3rd Album – The Boys


*Notice: It’s almost that time of the year again (for year end awards, etc.). Please make sure to support our girls by purchasing the album from shops that count sales towards the Hanteo charts! 

Recommended shops: Synnara, Synnara in GMarket, Aladin, Leesmusic, Applemusic, MusicKorea, CookiMusic, Yes24, KyoboBook, Interpark Book and Pungdung.

Recommended eBay sellers: grapemusiccd, ajoutool, and silvercoldmetal.


Update #8 [231011]: Scans of all the Photocard and Special Postcard uploaded. Thanks Tom in Taiwan! !
Update #7 [221011]: It has been confirmed that the album will also contain either: (i) A Photocard of one individual member (“MV Backstage”; with the member’s printed autograph and comments on the back), or (ii) A ‘Special’ Group Postcard (“MV Backstage”; with all members’ printed autograph and comments). You’ll only get one or the other in the album
Update #6: Images of photo cards have surfaced on Twitter (via @kidtaengoo) but we are not sure if they are official or only a gift by Leesmusic. If anyone has a photo of the back of the card please tell us. View the photos here
Update #5 [191011]: We know we’re late but the Official MV (Korean and English ver.) have been released! Check them out below. Watch the girls’ English interview for their new album, ‘The Boys’ if you haven’t! Group and individual member posters uploaded. Added new promo images. You can also bulk order with Soshified. 
Update #4 [121011]: Album images added. 
Update #3 [101011]: Album confirmed to be released on Oct. 19th
Update #2 [021011]:  K-Sones are taking orders from international fans to support the girls. More info at http://sone.intothenewworld.net/
Update #1 [300911]:  SM Entertainment has released a statement confirming the postponement of SNSD’s 3rd Album. This is due to the decision of having Girls’ Generation releasing a US Album. As they plan on a worldwide release of ‘The Boys’, the release dates of the album in Korea will be changed as well. Further details will be announced. [cr: Soshified]


Release Date: October 19, 2011

Label: SM Entertainment

Catalogue #: SMK0076

-Album is packaged in a tin box
-First Press Edition: Comes with a booklet, 10 postcards, 1 group poster and 1 random individual member poster
-Normal Edition: Comes with a booklet and 10 postcards, as well as either
(i) Photocard of an individual member (with her printed autograph & comments at the back of the card) or
(ii) ‘Special’ Group Postcard (with all members’ printed autographs & comments on the back of the postcard).
– Note: You will only get one or the other in the album.
-Album weight: 300g
-Tin box size: 148mm×165mm×20mm
-Group poster size: 93.9cm x 63.6cm
-Individual poster size: 63.6cm x 46.9cm

Language: Korean

CD Tracks:
01 The Boys
02 텔레파시(Telepathy)
03 Say yes
05 봄날(How great is your love)
06 My J
08 Top Secret
09 Lazy Girl(Dolce Far Niente)
10 제자리걸음(Sunflower)
11 비타민(VITAMIN)
12 MR. TAXI(Korean ver.)
13 The Boys (English ver.) [Only with digital purchases]

Recommended Retail Price (RRP): 19,000 won (tax inc.) approx. USD $16.63 // 14,500 won (online) approx. USD $12.69

Soribada (English) *not available yet*
Soribada (Korean)
Naver Music
Cyworld *not yet available*

Note: Prices exclude shipping.
DVDHeaven: USD $15.14 // USD $18.84 (with poster)
YesAsia: USD $17.99 // USD $25.99 (tubed poster)
GMarket* (Synnara): ₩14,800 // ₩15,800 (tubed poster)
MusicKorea: ¥1,780 (with poster) // ¥2,080 (tubed poster)
Kpoptown: USD $16.50 // $17.50 (folded poster) // USD $21.50 (tubed poster)
Leesmusic: ₩14,900 (tubed poster)
Applemusic: ₩14,900 (포스터(+긴박스) = poster in a long box. 포스터 필요없음 = No poster)
Synnara*: ₩14,900 (tubed poster)
AladinUS*: USD $25.43
Pungdung: ₩14,900 (with poster)
CookiMusic: ₩14,900 (tubed poster)
Yes24*: ₩14,900 (tubed poster)
KyoboBook*: ₩14,900 (with poster)
Interpark Book: ₩14,900 (with poster and case)
CDJapan: ¥1,337 (Tax incl.) (rolled poster)

USD $16.99 /$9.99 shipping @ grapemusiccd (tubed poster)
USD $23.99 / $2.99 shipping @ ajoutool (tubed poster)
USD $26.49 / free shipping @ silvercoldmetal (tubed poster)
USD $17.49/ USD $18.99 (folded poster) /USD $20.99 (tubed poster) /$2.99 shipping @ mrsinja1961 

[Mass Orders]
Singapore: SGD $19.00 / self-collection @ SoneSG (rolled poster)
Worldwide: ₩14,000 / shipping varies @ HwaSuEunHwa’s 3rd Album Support Project (with poster)
Worldwide: USD $12.50 / shipping varies @ Soshified (with group and individual poster, folded/rolled option)

Promotional Images:


Photocards and Special Group Postcard:


MV (Korean ver.)

