I AM: Smtown Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden DVD & Blu-ray

Release Date: October 3, 2012

Publisher: Avex Trax

Catalogue #:
AVBF-49858 (Regular DVD)
AVBF-49855 (Complete DVD Box – 4 DVDS)
AVXF-49859 (Complete Blu-ray Box – 2 Blu-ray Discs)

– 3 Different Editions: Regular DVD, Complete DVD Box Edition, Complete Blu-ray Box Edition
– All Versions includes the main documentary film: “I AM: Smtown Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden” with bonus features (To Be Announced)
The Complete DVD/Blu-ray Box Set will contain:
1. Music Video of “Dear My Family”, Making-of Music video, Show case in Korea, Comment Collection, Unreleased Scenes, Interview, Trailers, etc. (DVD: Disc 2; Blu-ray: Disc 1)
2. SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in Madison Square Garden 2011 Full Concert (DVD: Disc 3 & 4; Blu-ray: Disc 2)
3. 50-page Photobook
4. 32 Autographed Postcard Book (Printed Autographs)
5. Backstage Pass Replica
6. Korean Edition Poster

Track List

Regular DVD Edition
[Disc 1] “I AM: Smtown Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden” Documentary + Special Feauters (TBA)

Complete DVD/Blu-ray Box Set
[Disc 1] “I AM: Smtown Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden” Documentary

[DVD Disc 2 // Blu-ray Disc 1] Special DVD
1. Dear My Family Music Video (and its making of), 2.Korean Showcase Footage
2. Comments Collection
3. Deleted Scenes
4. Deleted Interviews
5. Trailers

[Disc 3 & 4 // Blu-ray Disc 2] SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in Madison Square Garden 2011 Concert
01. Intro
02. LA chA TA f(x)
03. Chu~ f(x)
04. Pine Tree & Polaris KANGTA
05. 7989 KANGTA & Sulli (Guest. Onew)
06. Stand By Me SHINee
07. Replay SHINee
09. Sorry Sorry-Answer SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y
10. Run Devil Run GIRLS’ GENERATION (少女時代)
11. Kissing you GIRLS’ GENERATION (少女時代)
12. Oh! GIRLS’ GENERATION (少女時代)
13. 美人 [Bonamana] SUPER JUNIOR
14. 太完美 [Perfection] SUPER JUNIOR-M
15. HaHaHaSong GIRLS’ GENERATION (少女時代)
16. Way To Go GIRLS’ GENERATION (少女時代)
17. Miracle SUPER JUNIOR
18. I Did It For Love BoA (Feat. Key)
19. Genie GIRLS’ GENERATION (少女時代)
20. Sorry, Sorry SUPER JUNIOR
21. Ring Ding Dong SHINee
22. Mr. Simple SUPER JUNIOR
23. Don’t Don! SUPER JUNIOR (Feat. Zhoumi, Henry)
24. Hot Summer f(x)
25. Hoot GIRLS’ GENERATION (少女時代)
26. Ready Or Not SHINee
27. Amigo SHINee
28. The Boys GIRLS’ GENERATION (少女時代)
29. Eat You Up BoA
30. Copy & Paste BoA
31. Energetic  BoA
32. TVXQ! Medley [Intro + The Way U Are + Mirotic] TVXQ! (東方神起)
33. MAXIMUM TVXQ! (東方神起)
34. Before U Go TVXQ! (東方神起)
35. Why? [Keep Your Head Down] TVXQ! (東方神起)
36. Pinocchio [Danger] f(x)
37. Lucifer SHINee
38. Gee GIRLS’ GENERATION (少女時代)
40. Rising Sun TVXQ! (東方神起)
41. 光 [Hope] SMTOWN

Language: Japanese

DVD Region Code: 2

Bluray Region Code: All

DVD Subtitles: None

DVD Picture Format: NTSC

Recommended Retail Price (RRP):
[Regular DVD] – ¥ 4,935 tax inc., approx. USD $64.05
[Complete DVD Box Set] – ¥ 8,925 tax inc., approx. USD $114.02
[Complete Blu-ray Box Set] – ¥ 9,975 tax inc., approx. USD $127.44

CDJapan (with Poster):

HMV (no Poster):


Source: Yesasia, CDJapan

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

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9 Responses to I AM: Smtown Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden DVD & Blu-ray

  1. rush says:

    If it says DVD Region 2, does that mean that i can’t play it in my DVD player since i live in region 3? Thank you.

  2. woot woot! says:

    Cool! Wonder how I missed this news!!
    but why Avex? it’s not smtown tokyo… it’s NYC?

  3. Soshifi Me says:

    I’m really confused. I hear there’s a taiwan, hong kong, US, Japan, and Korean versions? Do any of these have Eng Subs? Wanted to get the Blu Ray as well.

    • tom885 says:

      We will be updating this post soon, but for short, according to Yesasia, all versions except the Japanese & Taiwanese versions will have English subtitles – and so far blu-ray release is only confirmed for Japanese & Taiwanese version only ^^

  4. Ari says:

    The sad part is it dosent have eng sub…. All I find is region 1 when I need region 2 or 0…
    Oh why U so cruel world?!

    • tom885 says:

      Actually there are English subtitles in this Japanese release! I have the Complete Blu-ray Box Set and the main movie + concert have English subtitles, but the special features (i.e. Dear My Family MV, Press Conferences) only have Japanese subtitles.

      Hope that helps ^^

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