Girls’ Generation 1st Asia Tour: Into the New World DVD

Update #9 [170811]: Added pics of DVD, photo booklet, poster, etc.
Update #8 [100811]: Approximate weight and size of DVD + Poster + Packing pics added
Update #7 [250711]: KPopTown pre-order link added.
Update #6 [250711]: eBay pre-order links added.
Update #5 [180811]: Mass order for Singapore SONEs has closed.
Update #4 [240711]: Soshigoods pre-order link added.
Update #3 [230711]: YesAsia pre-order link added.
Update #2 [220711]: GMarket pre-order link added.
Update #1 [220711]: Content list + pre-order link for Leesmusic added

Release Date: August 17, 2011

Publisher: SM Entertainment, SBS Content Hub

– 2 Discs
– 40 page photobook
– Poster included (size: 62.5cm × 45.0cm)
– Size: 19.3cm × 14.2cm × 2.9cm
– Weight: approximately 420g
– Content:


-SNSD 2010 Asia Tour Concert Seoul Encore Live Part I

  • 소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation)
  • 멤버소개 (Members intro)
  • OOH LA-LA!
  • 년 後 [ONE YEAR LATER]_Jessica, Onew (SHINee)
  • 좋은 사람 있으면 소개시켜줘 (Introduce me to a good person) [Yoona] feat. Eeteuk, Shindong (Super Junior)
  • SUNNY [Sunny]
  • UMBRELLA [Tiffany]
  • HUSH HUSH; HUSH HUSH [Taeyeon]
  • HONEY (소원)
  • 영원히 너와 꿈꾸고 싶다 (FOREVER)
  • 사랑은 선율을 타고 (DAY BY DAY)
  • 동화 (MY CHILD)


-SNSD 2010 Asia Tour Concert Seoul Encore Live Part II
-Making-of the concert film: Concert rehearsal, dressing room, including personal interviews to the members

  • SANTA BABY [Sooyoung]
  • 라벨: 모음곡 「거울」제 4 곡 「어릿광대의 아침노래」[Seohyun]
  • 1, 2 STEP [Yuri] FEAT.AMBER (f(x))
  • 다시 만난 세계 (Into the new world)
  • 웃자 (BE HAPPY)
  • 힘 내! (WAY TO GO)
  • Gee
  • 냉면 (Cold noodles) FEAT.SNSD
  • 하하하송 (HaHaHaSong)
  • Ment
  • Oh!


  • 카라멜 커피 (TALK TO ME)_Jessica, Tiffany
  • BARBIE GIRL [Jessica] feat.Heechul (Super Junior)

Length: 218 minutes (Disc-1: 89 mins / Disc-2: 129 mins)

Region Code*: Playable worldwide

Language: Korean

Subtitles: Korean, Chinese and Japanese

Country of Origin: Korea

DVD Picture Format: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1

Audio: PCM 2.0/Dolby Digital 5.1 Stereo

Recommended Retail Price (RRP): ₩29, 700 (~USD $27.85)

MusicKorea: ¥3,350
Leesmusic: ₩29,700
Kyobobook: ₩29,700
Aladin: ₩29,700
GMarket*: ₩27,500 (+ 1,000 for poster) // ₩29,7000 (with poster)
DVDHeaven: USD$33.14 (no poster) // USD$36.84 (with poster)
YesAsia: USD$39.99 (folded poster) // USD$49.99 (tubed poster)
Soshigoods: USD$34.90 (no poster) // USD$37.90 (folded poster) // USD$39.90 (tubed poster)
KPopTown: USD $32.90 (no poster) // USD$33.90 (folded poster) // USD$37.90 (Unfolded poster)

USD $36.90 / $6.90 shipping @leegarion3167 
USD $40 / $20 shipping @khaofaang06
USD $28.99 / $13.90 shipping @kloma77
USD $33.99 / $13.99 shipping @grapemusiccd (tubed poster)

Source: Bestiz, Leesmusic, movie4989
Image Credits: movie4989, Yurui

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

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53 Responses to Girls’ Generation 1st Asia Tour: Into the New World DVD

  1. Seohun91 says:

    At least chinese subs….

  2. Rezende says:

    no english subs =(

  3. blur says:

    let me know when and how I can purchae this. Thanks. 🙂

  4. Thu Trinh says:

    i hope more official information will be release soon. the price’s affordable (if it’s true), however, i think the shipping will increase it like crazy again (like the AAGG DVDs)
    no english subtitles? what is SM thinking? anyway, i’m gonna buy it no matter what, i have been waiting for this one for months.

  5. pip says:

    huhu..what?!no eng sub

  6. carcaroth says:

    if it is true, great! But soshi collector’s life is hard as maybe in the future DVD from japan tour will also be released 🙂

  7. huayeang says:

    Totally agreed with @carcaroth. I went to My Star Trading today to collect my DVDs set and they asked me if I want to place an order on the Japanese Arena Tour DVDs set. I was shocked regarding the release as I didn’t hear from any sites. BUT they showed me the orders list book and I saw there were as many as 10 orders already….