MV (English ver.)

The Boys Interview (English)

Image Teaser #1: 

Image Teaser #2:

MV Teaser (Korean ver.)

MV Teaser (English ver.)

Image Credits: yurui@egloos.com, SM Entertainment, SONEms.net
Video Credits: SMTOWN@YouTube

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

90 Responses to 3rd Album – The Boys

  1. ityp says:

    Please read these 2 links before anyone buys the albums.


    This is important if you want to help SNSD win in GDA, SMA, MuBank, Inki and other award shows =)

  2. Thu Trinh says:

    seems like the detail of the album has not been released yet.
    i will wait a few more days to make sure of everything and wait for cookimusic or synnara on Gmarket to list the CD so that i can order from them ,

  3. So grapemusiccd counts towards Hanteo?

  4. carcaroth says:

    The sites listed as sending “with poster” means no tubed posted (like DVDheaven)?

    • ityp says:

      For those sites listed as ‘with poster’, it’s because it isn’t listed on the site whether or not it comes with the tube. You can take a risk and buy from those sites or you can choose other sites if you want 🙂

  5. Thu Trinh says:

    does anyone here have experience buying just one CD on Gmarket? do they put the poster tube and the CD box inside the same big box (which will be a lot of weight)? i have ordered CD with poster from Gmarket before but with a lot of other stuff so i don’t mind they put everything in the same big box but just a CD and a poster in a enormous box is a waste of money on the shipping fee.

    • ityp says:

      I ordered multiple CDs at once from Gmarket but they don’t put it in a big box. They usually put the CDs is a small box, the poster in a tube then tape both together.

      The only time they put my items in a huge box was when i bought an f(x) 2011 calendar, 2 Phuket Photobooks and an INTW concert CD+poster (if I remember the items correctly that is .__.).

      If I’m not wrong, they only put the items in a huge box if you order items of various sizes that cannot be shipped safely without damage. Imagine the f(x) 2011 calendar being shipped alone, having to fend for itself…It’ll be squashed DD:

      • Thu Trinh says:

        thank you so much. may i ask how much weight did they charge you for shipping of only the CDs and the poster?

        • ityp says:

          I haven’t ordered mine yet >_< You can check how much they'll charge you. Just pretend to order. Follow the steps you take when you order from the site then at the payment page before confirming your order, you'll be able to see how much they'll charge you in total (shipping + price of items). You can just go back to your cart if you don't want to place the order 🙂

          • Thu Trinh says:

            i mean how much did they charge you for the previous CD you ordered. maybe we will be able to estimate the cost this time

  6. yw says:

    so does the korean album include the english version of the boys?

    • ityp says:

      It wasn’t stated on the back cover of the album so the English version of ‘The Boy’s might only be released on iTunes =/

  7. ityp says:

    @Thu Trinh;
    Here’s a screencap of my last order. It was the ITNW CD+poster: http://i.imgur.com/U9vmx.png

    I can help you check how much you’d have to pay (items + shipping) if you want. Which country are you from and how many copies are you planning to order?

    • Thu Trinh says:

      thank you so much.
      that’s okay. i think i can do it myself. it’s just that we don’t know the actual weight of the CD this time and we won’t know until it’s released.
      anw, thank you so much for helping me throughout.

      • ityp says:

        I think it said on one of the websites that it was 300g? I’m not sure how much it weighs now since SM may have changed the packaging to fit the ‘worldwide’ concept (-___-).

        And no prob 🙂

  8. Kenneth says:

    Done my pre-order to support the Girls ;).
    Looking forward to the official release of the album :).

  9. GG CRAZEE. says:

    Does the album come with the official random individual member photocard? A website which i had just ordered from said it does.

  10. hihi says:

    any photocard included ?

  11. Thu Trinh says:

    no official info has been released whether there will a collectible photocard or not.
    we will just wait until SM finalize the release date and release all infomation about the album package.

  12. Hi i am also doing a mass order for Singapore fans at $19. Buyers from other countries are welcome to enquire about shipping rates as well. Thanks!


