3rd Album – The Boys T-Shirt

Update #1 [171111]: Available for order at YesAsia. Links are below. Measurements for chest width are up. Shirts are unisex. grapemusiccd @ eBay has the shirts in stock.

Release Date: November 11, 2011

Brand: SM Entertainment

-Long sleeve shirt
-Size: unisex // S, M, L
-Measurement (chest width): S – 90 cm // M – 95 cm // L – 100 cm
-Material: 100% cotton

Recommended Retail Price (RRP): ¥3500 (~USD $45.41)

*prices exclude shipping
CDJapan: Small // Medium // Large ¥3500 (¥3675 tax incl.) [~US$ 44.53]
YesAsia: Small // Medium // Large USD $34.99

Australia, Sydney: Rong Bao Tong – Pre-order (price TBA)

USD $33.99/$7.99 shipping @ grapemusiccd
USD $36.50/$7.90 shipping @ kpopplus
USD $39.80/free shipping @ wellpod
USD $36.55/$10.99 shipping @ superhobby2010
USD $36.50/$7.90 shipping @ allthatsales2011

Conversion Table

1cm = 0.01m = 0.3937in = 0.0328ft
1g = 0.001kg = 0.03527oz av = 0.0022lb
1L = 100cL = 1000mL = 33.814fl oz (U.S.) = 0.2641U.S.gal
Source: cdjapan.co.jp
Image Credits: www.cdjapan.co.jp

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

Special thanks to Alain for the tip~

6 Responses to 3rd Album – The Boys T-Shirt

  1. J-san says:

    does anyone know the L size what Europe size it matches ?

  2. I bring the girls out says:

    I preordered mine. Nov. 30th? I thought released Nov. 11? 😦 grrr.. have to wait longer

  3. af1993 says:

    huh? me too.. it thought it’ll be released on 11th

  4. iced_tea says:

    It seems like it has already been released. For some strange reason CDJapan has the release date as the 30th November. Sorry for the confusion everybody!

  5. Mine is coming! says:

    yeah.. I ordered mine from ebay and got a email saying they shipped it the 11th and should be getting it soon! ^^

  6. Got Mine says:

    Got mine! Love it! Bring the boys out!!

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