Girls’ Generation First Japan Tour – DVD & Blu-ray

|| Jacket image: Deluxe First Press Edition and Regular Edition – Blu-ray ||

|| Jacket image: Deluxe First Press Edition and Regular Edition – DVD ||

Update #6 [101211]: Pictures of the Cover & the Contents (Package & Pins) have been added.
Update #5 [021211]: Deluxe First Press Editions back in stock at HMV and CDJapan. Deluxe First Press Edition DVD comes with Logo Sticker Sheet (White Base Colour) and Deluxe First Press Edition Blu-Ray comes with Logo Sticker Sheet (Black Base Colour).
Update #4 [221111]: Blu-ray Deluxe First Press editions are SOLD OUT at HMV, CDJapan and YesAsia.
Update #3 [171111]: Blu-ray Deluxe First Press pre-order at CDJapan are AVAILABLE AGAIN! *Limit one per customer.
Update #2 [171111]: Blu-ray Deluxe First Press pre-order SOLD OUT at CDJapan. All 4 editions available for order on YesAsia now. Thanks to E Michael Johnson and Rezendeh for the tip!
Update #1 [161111]: CDJapan & HMV pre-order links added.

Release Date: December 14, 2011

Publisher: Nayutawave Records

Catalogue #:
UPBH-20094 (Regular DVD)
UPXH-20007 (Regular Blu-ray)
UPBH-29034 (Deluxe First Press DVD)
UPXH-29001 (Deluxe First Press Blu-ray)

– 4 different editions:  Regular DVD, Regular Blu-ray, Deluxe First Press DVD, and Deluxe First Press Blu-ray
– The Deluxe First Press limited edition will contain:
1. Packed in a Special caramel box
2. Digipak for the disk case
3. Special cosmetic case holding the 10 Pin Badges (Gold for Blu-ray and Silver for DVD)
4. 36 Page Photobook (the photo booklet of the Blu-ray is different from the DVD)
5. Logo Sticker Sheet: Size – 187 mm x 140 mm (White Base Colour for DVD and Black Base Colour for Blu-ray)
*Note: The sticker sheet is limited and not all online stores/shops will be giving them out.

– Track List
03. you-aholic
05. I’m In Love With The HERO
06. 〜Movie〜
07. Let It Rain
08. 〜MC〜
09. Snowy Wish
11. Kissing you
12. Oh!
13. 〜Movie〜
15. 〜Movie〜
17. 〜Movie〜
18. Run Devil Run intro
19. Run Devil Run
20. Beautiful Stranger
21. HOOT
22. Complete
23. My Child
24. 〜Movie〜
25. Ice Boy
26. HaHaHaSong
27. Gee
28. 〜MC〜
30. Into the new world
31. Way to go
32. 〜MC〜
33. It’s Fantastic!

Language: Japanese

DVD Region Code: 2

Bluray Region Code: All

DVD Subtitles: None

DVD Picture Format: NTSC

Recommended Retail Price (RRP):
[Regular DVD Edition] – ¥ 4,980 tax inc., approx. USD $64.65
[Regular Blu-ray Edition] – ¥ 5,980 tax inc., approx. USD $77.63
[Deluxe First Press DVD Edition] – ¥ 6,980 tax inc., approx. USD $90.60
[Deluxe First Press Blu-ray Edition] – ¥ 8,240 tax inc., approx. USD $106.97

CDJapan: Regular DVD Edition ¥4,743 // Regular Blu-ray Edition¥5,695 // Deluxe First Press DVD Edition ¥6,648 //
Deluxe First Press Blu-ray Edition
 ¥ 7,848 (*Note: Deluxe First Press Editions are limited to one per customer)
HMV: Regular Blu-ray Edition ¥ 4,724 // Regular DVD Edition ¥3,934 // Deluxe First Press Blu-ray Edition ¥ 7,416 // Deluxe First Press DVD Edition ¥ 6,282 (*Note: Deluxe First Press Editions limited to three (3) and one transaction per customer. That is, you can only put through an order once.)
YesAsia: Regular Blu-ray Edition USD $74.25 // Deluxe First Press Blu-ray Edition USD $105.25 // Deluxe First Press DVD Edition USD $90.25 // Regular DVD Edition USD $62.25

Regular Edition: DVD & Blu-ray

Limited Edition: DVD (Silver Pins), Blu-ray (Gold Pins)

Source: YURUI

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

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33 Responses to Girls’ Generation First Japan Tour – DVD & Blu-ray

  1. GG lover says:

    aw.. why they gotta make the photobook different? they should just make the highest priced blu ray contain everything the lower priced ones have.

