iOS – Girls’ Generation SHAKE

Release Date:  November 18, 2011

Current Version: 1.0

Size: 18.6 MB

Language: English, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish

Seller: dooub inc. & S.M,Ltd. / © S.M.ENTERTAINMENT


Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

Price: Free


Taps & More — Lefts, Rights, Turns, Shakes
Girls’ Generation SHAKE does not only have the traditional “TAP” style of gameplay, but it will also offer a new “SHAKE-WHEEL” mode, using a seamless-gesture technology, developed by dooub. The “SHAKE-WHEEL” mode will provide a new style of gameplay, where you may feel like a DJ scratching the turntable.

Card Deck System
The Card Deck System rewards you cards when you finished each game. If you are a fan, you can collect those including unreleased pictures of the stars. In the game mode those cards can be used as an item during the game to gain more scores and get better cards.

Make your own notes!
Girls’ Generation SHAKE will allow you to make your own notes and let it enjoy anytime you want. This awesome feature doesn’t let you bored with this game with its continuous creation of new contents, unlike the lack of contents that most rhythm-action game user experiences.


Image Credits: iTunes, Girls’ Generation SHAKE Facebook Page

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

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6 Responses to iOS – Girls’ Generation SHAKE

  1. tom885 says:

    Current Events for this App:
    1. Special Pricing for in-store purchase: 6 Songs + Cards Package

    2. Release Event: Collect Girls’ Generation cards and win an iPad2! (Visit their facebook page for details)

    – I’m playing this app like crazy now, and it’s addicting to collect & combine the cards ^^

    • I’ve been playing a lot today, it’s really fun, I don’t really understand how to combine the cards though. Could you explain? Thanks!

      • tom885 says:

        This game is so addicting, and it makes you want to collect all the cards!

        I think they have a random system for the combine function, I think the point of the combine function is to reduce your deck size (since it is limited) and to increase your chance in obtaining higher-rank cards.

        Basically, to use the combine system, you have to select 2 cards of the same member that have consecutive rank (i.e. C – C&C or C&B; A – A&B, A&S, and you cannot combine cards that jump ranks, such as combining C & A cards), and depending on your luck you might get the same, higher, or lower rank card. I tried combining a S Card and a A Card and luckily I got a SS Card, but I’ve also combine two S Cards and it ended up with a C Card – so it is just a random luck.

        Hope that helps!

  2. Light Cloud says:

    What’s up with those hoot cards? So not how it looks……..

  3. Michelle says:

    May i know how are we supposed to get those cards?

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