iOS – CeCi for iPad

Release Date: September 2011

Current Version: 1.2

Size: 2.5MB

Language: English, Korean



Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

Price: FREE


20s’ Best Friend
CeCi is the first fashion magazine in Korea intended for ladies in their 20s. It has been already 17 years since it became the trendy, reliable best friend to ladies in their 20s by presenting a whole new style of magazine to its readership: reader-oriented articles where readers, who had only seen and read magazines passively before, appeared in the magazine themselves, and guide articles, which provided practical information on various shops and goods.

Your sensible friend CeCi has now become your digital friend that you can hang out with through your iPad. It presents many things, from quick guides on fashion and beauty to very practical information on jobs, and warm-hearted advice on dating, as if it were advice from your big sister. It also features a CeCi column whose every single word is useful, as well as vivid video clips of star photo shoots. In this September issue, you can enjoy the cover story of Jessica, along with video clips.

Now you can enjoy CeCi in a more fun and convenient way, even as it retains the feeling and content of an offline magazine, untainted by its new, convenient interface, featuring its table of contents and zoom functions to search and read the columns you want to read more easily.



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