Japan – 1st Official Photobook『Holiday』

Update #2 [171111]: YesAsia pre-order links added.
Update #1 [141111]: HMV and CD Japan pre-order links added.

Release Date: November 30,2011

Publisher: Gentosha

– Contains photos of SNSD shopping in supermarkets, in living room, having girls talk, etc.
– Size: A5 (boxed)

Recommended Retail Price (RRP): ¥2,940 (~USD $38.15)

All prices exclude shipping.
e-hon: ¥2,940 (~USD $38.15)
HMV: ¥2,940 (~USD $38.15)
CDJapan: ¥2,800 (~USD $35.78)
YesAsia: USD $56.99

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

22 Responses to Japan – 1st Official Photobook『Holiday』

  1. pip says:

    how about HMV

  2. Also available through JapanHomeMaker with free economy shipping worldwide. Email japanhomemaker@gmail.com for details. =)

  3. honeyroastedroti says:

    does it mean that the book is in Japanese?

  4. I bring the girls out says:

    Will it also be released in kpop stores in Japan?

  5. af1993 says:

    i want to buy from hmv(my first time)..so the price is final right? because we dont know about the weight yet whether its heavy or light..

  6. goharago says:

    How many pages is the photobook and what about the dimensions?

    • tom885 says:

      It is roughly around 200 pages (still not confirmed), and it’s A5 Size (14.8 x 21 cm) ^^

      • goharago says:

        Thx. My order was 110% based on the info you gave me ^^

        But I have to say the Japanese photobooks are a bit small in pages numbers and size. Wish they were all as big as the smtown photobook.

  7. I Want It says:

    came out today huh? how does everyone like it?

    • goharago says:

      I’ve preordered mine from yesasia and I have to say I’m happy with the purchase. There’s already a few facebook users who’ve uploaded full scans of the photobook. Not going to spoil it for everyone but I have to say the photos are WOW >.<

  8. WoshiSONE says:

    Damn just called the post office after my package was not deliver for 2 days.. And was told the packaging box was damage… Bought my package from hmv.. Just hope that wont have any physical damage to the photobook…

  9. oorum says:

    I have just ordered mine from CDJapan 2 days ago. Finally shipping…

    But I’d still like to see a SoshiCatalogue review on it ^^;;; Will it come out..?

    • tom885 says:

      Congrats! Hope you’ll receive your package safely and quickly (since it’s the busiest time of the year for Post Offices all around the world!)

      We will try our best in coming up with a review – I think some of the staff (including myself) have ordered the photobook, so we’ll have to wait until we get our copies ^^

      • oorum says:

        Wow! Staff reply!
        Anyway, yeah the book just came today 🙂 I love FedEx for their fast delivery.

        The package came out completely fine: bubble wrap and cardboard box made it quite secure.

        I actually have a few comments myself on it. But I guess I can wait until a review thread comes up and I’ll just post a comment there? ^__^ hoho.

  10. teishia says:

    Its unfortunate that their stock is so limited ;( Considering the high demands for these merch, they shouldve ordered more just in case lol. Oh well, at least I didnt miss out on their albums 😛

  11. 3three says:

    erm i recently ordered from HMV jp and i received an email regarding the price increase for the shipping, am i supposed to reply to the email itself ? please help 🙂 thanks~

  12. af1993 says:

    i ordered 16 photobooks from hmv..they sent me the confirmation for my credit card twice..and i already updated it twice..but still not yet process my order :(i’m afraid my order would be cancelled

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