Girls’ Generation 2011 OFFICIAL TOUR GOODS

Update #7 [060811]: Added storefromkorea@eBay links (Artist Sets + Calendar)
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Release Date: July 23, 2011

Publisher: SM Entertainment

– Tour goods are available for purchase at concert venue.
– Sale times are 1PM KST – 5PM KST on 23 July & 11AM KST – 2PM KST on 24 July.

Recommended Retail Price (RRP):
Brochure: ₩15,000
File Box: ₩8,000
Photo Set: ₩9,000
Sticker: ₩3,000
Slogan Towel: ₩16,000 (comes in plastic zipper bag)
Towel: ₩20,000
Individual Tumbler: ₩18,000 each
Fan Light:  ₩5,000
Special Photocard Set: ₩9,000
Artist Set: ₩20,000 (includes: file folder, mini notebook, 2 badges/pins)
Calender: ₩25,000
T-shirt: ₩25,000 (size: S / M/ L)

Brochure: Soshigoods USD $24.90
File Box: Soshigoods USD $15.90
Photo Set: Soshigoods USD $17.90
Sticker: Soshigoods USD $5.90
Slogan Towel: Soshigoods USD $25.90
Towel: Soshigoods USD $29.90
Individual Tumbler: Soshigoods USD $29.90
Fan Light:  Soshigoods USD $9.90
Special Photocard Set: Soshigoods USD $29.90
Artist Set: Soshigoods USD $29 // YesAsia: USD $33.99
Calender: Soshigoods USD $34.90 // YesAsia USD $43.99
T-shirt: Soshigoods USD $34.90

USD $29.99/$7.99 shipping @grapemusiccd
USD $49.99/$13 shipping @ hanulkorean

♦File Box:
USD $29.99/$8 shipping @ planb0320

♦Photo Set:
USD $19.99/$4.99 shipping @grapemusiccd

♦Slogan Towel:
USD $32.99/$5.99 shipping @grapemusiccd
USD $49.99/$9.99 shipping @ hanulkorean

♦Individual Tumbler:
USD $29.99/$11.99 shipping @ grapemusiccd
USD $49.99/$13 shipping @ hanulkorean

♦Fan Light:
USD $9.99-$11.99/$5.99 shipping @grapemusiccd
USD $19.99/$13 shipping @ hanulkorean

♦Artist Set:
USD $24.99/$8 shipping @ storefromkorea
USD $35.99/$5.99 shipping @ grapemusiccd
USD $49/$29 shipping @ awonoh

USD $32.99/$10 shipping @ storefromkorea
USD $42.99/$11.99 shipping @grapemusiccd
USD $69.99/$13 shipping @ hanulkorean

USD $36.99/$5.99 shipping @grapemusiccd
USD $69.99/$9.99 shipping @ hanulkorean

₩15,000 (~USD $14.22)
₩8,000 (~USD $7.58)
Photo Set
₩9,000 (~USD $8.53)
₩3,000 (~USD $2.84)
Slogan Towel
₩16,000 (~USD $15.17)
₩20,000 (~USD $18.96)
₩18,000 (~USD $17.07) EACH MEMBER
Fan Light
₩5,000 (~USD $4.74)
Special Photocard Set
₩9,000 (~USD $8.53)
Only for Official S♡NE members
Artist Set
₩20,000 (~USD $18.96) EACH MEMBER
₩25,000 (~USD $23.70)
₩25,000 (~USD $23.70)

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Table of Contents

1: Girls’ Generation 2011 OFFICIAL TOUR GOODS
2: Calendar Scans
3: Artist Set Scans
4: Brochure Scans

Image Credits: SM Town Cropped images by darkrad@soshicatalogue

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

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41 Responses to Girls’ Generation 2011 OFFICIAL TOUR GOODS

  1. Sivapong says:

    I need them all now !!!


    • Cecelia N says:


  3. crenmao says:

    omg i want all!!!!

    these goods are fuckin cheap compared to smtown goods >.< yeaash!!!
    these towels rock!!

  4. WoShiPro says:

    May i know which item is the last 2nd picture?

  5. SONE says:

    How do i be an official sone??

    • Rebecca says:

      I checked this out a while ago, and only Koreans can become official Sones (joining a fan club, really). It seems that SM intends to open membership up worldwide in the future, but this page has been up since 2009 or before and it’s still not changed (it says coming soon when you try to register as a member):

      So, I guess you can’t if you’re not in South Korea, at least for now 😦

  6. Im says:

    These items can only be purchased on the day of the concert ?

    Is there any other way to purchase it (whether online or not) ?

  7. 레이연 says:

    so where do we buy this ?

