Release Date: Available for pre-order from September  2 – 4, 2011

Publisher: SM Entertainment

-Special edition goods for SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO concert.

Recommended Retail Price (RRP):

 SM Town:

 SM Town T-shirt [S/M]  ¥3,000 (~USD $38.56)
 Towel  ¥2,000 (~USD $25.70)
 Take Out Bag  ¥500 (~USD $6.42)
 Handphone strap  ¥1,800 (~USD $23.13)
 T-shirt [S/M] + Take Out Bag  ¥3,400 (~USD $43.70)

 Girls’ Generation:

 Passport case  ¥2,000 (~USD $25.70)
 Postcard set (set of 10)  ¥1,200 (~USD $15.42)
 Clear file set (set of 9)  ¥3,000 (~USD $38.56)
 Facebook set (set of 9)  ¥3,200 (~USD $41.13)

Image Credits: cropped and edited by CookyAjuuma@SoShiCatalogue

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under


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  1. B. says:

    they use old pics right ??? nothing new ?

    • teddylicious says:

      i believe SM Town t-shirt have changes it colour 🙂

    • mrlovesun says:

      it’s new picture!
      have many different ..^^

  2. Mr. Simple says:

    No.. they aren’t the same as last smtown tokyo. the logo has change and says special edition and the colors are different. As far as the individual artists merchandise I don’t know. but the BoA stuff is the same I got last time.

  3. YooriUK says:

    They’re using old photos here. Last time they used new photos though for SM Town Paris. They used the same pictures on their pillows/recent notebooks on the fans that were available.
    The merchandise seems to be more upgraded now as last time for Paris, everything only said “SM Town World Tour” and not “SM Town Paris” ¬¬

    • smtown rocks! says:

      No.. these are new photos. The first smtown tokyo colors were grey and pink. The special edition (above photos) are black and pink. I should know because I went to both smtown tokyo’s! hehe.

  4. raran says:

    please do tell me how to order, i’m new here T.T or kindly direct me to the help page?

    • tom885 says:


      I don’t know if you can still pre-order the goods (since the concert ends today), but you can use websites such as Tenso or CDJapan Special Request Shopping Service, or tweet JapanHomeMaker@Twitter and see if she have some goods left ^^

    • All the SMTown Live in Tokyo Special Edition merchandise are now sold out. I have one last SNSD passport holder/protector in stock listed here:

      I can also be reached at if anyone would like to order any SNSD official merchandise from Japan. Thanks! ^ ^

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