1st Anniversary Contest!

1st Anniversary Contest! – FAQ please read.

UPDATE #6 [o6.o1.11]: Winners announced!

UPDATE #5: 1st Anniversary Contests are now over! Stay tuned for the results! (once we’ve gone through the tonne of submissions ^^”)
UPDATE #4: MR. TAXI/Run Devil Run Japan Single PRIZE added for Contest #1: Display Your Collection!
UPDATE #3: Deadlines for BOTH contests have been changed to the same time: 8th May 2011 11:59:59 PM KST.
UPDATE #2: The Anniversary Contest FAQ page is up! Click above link. If you still have any questions, leave a comment on that page.
UPDATE #1: There has been a slight change on how to submit entries. If you’ve already submitted your entries before the change, you do not need to resubmit using the new form.

Hello SONEs! As many of you already know, May 1st 2011 marks SoShi Catalogue’s 1st Anniversary!
To celebrate, we’ve decided to hold a small contest for our readers! ^^

Firstly, we would like to thank all of you for supporting us and hope that we’ve been helpful in providing information so far! ^^ Although SoShi Catalogue started with little to no advertising, we have made achievements that our staff never dreamed of when we first started out. It all started from a post in Soshified’s retail spazz thread but a little tiny idea that “KC” posted has turned into what we are today. In this past year we’ve catalogued 600+ merchandises and 50+ pages of reviews, retail news, etc. We’ve also accumulated thousands of comments and hundreds of thousand views up to date! Definitely a great feat and we couldn’t have done it without your support.

Shout out to our staff members!! Tiff, Wendy, Tommy, Joshua, Hankit, Maverick, Mark, Clarence, Brian, Elena, Dora, Lawrence, Vanessa, Cassandra, Simon and Tricia!

Without further ado…

Contest 1 : Display Your Collection!

Use your creativity to show off your collection! Take a picture and upload it on a photo hosting site and link us to it in the comments below form! You may submit 2 pictures maximum. Tell us why you displayed your collection that way and what it means to you.

Contest Entry Process:
1. Leave a comment on this page with your country. The name you use for the comment will be your registered username for BOTH contests. If you have already commented for Contest 2, you are already registered for Contest 1.

2. Proceed to the following link to fill in the rest of the form ==> http://bit.ly/mmgRTt

You will also be required to answer on the form this question:
What does your collection mean to you? Why have you chosen to display your collection this way?

Remember, your entry will not be valid if you don’t do both these steps.

Our staff will judge all the submissions and choose the top 3.

Deadline: 8th May 2011 11:59:59 PM KST


Contest 2: Scavenger Hunt!

For this contest, you will need to have a Twitter account. We will release a chain of cropped photos at random times each day via our Twitter for a week starting from May 1st. You will have to find the catalogue post for the item in the photo and email SoShiCatalogueProject(at)gmail(dot)com the link to the post with the subject “Scavenger Hunt” submit the form once you find it. The first person to find the most posts by the end of the week will be the winner.

Contest Entry Process:
1. Leave a comment on this page with your country. The name you use for the comment will be your registered username for BOTH contests. If you have already commented for Contest 1, you are already registered for Contest 2.

2. Proceed to the following link to fill in the rest of the form ==> http://bit.ly/kftmEm

Remember, your entry will not be valid if you don’t do both these steps.
It is highly recommended that you read the FAQ before your first submission.
Each twitter picture will require a separate submission form.
You’ll also have to submit a new form for each new catalogue post you submit.

SoShiCatalogue’s Twitter can be followed here.

*Note – DO NOT submit it in the comments. It will not be counted!

It is advised that the username you choose is unique, as it ensures that your entry is not accidentally deleted and not considered.

Deadline: 8th May 2011 11:59:59 PM KST



All winners will be contacted by email. Please respond within 3 days or we will choose the next runner up.

Contest 1 : Display Your Collection!

The prizes have been either donated by staffers or sponsored by Kavenyou. SPECIAL THANKS to our friends at Kavenyou for sponsoring many goodies!

1st place: Will get first pick from the prizes below. Email us your preference the prizes below.

2nd place: Will get second pick. Email us your first and second preferences from the prizes below.

3rd place: Will receive the remaining prize.

Yoona Innisfree Poster Yoona Innisfree Postcard + Sticker Set
Star Card Season 2 Set MR. TAXI/Run Devil Run Japan Single


Contest 2 : Scavenger Hunt!

MR. TAXI/Run Devil Run Japan Single
1 Intel Poster
(Selected at random)
Hoot Poster Samsung China Mini Poster
Unofficial Musical Note Phone Strap Run Devil Run (2nd Korean Album – Repackaged)
[No poster]
GENIE (1st Japanese Single)
[First Press Edition]
[No photocard]
Season 2 + 2.5 Star Cards
(Base Set)
Gee (2nd Japanese Single)
[First Press Taiwan Edition]
[No photocard]
少女時代見聞録 Girls’ Generation MEMOIRS 


Contest 1

  1. ferrerorocher9 (Joyce T*n)
  2. cheuw (Nurul Fa*zi*h)
  3. WGFrance (Romain Luo*g)
  4. wengleon (Weng Leon W*ng)

Contest 2

  1. cheuw
  2. Rebecca
  3. sophia_gee
  4. ferrerorocher9
  5. GBGmuzic
  6. Mako
  7. Jinhyunyang
  8. WGFrance

132 Responses to 1st Anniversary Contest!

  1. jetidalwave says:

    For contest 2~
    Singapore ^^

  2. koolkrndude says:


  3. sky2934 says:

    For both contests, USA!