  2. pip says:

    so there’s no solo perf? 0.0

  3. A.W.P. says:

    Ne one knows whether their solo perfs (cover) will be included?

  4. now has this for pre-order. $105.25 Limited Edition Blu-Ray (free shipping).

  5. TypicalSONE says:

    Is the limited blu-ray really “Limited”? or is it going to be like the 1st japanese album where the limited version is still available today. If it’s like that i wouldn’t be in a rush.

    • golux9 says:

      As both CDJapan and HMV limited the number of copies that can be purchased per customer, I would assume it is really limited, as in only a few copies are available ^^

      • goharago says:

        I just hope it won’t turn out like the 1st Japanese album. It’s on sale for 73.99 on yesasia. So much for first press limited edition >.>

  6. goharago says:

    Wow 1st press is SOLD OUT on yesasia now. I guess it really is a limited edition.

  7. Mimz says:

    AW MAN! is yesasia sold out of the limited edition blu-ray ALREADY?! do you think they will put it back up??? i was hoping to get it as a christmas present 😥

  8. aqboy says:

    anyone able to successfully order this on the HMV site? if so please let me know how thanks in advance!!

    • qudtls says:

      No and it’s pissing me off. I keep getting an “internal server error” when trying to add a shipping address and trying to order without an account doesn’t work either. What a crappy site.

    • iced_tea says:

      Yes I’ve ordered on this site multiple times. As for the internal server error, I don’t know what could be wrong because I’ve never experienced that problem.
      You must make an account to order from HMV Japan.

      Perhaps check if HMV Japan ships to your country?

      • qudtls says:

        They do ship here.

        I should clarify that adding an address for the shipping address section in the my account page worked fine but I’m not able to check out even with that filled in.

        The problem I’m having is adding an address when checking out and when trying to add one in the change account settings section. Trying to do both in a different browser doesn’t work either.

        • aqboy says:

          Yup, I’m having the exact same problem as you qudtls. Its really annoying because it seems like its the only place left with it in stock I’ve tried to order it several times now, only to get the same result of the ‘error’ thing.

    • darkrad says:

      I managed to order copies of the Bluray and DVD from HMV last Thursday (17th Nov AEDT)
      You definitely need an account to order on HMV as iced_tea mentioned.
      HMV have also moved to join the ‘Ponta points’ program where they had to change their site and everything looks broken (even though my orders have all gone through)

  9. Tiffany says:

    Ahh.. shouldn’t have procrastinated. The deluxe blu-ray edition is sold out everywhere.. I don’t want to pay $200 on ebay =/

  10. TaengooSONES says:

    As the blu-ray limited edition is sold out, does it mean that it won’t be available in the future?? :((

  11. Rebecca says:

    I can’t afford any of these right now 😦 I do think it’ll be released in Korea later as well, probably cheaper as Korean DVDs usually are…if not, I’ll buy a non-limited edition in a few months.

  12. I see that the Blu-ray First Press Edition is sold out at most places. But for those who missed put there is one more place. Play-asia they’re a Hong Kong site.

  13. JessicaJungFan says:

    CDJapan has opened up pre-orders again for Blu-ray limited edition, get them quick while its available!!

  14. carcaroth says:

    At HMV it seems Blu-Ray Deluxe Version it is available again for ordering.

  15. Is cdjapan a safe place to shop? I’ve never used that site before.

  16. Jin Hui says:

    hi, can i check, do you still take orders for this SNSD Japan Tour DVD standard edition?

    • iruvsoshi says:

      Hi, do take note that SoShiCatalogue is not selling nor taking orders for any products that are on our website.

      We have placed links of websites where you are able to place an order online for the product, and in this case, HMV and CDJapan.

      I hope this clears your misunderstanding, thank you.

  17. dral88 says:

    HMV is still selling Bluray limited 1st press with sticker in stock at discounted price (US$82 ea) if you purchase 2 copies. Check it out!!!

  18. Ryan Dionela says:

    is tihs still available? and how much? thanks…

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