7-Eleven Japan – “TVXQ / Girls’ Generation Campaign” Event + Goods

Release Date: July 2011

Publisher: 7-Eleven Japan / SM Entertainment Japan

Girls’ Generation Goods/Price:

  ♦ Frito Lay – Cheetos (cheese flavor)
♦ 22 grams
♦ Each bag comes with 1 random photocard
♦ 10 different photo cards in total
♦ Limited
♦ Price: ¥110 (~USD $1.36)
♦ Frito Lay – Popcorn (butter soy sauce flavor)
♦ Each bag comes with 1 random photocard
♦ 10 different photo cards in total
♦ Limited
♦ Price: ¥110 (~USD $1.36)
♦ Girls’ Generation – Meiji Candy Bag (5 packs)
♦ Comes with a bag
♦ Limited
♦ Price: ¥500 (~USD $6.19)
♦ Morinaga – Chocolate Wafter
♦ Each bag comes with 1 random photocard
♦ 10 different photo cards in total
♦ Limited
♦ Price: ¥105 (~USD $1.30)
♦Thermal Bottle
♦Material: Stainless steel
♦Color: Metallic Pink
♦Keeps liquid warm/cold
♦ Girls’ Generation Stationary Set
♦ Size (set): ~330mm x 240mm × 30mm
♦ Weight: 170g
♦ Contains:

3 File folders
1 Notebook

Price: ¥900 (~USD $11.14)

♦Size: A6 ring notebook
♦ File Folders (3 pcs)
♦ Size: A4
♦ Material: Plastic
♦ Double sided, different image on each side

♦ Girls’ Generation Chewing Gum
♦ 10 sticks per can
♦ Each can comes with 1 random photocard
♦ 10 different photo cards in total
♦ Limited
♦ Price: ¥398 (~USD $4.93)

JapanHomeMaker @ Flutterscape.com (Shipping worldwide)

– You must be in Japan to participate in this event
– E
ndorsed products will appear in 7-Eleven Japan stores starting  July 7, 2011
– The launch dates of the promotion contests has been split into 2 separate periods.
– The first round starts on 7th  July and entails the purchase of campaign-related goods (¥200 each) at 7-Eleven Japan stores. You may exchange the serial number on the goods for points to redeem the prizes. Each serial number is the equivalent of 2 points.
– Prizes include  posters, PC and cellphone videos (1o different versions to choose from).
– Cellphone videos cost 1 point each, PC videos, 2 points, and the posters, 3 points per item.
– There will be 6 types of PC videos (3 of TVXQ, 3 of SNSD) and 2 types of posters designs (1 of TVXQ, 1 of SNSD) to be won by lucky customers taking part in the contest
– A total of 200 winners will be selected for this round of the campaign contest. Each group (consisting of a 100 winners) can potentially win a PC video, a poster and a cellphone video.
– This contest will run until midnight, August 2, 2011

– The 2nd half of this promotional campaign will be launched on the July 9, 2011 in all 7-Eleven Japan stores and will be entitled “7-Eleven Fair“
– To enter this contest, you must spend ¥700 at participating stores which will grant you a lottery ticket.
– 6 lucky winners will be picked to win digital photo frames featuring the 2  groups ( 3 TVXQ-themed, 3 SNSD themed)
– Winners results to all the contests will be made known at the respective participating 7-Eleven stores.
– 4,770 lucky 7-Eleven customers participating in this special lottery can also win:

  1. Nanaco prepaid cash cards featuring TVXQ and SNSD on the card design (4,000 winners)- 2,000 winners for each card design.
  2. Nintendo 3DS game consoles (500 winners)- 250 winners for each console design (2 design types are up for offer).
  3. T-shirts featuring the 2 artiste groups (20 winners)- 10 winners for each T-shirt design. Only 1 of the SNSD-design T-shirts will be autographed.
  4. Sharp Aquios TV (200 winners).
  5. A-Nation-For-Life concert ticket (50 winners)- The concert will be held on  August 27th and 28th at Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo. It has been announced that TVXQ is one of the acts that will be performing on both concert dates.

Source: 7-Eleven Japansnsdkorean, Soshified
Image Credits: 7-Eleven Japan (images edited by CookyAjuuma @ SoShiCatalogue)

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