Korea Post – Stamp (Limited Edition)

Release Date: August 9, 2012

Publisher: Korea Post

-Each set contains a total of 14 postage stamps
-Includes 9 individual stamps from ‘The Boys’ album jacket with printed autographs along with 5 album covers
-Available at 50 major post offices in Korea and ‘2012 Korea Philatelic Exhibition’ (held in COEX) from August 8, 2012 ~ September 13, 2012

Recommended Retail Price (RRP): ₩20,000 (~$17.56 USD) YesAsia: DVDHeaven:

YesAsia: $29.99
DVDHeaven: $24.24

Source: SM Entertainment, YesAsia
Image Credits: SM Entertainment

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

5 Responses to Korea Post – Stamp (Limited Edition)

  1. RayChua says:

    Any idea how many in total of these stamps Korean Post will sell? How limited are they?

    • yih says:

      only 40 000 copies…but sold out in 4 or 5 days…

      • alex says:

        just curious, no offense…did Korea Post give official statement on the actual total units and day that the stamps sold out? I can’t find it through the net. I only manage to get the news regarding the first day selling record only, which was 600 sold out in an hour.

  2. Chubs Loly says:

    can I get it in Indonesia?

  3. soshimor says:

    In the set itself it says 80,000 sets were issued.

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