SM TOWN Live World Tour in Paris – Official Goods

SM Entertainment has released news about official goods to be sold at the Paris venue of SMTOWN Live World Tour. The concert will be held on the 10th and 11th of June 2011.

SM Entertainment has also announced that highlights of the concert will be broadcast worldwide via their facebook and youtube pages on June 10th~11th (Paris time).

Official Goods:

Name Price
T-Shirt (Size: S/M/L) €25 (~USD $36.51)
Bath Towel (Size: 130cm x 70cm) €30 (~USD $43.81)
Towel (Size: 40cm x 80cm) €20 (~USD $29.21)
Eco Bag €20 (~USD $29.21)
Tumbler €10 (~USD $14.60)
SNSD/Girls’ Generation
Fans (9 pcs – sold separately) €6 (~USD $8.76)
Binder Pocket Set (9 pcs) €54 (~USD $78.86)
Poster €10 (~USD $14.60)
Photo Set (12pcs) €15 (~USD $21.90)
CD Set (10 Albums from various SM Arists) €120 (~USD $175.23)

Binder Pocket Set (9 pcs)

Image Credits: SM Entertainment, Hollander@soshified

9 Responses to SM TOWN Live World Tour in Paris – Official Goods

  1. princessboa says:

    yea… new merchandise… i want…!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Looks good! And the prices aren’t TOO horrifying, either (not that I can actually afford them though…shakes fist at my lovely Japanese album). The French at the bottom says the merchandise available still might change, by the way. Doubtful at this stage, probably just including it to cover their bases.

    Have fun everyone who’s going! I’m stuck in England taking exams :p

  3. 서현MAKnae says:

    Do u guy know where to get tis?

    • GoHaraGo says:

      Just wait till their tour in Paris is over. I’m sure some people have stocked up on extras to sell for a profit on ebay. But the price is going to kill your wallet:P Seems already expensive as it is if you were to buy them there lol.

  4. Yoori8 says:

    LOL, I couldn’t resist but to buy nearly most of the SNSD merchandise. I started off with 4 fans then I ended up buying 3 more, after seeing them and knowing them! Especially SOOYOUNG XD I also have the small towel, photos. The T-shirt is a bit small on me, should have got M. I wanted to buy pocket binder set but…

  5. epicfail says:

    really awesome!
    Is there anyway we can get it like through a paris middleman or something? If possible that would definitely be a great news

  6. sweetiecandy says:

    I’ve looked every where and no one is selling =(
    Wish they would!


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