Maxi Single – The Boys

Update #1: [14/12/11] Interscope Records has said that this release will be DIGITAL ONLY. Still no pricing indications though.

Release Date: December 20, 2011

Label: Interscope Records

Catalogue #:

– This is the maxi single release of the English version of The Boys.
– Will only be released as a DIGITAL ONLY single.

Language: English

CD Tracks:
01. The Boys / 3:48
02. The Boys (Clinton Sparks & Disco Fries Remix) / 4:48
03. The Boys *Bring Dem Boys* / 3:38
04. The Boys *Bring The Boys Out* / 4:26
05. The Boys *Bring The Boys* / 4:03
06. The Boys (Instrumental) / 3:48
07. The Boys (A Cappella) / 3:46

Price: Currently N/A

iTunes (varies from region, check on the iTunes Store)

Source: Amazon
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7 Responses to Maxi Single – The Boys

  1. Taeyeon rocks! says:


  2. Teishia says:

    so is this a physical CD or only digital?

  3. I Luv Taengoo says:

    So it’s only digital.. little disappointed as I was looking forward to the packaging. But since now they are releasing a “special the boys” album I can see why now. I hope they come to the US to promote!!

  4. Michael L. says:

    Here’s the Amazon link with the ability to buy:

  5. Rebecca says:

    On UK iTunes (and Amazon UK) it costs nearly 8GBP, which is about 12.50USD. For a 7-track EP, with no booklet download or anything. And I already have three of the songs; The Boys and the instrumental (from the iTunes TB single) and the acapella (the FB page gave it out for free so that people could make remixes for the competition; being a non-remixer but opportunistic, I downloaded it too :p). I guess I’ll wait until the tracks can be purchased individually.

    • Rebecca says:

      Waaahh?! Just clicked the link above and on Amazon US it’s $6.99? Grr, I can’t buy from there (UK SONE)…that’s only about 4.46 pounds (using a converted American netbook with no UK pound sign lol :p).

      UK always gets shafted.

      At least we’re not Japan, being made to pay about $40 for a bare-bones CD.

      I’ll stop complaining. Merry Christmas 🙂

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