Vita500 – Promo Poster #5 (Vita500 Gold Version)

Release Date: ~April 2011

Publisher: Kwangdong Pharmaceutical

-Promotional poster for Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Vita500 Gold
-Vita500 is a vitamin drink endorsed by SNSD
-Distributed to pharmacies only as the Vita500 Gold drink is sold in pharmacies.
-Key difference in this poster compared to “Normal” Vita500 and Premium Vita500 versions is that the colour of the “Vita500″ font is blue.
-Double sided; one side, individual photo; one side, group photo
-9 versions, one for each member
-Printed on glossy paper
-Size: 303mm x 217mm


USD $34.50/$8.79 shipping @ thepharmacy1 (complete set of 9)

Image credits: thepharmacy1@eBay

6 Responses to Vita500 – Promo Poster #5 (Vita500 Gold Version)

  1. YulKeiTi says:

    How about Yuri’s?

  2. Zhe Jie says:

    how to order from u ? i live in singapore , i just want tae poster

  3. cathy Julasri says:

    how to order?
    during delivery is it being folded or rolled~
    and the price is it in US$?

    • tom885 says:

      There are still a few listings on ebay for these posters, and you’ll have to check or communicate with the seller in terms of how to ship the poster (either sent in a box or in a poster tube), The price listed above is in USD ^^

  4. aura0fdeath says:

    are these the same things as the “plastic sheets” that are listed on ebay? Or are they more like the posters that were only released for tiffany, yuri, and yoona?


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