Special Album – The Boys

Release Date: 17th January 2012

Update #2: CDJapan link added.
Update #1: Amazon & YesAsia Pre-order links added.

Label: Interscope Records

Catalogue #:

– Will include ‘a selection’ of songs from the original Korean version of the album, as well as all the tracks from the Maxi Single

Language: Korean/English

CD Tracks:
*Note Tracklist has not been confirmed.
1. The Boys
2. Telepathy
3. Say yes
5. How great is your love
6. My J
9. Lazy Girl (Dolce Far Niente)
10. Sunflower
12. MR. TAXI
13. The Boys (English Version)
14. The Boys (Clinton Sparks & Disco Fries Remix) w/Snoop Dogg
15. The Boys *Bring Dem Boys* w/Suzi
16. The Boys *Bring The Boys Out* (David Anthony Remix)
17. The Boys *Bring The Boys* (Teddy Riley Remix)

Could possibly be included:
– The Boys (Instrumental)
– The Boys (A Cappella)

Price (RRP): Currently Unconfirmed.

Amazon: $9.99 USD
Yesasia: $22.99 USD
CDJapan: ¥ 1714

Source: Interscope Records, Sosiz, HMV Japan
Image Credits: Sosiz
Author: darkrad
Published: 14th December 2011
Last Updated: 14th December 2011

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

9 Responses to Special Album – The Boys

  1. kpop rocks says:

    This will be released in the US and Europe I heard?
    Hope I can go to my local music store and buy one instead of always ordering online. haha.

  2. snsd-9s says:

    no order links yet ?

  3. huayeang says:

    I think this special album is ready for preorder. Read from somewhere…from Amazon

  4. hell yes says:

    5 more days!
    For once I’ll be able to walk into best buy, walmart, etc. and not have to order online for double the price!
    I love snsd!!

  5. wes says:

    I ordered mine thru amazon. They arent shipping it yet coz i got the collectors edition for FF XIII-2
    so anyone got any photoshots of the maxi single?

  6. Yume says:

    CDJapan has link up now:

    Previously, they kept postponing the release date so I hope they won’t postpone it again. :3

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