Everysing – Pillow Case (9 pcs)

Release Date: August 16, 2011 (?)

Publisher: SM Entertainment

-Distributed by Everysing/SM Goods Store Taiwan
-Sold separately, not in a set of 9
-9 cases, 1 for each member
-Size: 43cm*63cm

Recommended Retail Price (RRP):
TWD $2000 (~USD $69.23)

AvexTaiwan: TWD $2000

USD $69.99/$7.99 shipping @ grapemusiccd (each sold separately)

Source: AvexTaiwan,DRJC_China@Twitter
Image Credits: DRJC_China@Twitter

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

19 Responses to Everysing – Pillow Case (9 pcs)

  1. Old Tom says:

    2000 NT/TWD in Taiwan

  2. Hollander says:


    I got a custom one made about a month ago….
    I’ll upgrade to one of these for sure!

  3. Hollander says:

    I’ll have a Yuri one by the way 😀

  4. YooriUK says:

    I want a Yuri one! LOL Some of these were on SM Town Paris fans… Just realised.

  5. Hollander says:


    • Rebecca says:

      Yeah, $70 for a pillowcase? It better cure insomnia :p I will not be buying this rip-off…I could buy a pillow case and some iron-on paper, print the image and iron it on to said pillowcase for about $7 total!

  6. Sleepster says:

    Is this Everysing China or Everysing Korea? or Both?

  7. Z3RO says:

    Wow… what’s with the humungous price tag on this pillowcase?

    I can’t remember any SNSD merchandise that costs as much as this thing at retail price. The only item that comes close was the first press limited edition Japanese album at $80

  8. Sivapong says:

    A pillow case for $70 ……wow…that doesn’t happen very often.

    If I sleep on this pillow, and will be able to see girls in a dream every night, it should be a worth investment though 🙂

  9. i wantttttt one, but why r they so expensive :[

  10. L says:

    I wanted to get all of them but that’s $690!!! T_T Maybe I’ll only get two… =(

    Kind of random, but does anyone know the threadcount on these? (Are there bedsheets too??!)

  11. YooriUK says:

    Grapemusic on eBay is selling them now!

  12. Loon says:

    Hey are you selling the pillow cases? Im trying to buy a jessica one but i cant seem to find anyone online please let me know

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