    • kareen says:

      What seriously?! Are you sure…? There has been NO news or any official statements from SMe, that sounds a bit sketchy to me :\

    • Seohun91 says:

      I m guessing maybe they confused between d GG 1st live concert n Japanese Arena Tour Concert..@__@

    • owa1985 says:

      Actually, the concert DVD preorders started since middle of last year.

      Before the dark times.

      Before the Thailand riots that forced the Thai concert back indefinitely.

  8. huayeang says:

    Haha, they really showed me the Arena Tour one…n different,separate lists for the 1st live concert. The point I am agreeing with carcaroth is the future releases in Japan, I am just taking the Arena tour as an example, as what I witnessed in My Star. BUT still, me myself only placed an order on the first live concert and do not want to gamble by placing an order on the Japanese concert one. I’ll still have doubt on the release of the Arena Tour until I see official statements 🙂

  9. airisse says:

    im just buying both concert from Korea and Japan ..
    the question is where …

  10. wengleon says:

    MyStar trading lol. They start preorders without even confirming if it even exists. But the Japan concert probably is going to be released and that’s why they start preorders without even confirming. That’s them. I’m familiar with them lol. And used to it. That’s why I never, ever order from them anymore :/ but I do understand that we have to sometimes, cause most of us are young and do not have credit cards

  11. GoHaraGo says:

    What SM Ent. is doing right now reminds me of DBSK days when they would release product after product. Really emptied my wallet back then and these girls are begging to empty my wallet again >.>

  12. blur says:


    Just to ask, is there any update to order the DVD?

    Thanks so much for the help


    • golux9 says:

      The MusicKorea listing is the only one I know of at the moment, but we are going to update the post as more online stores list the item ^^

  13. Gillian Phan says:

    Why nor Eng Sub? Why SM?

  14. Thu Trinh says:

    i’m waiting patiently now. actually since i need some time to save money too. i was about to go broken with their 1st japanese full album and AAGG DVD.

  15. mrlovesun says:

    when have price on korea web ?
    i’ll buy it !
    thank you

  16. Greg says:

    ITNW DVD Picture format: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1 — according to leemusic

  17. Thu Trinh says:

    OMG, SM and SBS are really funny. how can they ignore english in the subtitles? or are they going to release another version? what about us fans who can only speak english? i’m okay with the performances but with the comments, introduction and interview they should let us understand those.
    i’m going to buy it anyway though ^^ there is noway i would miss it.

  18. Rylee says:

    – 2 Disc
    – 80-page photobook
    – 2 posters with all 9 members”

    Does any of the listed sites sell the package with 2 posters? The only one I can understand is YesAsia but it only comes with one poster.

  19. lilsparky67 says:

    Will this also have a Blu-ray?

    • why do i feel like NONE of these (inlcluding phuket) will come out on bluray?? seriously, what company in their right mind DOESNT put out bluray ALONG WITH the dvd?? sme can be so silly sometimes 😛

    • hvianna says:

      I’m also looking forward to a Blu-ray version. Such a waste buying DVDs these days :/

  20. carcaroth says:

    I believe that Blu-ray format will come out only for a (future?) release of Japan Tour… but I could be wrong…

  21. Dot says:

    May I know how will the shipping charges be calculated if I’m buying the DVD from I’m from Singapore btw. Thanks! 😀

  22. wait, the 2 gmarket sellers are the same person?

    • Thu Trinh says:

      it’s the same seller but the 1st one is optional whether you want to buy the poster or not and 2nd one included the poster.

  23. taetoroni says:

    Thank you SSCTL! ^_^v


  24. Thu Trinh says:

    i wonder if the poster for this one will be the same with the poster for the concert CD.
    hope they would make a different one 😛

    • sone love says:


      • Thu Trinh says:

        unfortunately, i think the poster for this one is quite similar to the one from the concert CD, the 2 differences i can see are 1st – this one is zoomed out a little bit and 2nd – the caption.

  25. Old but very Happy Tom says:

    If people in Taiwan wants to order please contact me, my email is

  26. triangle says:

    Is the poster that comes along with the DVD from gmarket tubed ?

  27. honeyroastedroti says:

    “80-page photobook”? SM scammed us.. -.-

  28. 80 page photobooklet?! that’d be quite thick wouldn’t it? the actual photobook is only 40 pages! what’s the meaning of this? sure it’s not that much of a big deal but I would have appreciated if they hadn’t misrepresented us on this. other than that, I love the packaging and this was definitely long due

  29. yoscie says:

    Hmm, probably they meant 2 printed sides of each piece of paper…

    40 pieces of paper
    = 80 printed ‘pages’
    = 1 photo book?

    dunno, have got mine yet… :((

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