4th Japanese Single – Paparazzi

Jacket image: Special Limited Edition – Jacket A

Jacket image: Regular Edition Type A/B – Jacket B

Update #3: YesAsia and HMVJapan links added
Update #2: Universal Music links added
Update #1: CDJapan links added

Release Date: June 27, 2012

Label: Nayutawave Records (Universal Music)

Catalogue #:
UPCH-80278 (Regular Edition Type B – Jacket B)
UPCH-80279 (Regular Edition Type A – Jacket B)
UPCH-89119 (Special Limited Edition – Jacket A)


– 3 editions are due for release: Regular Edition Type B/Jacket B, Regular Edition Type A/Jacket B, and Special Limited Edition Jacket A
– Regular Edition Type B/Jacket B contains audio tracks only.
– Both Regular Edition Type A/Jacket B and Special Limited Edition Jacket A comes with CD,DVD,and Poster
– Regular Edition Type A/Jacket B contains DVD with PAPARAZZI Music Video
– Special Limited Edition Jacket A contains DVD with PAPARAZZI MV and PAPARAZZI MV (Close Up Version)
– Both Regular Editions contains Jacket B while Special Limited Edition contains Jacket A
– Special Limited Edition comes with two newspaper-size photo booklets (folded), PHOTO & Members Q & A during shooting of PAPARAZZI MV, and SPECIAL ISSUE”: A B: GIRLS ‘GENERATION’ Paparazzi “BEHIND THE SCENES”

CD Tracks:

Regular Edition Type A – Jacket B  – DVD Contents (Music Clips):
1 PAPARAZZI (Music Video)

Special Limited Edition – DVD Contents (Music Clips):
1 PAPARAZZI Music Video
2 PAPARAZZI Music Video (Close-Up Version)

Language: Japanese

DVD Region Code: 2

DVD Subtitles: None

DVD Picture Format: NTSC

Recommended Retail Price (RRP):
[Regular Edition Type B/ Jacket B] ¥1,100
[Regular Edition Type A/ Jacket B (+Poster)] ¥1,590
[Special Limited Edition Jacket A (+Poster)]¥1,920

CDJapan (*tubed poster):
Regular Edition Type B/ Jacket B
Regular Edition Type A/ Jacket B (+Poster) ¥1,514
Special Limited Edition Jacket A (+Poster) ¥1,829
Universal Music:
Regular Edition Type B/ Jacket B ¥1,100
Regular Edition Type A/ Jacket B (+Poster) ¥1,590
Special Limited Edition Jacket A (+Poster) ¥1,920
HMVJapan (*folded poster):
Regular Edition Type B/ Jacket B ¥1,100
Regular Edition Type A/ Jacket B (+Poster) ¥1,351
Special Limited Edition Jacket A (+Poster) ¥1,622
YesAsia (*tubed poster):
Regular Edition Type B/ Jacket B USD $15.49
Regular Edition Type A/ Jacket B (+Poster) USD $29.75
Special Limited Edition Jacket A (+Poster) USD $36.49

MV Teaser:

Music Video: 

Music Video Dance Edit:

Music Video Dance Edit GOLD:

Source: SM Entertainment, CDJapan, Universal Music
Image Credits: Universal Music
Video Credits: SMTOWN@YouTube

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

22 Responses to 4th Japanese Single – Paparazzi

  1. wow thanks for the speedy update! are there gonna be photocards? jap singles always have them, and i love them! (who doesn’t, hahaha!) i think i might just get reg edition A and speicial edition! damn sm for making 2 different jacket covers 😡

  2. Already ordered.
    Thank you so much for the links!

  3. af1993 says:

    i prefer buying from hmv..but they will ship folded poster T.T

  4. Taeng is my wifey says:

    are they releasing a album after.. I usually don’t but singles.

  5. finally the 9 is back! i’m beginning to like their japanese stuff more so i hope this single doesn’t disappoint!

  6. Seohyun91 says:

    Yesasia has also Added this japanese single to preorder d…

  7. Steven says:

    This album got member photocards?

  8. stacielovin says:

    I m thinking of buying the Limited Edition (its more worth too haha) but I like the Jacket B cover better than Jacket A…. Hmm now dunno what to do… Btw i like the concept :DD

  9. Tammy says:

    can i buy this album somewhere else because i cant buy it on yesasia or cdjapan cause then you have to pay with credit card and i would like to have a tubed poster :/ please help!

  10. MG says:

    Anyone know if I order the special edition from yesasia today, will I still get the poster? And if I buy something else too, so that I get “free shipping”, does that include shipping the poster for free too?

  11. Taeyeon_biased says:

    update CDJAPAN Special edition sold out.

  12. chagz says:

    Is universal Music a good one? when I look at CD Japan for Jacket A its already sold out..HMV offers folded poster only..YesAsia a little bit expensive thats why my only option is Universal Music and they offer rolled poster too^^ Now I’m looking for a assurance that my order will arrive perfectly..~~

  13. Seohyun91 says:

    Universe Music oso sold out d…

  14. anyone know when korean version will be released????

  15. ValeriewithSoshi9 says:

    I just got the special limited editon, it comes with a folded poster as well 🙂

  16. mjsone says:

    Are the packaging of the regular A and the special edition so different? both came with CD+DVD right?

    • tom885 says:

      Both comes with CD & DVD, but the Special Edition also comes with the close-up version of the MV, and the packaging is different – the Special Edition have 2 newspapers with exclusive members’ interviews & BTS pictures, while the Regular A only have the lyrics & credits (no pictures) inside,

      Try searching “Paparazzi unboxing” on Youtube to give you a better idea of the differences.

      Hope that helps ^^

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