the Moon” in Seoul, from February 7th to February 17th, 2013.
– Some of the products (caps, t-shirts, Member logo Black Shirt) were featured during the “I Got A Boy” Goodbye Stage (Music Bank) on February 1st, 2013

Recommended Retail Price (RRP):

Sticker Set
₩5000 (Approx. $4.61 USD)
₩13,000 (Approx. $11.98 USD)
Spoon & Fork Set
₩13,000 (Approx. $11.98 USD)
Wappen 01 (SNSD – Heart)
₩15,000 (Approx. $13.83 USD)
Wappen 02 (SNSD – IGAB Logo)
₩15,000 (Approx. $13.83 USD)
Wappen 01 (SNSD – IGAB Logo)
₩15,000 (Approx. $13.83 USD)
Mug 01 (Red/Heart Logo)
₩13,000 (Approx. $11.98 USD)
Mug 02 (White/Heart Logo)
₩13,000 (Approx. $11.98 USD)
Mug 03 (Wing Logo)
₩13,000 (Approx. $11.98 USD)
Long Mug
₩13,000 (Approx. $11.98 USD)
Slogan Towel (Black)
₩15,000 (Approx. $13.83 USD)
Slogan Towel (Pink)
₩15,000 (Approx. $13.83 USD)
Short Tumbler – Red
₩25000 (Approx. $23.04 USD)
Short Tumbler – White
₩25000 (Approx. $23.04 USD)
Tumbler – Boys’ Generation
₩30,000 (Approx. $27.66 USD)
Tumbler – Girls’ Generation
₩30,000 (Approx. $27.66 USD)
Plate Set
₩35,000 (Approx. $32.27 USD)
Tray Set
₩22,000 (Approx. $20.29 USD)
Coffee Cup Set
₩30,000 (Approx. $27.66 USD)
Caps – 11 Kinds
₩39,000 – 49,000         (Approx. $35.96 – $45.17 USD)
Eco Bag
$24.94 USD*
T-Shirt (IGAB Member Logo) – White/Red
₩29,000 (Approx. $26.74 USD)
T-Shirt (SNSD Heart)
₩29,000 (Approx. $26.74 USD)
T-Shirt (SNSD) – Black/Pink
₩29,000 (Approx. $26.74 USD)
T-Shirt (Wing) – White/Black ₩29,000 (Approx. $26.74 USD) T-Shirt – Girls’ Generation ₩29,000 (Approx. $26.74 USD) T-Shirt – Boys’ Generation ₩29,000 (Approx. $26.74 USD) T-Shirt – Boys’ Generation ₩29,000 (Approx. $26.74 USD)
Long Sleeve Shirt – SNSD Heart White
₩49,000 (Approx. $45.17 USD)
Long Sleeve Shirt – SNSD Heart Red
₩49,000 (Approx. $45.17 USD)
Long Sleeve Shirt – Purple
₩49,000 (Approx. $45.17 USD)
Long Sleeve Shirt – Blue
₩49,000 (Approx. $45.17 USD)
Member Logo Shirt – Black
₩65,000 (Approx. $53.93 USD)
Member Logo Shirt – White
₩65,000 (Approx. $53.93 USD)
Chocolate Set
$66.84 USD*
(* – Prices for Eco Bag and Chocolate Set:  Original Retail Price unknown, Price listed is from DVDHeaven)


DVDHeaven (Various Items)

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Source: DVDHeaven, OnlyTaeng @ twitter (Retail Price from Pictures), sone9angel2 (Youtube video)
Image Credits: DVDHeaven, grapemusiccd (ebay)

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

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18 Responses to SNSD Express Pop-Up Cafe – Official Goods

  1. RaddyXD says:

    Correction: 11 kinds, not 10.

  2. SoshiGEE says:

    Wow this really seems like a shameless cash grab…the design of the items are so lame compared to the ones at Lotte Young.

    • I'veBeenSoshified! says:

      I agree that the designs on the products are a bit plain, especially in comparison to the previous released goods from the Lotte Pop Up Shop. I personally only like the member logo long sleeve shirts and the hats with the wings enough to buy (I bought the member logo long sleeve shirt in both colors but hats cost more than I’m willing to pay on eBay now).

  3. nicole_sone says:

    Can I still buying this??
    and I’m a Malaysian… How can I buy this??

  4. wawa says:

    Hi, I would like to know is there anymore i got a boy caps? If there is, how can i buy it? Is it $35.96 (Singapore Dollar)?

  5. 曾廣松 says:

    Can I still buy the pink IGAB cap, beside the black IGAB cap?

  6. aison wong says:

    whats the address

  7. Mandy Wong says:

    how do i buy this?

  8. Ernest says:

    Are the caps still available? I would like to purchase the black and red cap.

  9. I’m a Malaysian how do I buy the cap?

  10. JT Ng says:

    is this still available?

  11. Linda says:

    Do you still have black winged cap?

  12. rizal says:

    Are the caps still in stock? I want those winged ones. Please reply thanks

  13. hazeeelll says:

    Hello. can i know if i can still get this?

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