  4. Rebecca says:

    I found two catalogue posts which contain this photo: https://soshicatalogue.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/569scavengerhunt.jpg

    I’ve therefore submitted both. Is that ok? I looked at them closely but can’t find any difference based on the cropped picture alone.

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      there’s no difference for this one, so submitting both is ok. sorry if the examination caused any cross eye =)

  5. Zuragiizy says:

    Country – United States of America!!!!

  6. hangthienbao says:

    For contest 2!

    Country: USA

  7. Steph says:

    contest 2 🙂
    country – uk

  8. Yoori8 says:

    Sorry, but for this one… https://soshicatalogue.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/299scavengerhunt-e1304718711789.jpg?w=408 There’s many posts relating to it > < Do you want us to find them all please?
    Thanks ^^

  9. Rebecca says:

    Another question :p

    Could I possibly do a (very short) video of my collection instead of a photo? I don’t have and can’t get hold of a camera, but I have a videocamera. It would seriously be like less than twenty seconds long (and no narration or anything, haha)?

  10. Lillian says:

    Entering for Contest 1!

    Last day to enter but sadly just found this page! but will for sure come back often ;D
    Anyways my form 🙂

    Name: Lillian
    Country: Canda

    Why I displayed it this way?
    Well normally I don’t put it like this//in this order… When I saw this page I took all my soshi cds and put them like this because 1. it’s simple and shows how I simple love soshi! and the reason why its in this order is because the soshi’s time line… even if I don’t have the whole collection its good enough as I’m just a kid without income and just use all the money I don’t from my uncles and others to buy soshi items 🙂

  11. anklebreaker says:


  12. GeminiYul says:


  13. jetidalwave says:

    Country : Singapore
    Contest 1 :


    Well, I chose to display my collection this way because I’m able to admire all my albums and cards hehe ^^
    I placed my Hyoyeon signed card in the middle as its my most prized possesion. Even though she’s not my favourite member, I still treat the card as I would treat Jessica or Tiffany’s.
    My collection means a lot to me, especially through all my hard work of saving up~ Whenever I’m missing SNSD while they’re not promoting, I can take the time to admire my collection and remember that the girls are working hard now for a new single/album , just for their fans.
    I’m going to stop here, because I wouldn’t want it to be too wordy ^^

  14. sicasarang says:

    Username: sicasarang
    Country: USA

    I tried my best to display it nicely, but I really didn’t have much space in my room to get a better capture of my collection. Plus I also didn’t notice the “2 picture” capita. Anyway, I have no special reasons as to why this was arranged like this. I actually wanted to arrange it as a timeline of when I acquired each item. Unfortunately, I only had 10 mins to do this because I had to get on a bus a leave my soshi collection for a weekend with my parents to celebrate mother’s day. Nevertheless, I’m satisfied with how it was arranged because it makes me proud how much my collection has grown.

    This collection means A LOT to me. I became an SNSD fan during their genie days; however, the first CD I ever bought by them is “Oh!” I preordered it and I was ecstatic when I got it. I said I would only collect their albums/singles, but as time went on, I became an even bigger sone and wanted every single SNSD merchandise. I saw many SNSD collection pictures from all over the place and I was very envious. I’m glad that one day has finally arrived where I have a collection that I can be proud of. These are my treasures.. and one day I hope to have a room dedicated to SNSD just like KC :]

    P.S: I didn’t realize we’re only supposed to take 2 pictures max. I still have more SNSD stuff but I took single shots because I literally don’t have space for them. Especially since my landlord won’t let me stick posters on the wall :[ Anyway, if you’re just interested in seeing it, http://sicasarang.imgur.com/snsd_collection

  15. TiffaTonk says:

    Username: TiffaTonk
    Country: Indonesia
    Links: http://i964.photobucket.com/albums/ae127/tinktonk_photos/Rds147copycopy.jpg?t=1304864382

    Well, first question is What does your collection mean to you?
    I just wanna support the girls because I’m a fans of them, this collection is a result from the hard work of SoShi, and then I admire about them, that’s why I buy the item of SoShi

    Second question is Why have you chosen to display your collection this way?
    My collection about SoShi isn’t too much like everyone else
    but I try to show My collection to you all,
    because even I just had a little collection doesn’t affect me to support SoShi,
    so for SONE who have trouble with economical, don’t give up for support the girls,
    tried to save the money like I did… XD
    I took the picture in the dark and the glow of lightstick illuminate My collection, same way like, when I was down at the moment, I looked into My collection especially “star collection” and I looked it one by one, and I don’t know, when I look SoShi smiled, like my brain tell me to smile. Really Soshi like that ligthsitick who illuminate my soul just like on my collection up there.

  16. Lolasoshi says:

    Lola from indonesia.
    i just wanna say that i love soshi.
    “the power of nine” who gave me a great power!
    yeaah,, i know they’re amazing.
    i display my collection to show how i love them.
    my nine angles
    go soshiiiiiiiiiii \o/

  17. Ervin YoonAddict says:

    When will the winners be announced?

  18. Taeng9 says:

    Hmm, I wonder who’s won… It’s nearly the end of the month now 😛

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