  13. huayeang says:

    Wow, this is another grand album…nice job, girls! But still I think I will wait for the repackage version. Just hope that repackage version will be equally good as this album 🙂

  14. so does this mean there are NO PHOTOCARDS for this?? (please ohplease say yes!)

    • Thu Trinh says:

      it just means that noone can answer that question for you right now (well except for SM)
      i hope there will be photocard too.

    • ityp says:

      no official details have been released about that =/ so far, only a poster is confimed..and for now, only some vendors give photocards as like, a gift.

      lol really? i like the photocards…since i usually get a few copies it’s much better so i can exchange photocards and stuff otherwise i’d just be buying the same…albums.. =/

  15. Mr. Pimple says:

    Can someone tell me when they say “This is due to the decision of having Girls’ Generation releasing a US Album” does that mean they will have two albums? one korean one english? or is it only that they will make the same korean album available in the US?

  16. sara says:

    on ebay there is another seller called ‘aboutkorean’ who sells the album for 10.49£/16.16$ with a folded poster and for 13.09£/20.17$ with a tubed poster. shipping is always 3.30£/5.08$ and according to the seller the pruchase counts towards the hanteo chart as well. you also get a free pair of snsd socks from them, it’s stated in the item description. additional information to the release date is also provided, as it states that the album will be released on oct 20th.

    • ityp says:

      well, any seller can simply state that their ‘sales count towards Hanteo’. you wouldn’t really know the truth so….=/ but we’re not stopping anyone from buying from them, if anyone wants to, then sure.

      Hanteo states that SNSD’s 3rd album will be released on the 17th of October.

      • sara says:

        there are recommended sellers listed above, who also ‘simply’ stated that their sales count towards the hanteo chart.
        i just provided information, according to the description. also, seeing how it was released oct 19th, guess the seller wasn’t quite untrustworthy.

  17. Just wondering about the possibility of photocards; for previous albums that included photocards, were they announced in advance or was it unknown until the album actually came out?

    • ityp says:

      It was announced in advance. However, this time, SME’s keeping a lot of information a secret so we have not choice but to wait until they announce the details.

  18. Yoscie says:

    19th Oct, one day after my birthday!! nice one!! ^^

  19. Thu Trinh says:

    please fix the link for grapemusiccd ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150675924431
    in case people get confused because the listing of the link you guys provided above has ended

  20. Rebecca says:


    /I had to

    Is anyone else RIDICULOUSLY excited?

  21. kyjj says:

    does anyone know if the random member poster will be folded inside the cd or comes separately like the f(x) posters?

  22. The Boy says:

    Anyone know why the silence from soshified doing bulk orders for The Boys? They haven’t told us anything for a long time?

    • golux9 says:

      From the order thread:

      We are currently waiting to obtain more specific shipping pricing. We will provide the ordering/payment information at that time.

      As the post hasn’t been updated in a while, I guess they are probably still waiting for more info from HwaSuEunHwa.

  23. Julie says:

    The English ver. Is only gonna be released on iTunes ?! So like I can’t go in stores, and buy the U.S. ver. ??

    • tom885 says:

      You can get “The Boys” from online stores like itunes and amazon on October 18th, but as of now there are no official news about an actual Single being released in stores – we’ll have to wait for SM or Interscope Records to finalize the details of the US Album ^^

  24. carcaroth says:

    Does Kpoptown website counts for the k-charts? I see an yes in their website (Hanteo) but is not listed in the recommended shops….

  25. Rebecca says:

    Bought the single on iTunes UK 🙂

    They’re doing pretty well for mere hours after the release and a lack of international promotion and recognition! No. 93 in Canada, 137 USA, 193 France (iTunes charts), 5 Japan…and not in the top 200 in the UK. UK SONES, GET ON IT 🙂 Australian sones, you need to do the same 🙂

    • Rebecca says:

      The release is under ‘new releases’ on the iTunes front page in Can/USA/Fr/Japan (but not Aus or UK)…maybe that accounts for their higher sales rank a little? That’s great if people are listening and then buying because they like the song 🙂

      • Rebecca says:

        OK, it’s there if you scroll along with the new releases on the UK iTunes Store home screen (and on the Aussie one it is there, my bad). Grr, it should be the first one listed so that people can see it without having to scroll.

        /will stop spamming the comments now


  26. carcaroth says:

    Soshifield will do a Bulk order, check out updated post!

  27. Teishia says:

    Pre-ordered 2, hopefully will get 2 diff posters. Just wondering 10 postcards, does it include all 9 members + 1 special? Are there different ver. of postcards? For example hoot had 2 sets of it

    • tom885 says:

      According the grapemusiccd’s Album pics, there are 10 postcards inside the album – 9 for each member (their teaser concept images), and the last one is a group one (same image as the group poster). So far there is only one set of Photocards (MV backstage; one for each member), and a special group card (still unconfirmed atm)?

