Release Date: August 4, 2012 (venue), August 6, 2012 (online)

Publisher: SM Entertainment

-Tour goodies are available for purchase both at tour venues and via the official online shop
-Special edition goods for SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO 2012 concert.
– The official online shop likely requires a local shipping address in Japan. International buyers may still utilise forwarding services like’s to circumvent the shipping address issue

Recommended Retail Price (RRP):

 SM Town:

 Clear Bag  ¥1,500 (~USD $19.14)
 Sports Towel  ¥2,500 (~USD $31.90)
 Binoculars  ¥3,500 (~USD $44.66)
 T-shirt  ¥3,000 (~USD $38.28)
 Catalogue  ¥3,500 (~USD $44.66)

 Girls’ Generation:

 Hand Towel  ¥1,000 (~USD $12.76)
 Tote Bag  ¥1,800 (~USD $22.97)
 Clear Pouch  ¥1,500 (~USD $19.14)
 Acrylic Key Chain  ¥1,500 (~USD $19.14)
 Cards  ¥300 each (~USD $3.83)
 Notebook  ¥800 (~USD $10.21)
Clear Bag ¥1,500
(~USD $19.14)
Sports Towel ¥2,500
(~USD $31.90)
 Binoculars ¥3,500
(~USD $44.66)
T-shirt ¥3,000
(~USD $38.28)

Hand Towel ¥1,000
(~USD $12.76)
Tote Bag ¥1,800
(~USD $22.97)
Clear Pouch ¥1,500
(~USD $19.14)
Acrylic Key Chain ¥1,500 (~USD $19.14)

Catalog ¥3,500
(~USD $44.66)
Cards ¥300 each (~USD $3.83) Notebook ¥800 (~USD $10.21)
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  1. Andrew says:

    Hey do take note its not SNSD file/folders. But they are trading cards instead. Clarified by JapanHomeMaker

  2. Kenttsang says:

    How to buy the cards? It seems the cards cannot be bought in the SM Town Japan website.

    • japan home maker can help you bid on a japan auction site for them. but the price of the cards are gonna be really high there. i emailed them and they said both cards per member can go about 10,000 yen. the cards were also sold during smtown seoul on 18th August and there’s already sellers listing it for sale on ebay.

      • Kenttsang says:

        Thank you for your reply. There is a little bit different between Japan card and Seoul card. Will the cards be sold on other website or Everysing shop?

        • oh now that you mentioned it, they are a little different. didn’t realise that before. the seoul cards have foil fonts, which i personally think is nicer than the plain one sold in tokyo. definitely not everysing. if sm allows everysing to sell smtown merchandises, then the merchandises sale during the next smtown will be greatly affected. plus, everysing have their own range of merchandises that sm specially creates for it. so you won’t find smtown stuff there. sorry that i can’t help you :/ the tokyo cards are really hard to get. and the only source i know is japan home maker. i will just have to settle for the seoul ones myself. they’re gonna be much more affordable.

  3. Happygal says:

    Can I still buy the binocular ?

  4. Do you know about the official merchandises that will be sold during sm town singapore? on the day of the concert itself

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