CF Foods – Vita500 Gold Drink

Producer: Kwangdong Pharmaceutical

-Limited, special edition made for Vita500′s 10th Anniversary
-Vita500 Gold is only sold in pharmacies
-Vita500 Gold bottles are rounder at the top compared to Vita500 bottles which are sold in supermarkets
-This is a vitamin drink endorsed by SNSD.
-There are 9 versions: one for each member (each member’s face is printed on the bottle label)
-Sold individually and in a Vita500′s 10th Anniversary Special Edition box set of 10 bottles
-The special box for Vita500′s 10th Anniversary contains 10 bottles. Each box will  contain an SNSD memeber autograph (reprinted). The box will contain random SNSD bottle designs. This means you will not necessarily get all 9 different bottles in the box set.

~500-700 won @ pharmacies  (individual bottles)
~5000-7000 won @ pharmacies in Korea (box set)

USD $1.99/$3 shipping @ ecolife21  (individual bottles; empty bottles)
USD $6.90/$14.50 shipping @ thepharmacy1  (complete set of 9 with box; empty bottles)
USD $9.99/$32 shipping @ thepharmacy1  (complete set of 9 with box; contains drink)

Image Credits: Kwangdong Pharmaceutical

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