      • Teishia says:

        Ah ok thanks. Now I;ll have to wait till its shipped to determin myself ;D But I love how this isn’t expensive compared to other albums and provides more than any other of their albums did ;D

  28. uggghhhh i need to know if those photocards are official or not (they kinda look official, because where else would they have taken those photos??)– also, does anyone know what the individual posters look like???? eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  29. Thu Trinh says:

    omg, has anyone here ordered from grapemusiccd and receive the CD already?
    i’m so impatient. all the package photo is too hot to handle.

    • tom885 says:

      I think grapemusiccd have a mass order of the album, so we’ll have to wait patiently for them to organized and start shipping out the albums (since they have to consider about individual member’s posters as well), and you should probably receive the album within a week after the shipping date (regular airmail; EMS: 3-5 days) ^^

  30. How much Photocard we would get??
    1 set = 1 spesial photocard mv backstage + 1 photocard member (so, we got 2 pcs photocard)


    1 set = just only one pcs

    I need an answer 🙂

    • tom885 says:

      I think there is a confusion between ‘Photocard’ and ‘Postcard’ …

      – all album will have 10 Postcards (one for each member – based on their teaser concept, and one group postcard – which is the same as the group poster)

      – each album will have either:
      1. One member’s MV backstage Photocard (with their printed autograph & comments at the back)
      2. An extra ‘Special’ Group Postcard (MV backstage Group Photo), with all members’ comments and autograph at the back

      – Depending on your luck, you might get a photocard (of one member) or a Special Group Postcard (and you will not get a photocard in that case)

      – We’ll try to upload some images of a complete Photocard Set as well as the Special Group Postcard, so sones can understand.

      Hope that helps ^^

  31. Rebecca says:

    Ohhh, that Hyoyeon poster is THE CUTEST, hope I get it. Does anyone know why Soshi Goods doesn’t have this up yet? He’s usually my go-to for Soshi merchandise…used YA and grapemusiccd this time instead, but just wondering if someone’s going on with him, as he hasn’t updated the store in a while…

  32. Rebecca says:

    Never mind, it’s listed on there now ^^

    I wish I could buy multiple copies with the individual posters…I don’t really have any use for extra group posters, and they won’t sell as they’re so widely available. Oh well :p

  33. Kenneth says:

    Just received my copy of “The Boys” last night. I got the Jessica photocard, the Yoona individual poster, a photocard of Yuri (promotional image), and, of course, the awesome looking group poster itself :D. I just love the square photocards (the bigger ones) that comes with the CD in the cardboard sleeve; the individual “thank you” messages behind each card are so touching 😉 !
    Cheers !

    • Thu Trinh says:

      lucky you! a Sica photocard and a Yoong individual poster are what i’m dying for.
      where did you order from? where do you live?
      if only i can get my copy right now! N.O.W!

    • cagalli20 says:

      so lucky… didn’t get any photocard… I was so shocked! :..(

      • tom885 says:

        If you didn’t get an individual member’s photocard, there should be another Group postcard (MV backstage) with all members’ autographs at the back. ^^

  34. mick says:

    any1 ordered frm sone.intothenewworld ?? i order from them and it been 1week + and had still not receive my albums.. email and was told they had already ask for tracking and never reply me since… did i get scam…

    • goharago says:

      Give it another week or so. If no item or reply, just file a chargeback on your paypal or your credit card. You’ll get your money back.

      • WoShiPro says:

        but i transfer via Others. and paypal does not care abt it… saw many ppl using it and thought it was reliable but now… sad..

        6days without any reply from them… 2weeks since i paid..

  35. hitomatic says:

    anyone in sg wanna trade yoona photocard for yuri?

  36. killbill50 says:

    I got an extra copy of a hyoyeon card and I would like to trade it with someone.

  37. goharago says:

    Willing to trade my extra sunny/jess for tiffany

  38. hihi says:

    please remember to vote for snsd at the MAMA awards and GDA awards ! 😀

  39. carcaroth says:

    Any place with photocard messages translation? My korean knowledge is still low…

  40. WoShiPro says:

    Which site still have the member poster? cos Synnara said its out of stock.

  41. af1993 says:

    does anyone know if leesmusic take order from overseas?
    well seems that i cant find them in gmarket

  42. waiting so patiently says:

    hope soshified ships out our bulk orders soon. haven’t heard anything from them for sooooooo long?! when guys? when….?

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