1st Japanese Album (Repackaged) – Re:package Album “GIRLS’ GENERATION”~The Boys~

Jacket Image: Limited Editions Jacket image: Regular Edition

Update #1: HMV & YesAsia Pre-order links added.

Release Date: December 28, 2011

Publisher: Nayutawave Records (Universal Music)

Catalogue #:
UPCH-20269 (Regular Edition, CD)
UPCH-29078 (Limited Pressing Edition, CD+DVD) [Poster Set]
UPCH-29077 (First Press Limited Edition, CD+DVD) [Coaster Set]

– Features brand new concept (Jacket & Photobook will be different from the original album)
– 3 different versions: Regular Edition (CD), First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD), Limited Pressing Edition (CD+DVD)
– Both First Press Limited Edition and Limited Pressing Edition will include a 36-Page Photobook, CD, and DVD that contains “The Boys” (English Version) MV and “Bad Girl” MV. (Photobook & DVD is exactly the same for both editions)
– External Bonus is different for Limited and Limited Pressing Editions: First Press Limited Edition will include a rubber coaster set (blue version or white version) (Will be given out randomly at participating stores), and the Limited Pressing Edition will include a two Posters Set
– All 3 editions will include 15 Songs, including “The Boys” (Japanese Version), brand new song “Time Machine”, and remix versions of “THE GREAT ESCAPE”, “BAD GIRL”, and “MR.TAXI”

CD Tracks 
1. The Boys (Japanese Version)
2. THE GREAT ESCAPE (Brian Lee remix)
3. BAD GIRL feat. DEV (The Cataracs remix)
4. Time Machine
7. Gee
8. I’m In Love With The HERO
9. 훗(HOOT)
10. Let It Rain
11. Beautiful Stranger
12. you-aholic
13. Run Devil Run
15. Bonus track “MR.TAXI (Steve Aoki remix)”

First Press Limited Edition & Limited Pressing Edition – DVD Contents (Music Clips):
– THE BOYS (English Version)

Language: Japanese

DVD Region Code: 2

DVD Subtitles: None

DVD Picture Format: NTSC

Recommended Retail Price (RRP):
[Regular Edition] – ¥ 3,000 tax inc., approx. USD $38.60
[First Press Limited Edition] – ¥ 4,390 tax inc., approx. USD $56.48
[Limited Pressing Edition] – ¥ 4,390 tax inc., approx. USD $56.48

Regular Edition
¥2,857 // Limited Pressing Edition (Poster Set) ¥4,181 // First Press Limited Edition (Coaster Set) ¥4,181
HMV Japan: (tax inc.)
Regular Edition
¥3,000 // Limited Pressing Edition (Poster Set) ¥4,390 // First Press Limited Edition (Coaster Set) ¥4,390
Yesasia: Regular Edition $36.49 USD // Limited Pressing Edition (Poster Set) $60.99 USD // First Press Limited Edition (Coaster Set) $57.99 USD

Source: CDJapan, Soshified, MusicMan.Net, Nayutawave Records (Universal Music)
Image Credits: CDJapan

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

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26 Responses to 1st Japanese Album (Repackaged) – Re:package Album “GIRLS’ GENERATION”~The Boys~

  1. I'm a Sone says:

    I guess limited version for me!! because I can’t picture putting a glass on taeyeon’s pretty face. haha.

  2. teishia says:

    I dont understand what a rubber roller coaster is lol

    • Rebecca says:

      Haha, rubber coaster, not rollercoaster (although that sounds strangely fun…)! A coaster is a little mat that you put drinks on, so they’ll probably have the girls’ faces on them and you can put your mug down on their face :p

      • teishia says:

        AHHH I just googled, thanks so much for clearing lol. Yah at first i was like wth, are they seriously giving a completely unrelated toy and that alone increases price for quite a bit. I think i’ll get the poster set instead 😛 Only $3 more on YA.

  3. pip says:

    hahaha me too

  4. karo says:

    i thank the universe that the dvd and photobooks are exactly the same! YES!!! Thank god! (I wouldnt be able to affort both)

  5. carcaroth says:

    Too expensive! Maybe later… But I would buy a 2012 SNSD calendar, where is it, SM?

  6. Tiffany says:

    err.. just me or does Yesasia and CDJapan have the coasters for the first press and the posters for the limited edition mixed up?

    • teishia says:

      IDK either but some people thought that First press = poster, but YA states that limited ed = posters, first ed = coasters. I dont know which is which, but hopefully the one i preordered (limited edition w/ poster set) really DOES have posters or i’ll be pissed

      • darkrad says:

        Nayutawave/Universal have updated the discography page on their website. The Limited Pressing/Limited Period = Posters, Limited Edition/First Press = Coasters. I think the confusion is probably more to do with translating it, and that SM decided to release two different limited editions…

        • teishia says:

          Yeah its weird, even now the names u just mentioned sounded too similar lol. I wish its like first press edition and limited edition instead of limited pressing and limited ed. Good thing YA included description on what is included or Im sure most buyers would be misled by the naming

  7. kenneth2991 says:

    Hi~! Anyone know of anywhere that still has Limited Pressing Edition with Rolled Posters available for pre order? Please help me I really wanna get this album but YA has soldout and hmvjapan have only folded posters T_T

  8. Andrew says:

    @Japan Homemaker

    I have sent you a message on Facebook

  9. Anyone knows how to order with debit card from CDJapan? My credit card is maxed out so I can’t use paypal. 😛

    • noeyedeer says:

      it’s the same as with credit card.
      put in the 16 digit number on the front of your card and the 3 digit number on the back of it. choose what type of card (VISA, master) and you’re good to go.

  10. wjng says:

    Sigh anyone still got any deal for ROLLED posters set? :/ Seems to be sold out everywhere.

  11. unique says:

    Please someone i’m desperate for the roll poster set.

  12. kenneth2991 says:

    anyone know how does the 2 posters look like?

    • tom885 says:

      One poster is a close up shot of the girls (more like the cover; different image though the image is exactly the same from cover), and one is more further away. We will try to update the poster images ASAP, at the meantime you can search some unboxing videos on Youtube to get a better idea of how the posters looks like ^^

      • kenneth2991 says:

        Oh crap totally forgot that I can check unboxing videos on youtube lol. Hahahaha saw the posters. Thank You =D

  13. wjng says:

    For people who are hesitating because of the region 2 DVD, it only affects standalone DVD players. The DVD was fully playable on my desktop (set to region 3).

  14. iperiodic says:

    FYI: The coasters are words (pretty cartoonlike if u ask me).

  15. Thanks for the links! I’ve ordered The Limited Edition with 2 posters from CDJapan!
    Was too worried that it’ll be out of stock soon XD

  16. carcaroth says:

    Is anyone updating this site? In the meantime this album was released in a Korean version. Is the lack of photobook the only difference?

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