Everysing – Mr.Taxi Postcard Set

Release Date: April 27, 2012

Publisher: SM Entertainment

-Distributed by Everysing Store
-Set includes 9 Individual Member’s Postcard and 1 Group Postcard (10 Postcards)
-Size: 180mm x 140mm

Recommended Retail Price (RRP): /

[Pre-order] DVDHeaven USD $11.14

Image credits: DVDHeaven, Cropped and Edited by tom885@SoShiCatalogue

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

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4 Responses to Everysing – Mr.Taxi Postcard Set

  1. Rex says:

    They look nice, I may want to get them.

  2. Seohyun91 says:

    2011 or 2012?

  3. Sky says:

    Helping to take orders from DVDHEAVEN for Mr. Taxi postcard set! SGD$16.70 [SGONLY]
    Please visit : http://www.sgkwave.com/forums/topic/18369-mo-dvdheavencom-everysing-snsd-mr-taxi-notebook-15-mr-taxi-postcard-1670-everysing-snsd-poster-w-printed-signature/

    Or, http://www.ohmyshisus.blogspot.com under DVDHEAVEN MO (:

    Thank you very much!

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