  8. orcon says:

    anyone know where can we buy it??

  9. WGFrance says:

    We must wait eBay I think …
    Here is the brochure :
    But the prices are 0.0

    • CookyAjuuma says:

      I wouldn’t buy those. 😛

      The thing is, a lot of people have started bulk ordering/mass purchasing/etc. for the sake of reselling at ridiculous prices. I doubt any of the items,besides the special photocard set, will be hard to obtain at all. Just be patient~~

      • WGFrance says:

        OK 😉

        Why foreigners Sone are always omit ?

        Hope that some sellers will be rational with the prices.

  10. iced_tea says:

    concert goods usually pop up in YesAsia and DvdHeaven soon after the concert 🙂

    • WGFrance says:

      Thank you for this tip 🙂

  11. Coolneoracer says:

    woahahahaha… LOL with the prices! hahaha

  12. Amy says:

    why are the prices on soshigoods way more than what is listed here?

    • CookyAjuuma says:

      The price reflects limited availability and stock. John (owner) was only able to get 5 of each item. ><"

    • GPTX says:

      The reseller prices are much higher due to the crazy line people have to endure to buy these goods. From fan accounts, the wait can be several hours before the time goods are set to start selling.

  13. WoShiPro says:

    Soshigoods have them instock but selling fast… i manage to add the trading card to my cart but when i wanna checkout it went out of stock… T_T

  14. JL says:

    Wish I saw the SoshiGoods tweet earlier.. missed out on the brochure, card sets and Taeyeon/Tiffany artist sets ;( Hope the goods will be a little easier to find later, once they have more concerts

    • iced_tea says:

      i missed out on some of the things i wanted too 😦

  15. oh thank you SO MUCH for updating with soshigoods link!!

  16. michab says:

    Brochure: USD $29.99 grapemusiccd
    Photo Set: USD $19.99 grapemusiccd

    • Rebecca says:

      Yes, grapemusiccd now has pretty much everything up; towels, t-shirts, some of the tumblers and artist sets 🙂

      By the way, can/will someone post photos of the contents of the artist packs or pictures from the brochure when they get theirs? It would be really interesting to see as I couldn’t afford everything (not even nearly!) and so bought a few of the absolute must-haves from Soshi Goods ^^

  17. Old but very Happy Tom says:

    Just want to say the girls are coming to Taiwan^^

  18. breeze says:

    Pre-order for Artist Sets are up on yesasia.

  19. Hyunyang says:

    Prices are really sky high online and now I understand why… buying them at the reasonable retail prices at concert venues entails queuing up for at least 3 hours under rain or sun…

  20. Old but very Happy Tom says:

    Well.. you can actually get them without waiting in line.
    So local Korean goods shops sell them too.

    • Hyunyang says:

      Yup, unless we’re living in Korea itself, there’s hardly any other means but by online shopping 😐

  21. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the calendar scans, can’t wait for it to arrive 🙂 what happened to April-June though? Are they group shots?

    • Rebecca says:

      Never mind, looked at the close-ups and saw that some are from 2011 and some from 2012 and figured it out from there, haha 😛

  22. i think i’ve gotten everything i wanted…. except for the sone photo set, but i’m honestly tired of bidding wars so i might just give up ><

    thanks for such a comprehensive list of sellers! really helped me out~

  23. DIANA says:

    Dear k-pop fans!! This news means everything to us…
    Please pay particular attention to this point…all signature items is a forgery.
    They same seller >>>>>>>>>>>>

    • bren says:

      I was always suspicious of jswpanda’s autographed items on eBay… how did u confirm that they’re forged anyway?

    • smtown rocks! says:

      I would also like to know how you confirmed this?

    • goharago says:

      They’re fake. The girls are never even in Malaysia/China long enough for someone to mass collect sigs.

      Think of it this way. How easy it is for these scamming sellers to forge sigs on inexpensive 4×6 photos and plastic wrapped cds.

      Theres also fake sellers on FB. Search up kpop town. This scammer sells any idol sigs on 4×6 photos @ $15. Dont know how he has gotten to 3000+ friends without anyone noticing.

    • hi, how do you know its a forgery? i’ve bought the baby baby autographed poster T___________T

  24. Mr. Simple says:

    I was at the concert both days and could only get a Shirt and Phuket DVD set. The lines were too long to stand in the burning sun. And everything I wanted was sold out. I’m looking to get them online but the prices are too high. You guys are obsessed if you are going to pay close to $70 usd for a shirt! I only paid $25.

  25. mantv22 says:

    Is the Girls’ Generation 2011 OFFICIAL TOUR GOODS still available???

  26. alejandro says:

    yo quiero todo las amo yeah!!!!

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