SM Entertainment – Girls’ Generation 2012 Official Calendar

Release Date: 27th December 2011

– Desktop calendar, contains 28P (290mm x 200mm)
– Wall calendar, contains 28P (610mm x 410mm)

Desktop calendar: Recommended Retail Price (RRP): ₩17,000 (US$14.67)
Wall calendar: Recommended Retail Price (RRRP): ₩18,000 (US$15.53)

*Links to SoShiCatalogue GuidesSource: Gmarket, Yurui
Image Credits: Gmarket

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26 Responses to SM Entertainment – Girls’ Generation 2012 Official Calendar

  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh wow! I have no money so I’ll have to pass, or at least wait until March or so when it’s discounted, missing out on the January and February girls!

    Shame that it’s a desktop calendar; I already have a (ok, 3) desktop Soshi calendar from the fan projects…wanted a wall one. Oh well, can’t afford it anyway…

  2. oh i’m so excited they are doing these again! i saw the other artists’ calendars and was worried SM wouldnt release one of the girls… but who was i kidding? ^^

  3. Rebecca says:

    Ended up getting the wall one. I heard there’s a 2012 diary too? I collected a bunch of the undated Goobne diaries and have been using them as academic year planners for two years :p

  4. snsdfan says:

    Hi, first time here. how do i place my order? 🙂

  5. Stacie says:

    hi~ you didnt update the latest items 🙂 There is a SNSD Diary too~~ ^^

  6. kenneth2991 says:

    Hi, anyone wanna trade the code for the desktop calendar with my code for the wall calendar? Please T_T I wanna download the screensaver ^_^ lolol

  7. ri88 says:

    I think u must have both the wall & desk calendar

    • kenneth2991 says:

      yea lol thats why I am looking for people with the desk calendar to trade the code =D But it seems like there is no one with the desk calendar =(

      • WoShiPro says:

        How do u use it? i have both the wall and desk calendar.

        • kenneth2991 says:

          I am not too sure too I think there is a link on the piece of paper with the code? I went to the link and they need me to enter the code of the desk and wall lol =/ Oh well I have only wall =( lol

          • WoShiPro says:

            i download the screensaver file… but it is ok with to upload? later copyright issue..

          • kenneth2991 says:

            yea… But I think each code can download 3 times so if you dun mind u can share your code lolol =X I can share my wall calendar code with you too if you wan =D but like no need eh coz u got both liao lolol

  8. Rex says:

    So I need to get myself the desktop calendar too for the screensaver?

  9. Seohyun91 says:

    why no more updates already? is this website still alive? @_@

  10. kenneth2991 says:

    ya why no more updates?

  11. Rex says:

    Does anyone with a desktop calendar still want to swap codes?

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