1st Japanese Album – Girls’ Generation


 || Jacket Image: First Press Edition ||

Jacket Image: Limited Edition Jacket image: Regular Edition

Update #8 [180611]: Added album jacket scans.
Update #7 [210511]: Added poster images.
Update #6 [210511]: Added album audio preview.
Update #5 [200511]: Amazon will not include a poster with orders for Deluxe or Limited Period Edition.
Update #4 [160511]: Updated and corrected some info. The DVD for Limited Period Edition will  not have the Dance ver. of MR TAXI PV.
Update #3 [160511]:Links for CDJapan, Amazon.co.jp, HMV Japan, YesAsia added.
Update #2 [160511]: Picture of the bag and Deluxe box added.
Update #1 [160511]: Information about album updated, prices added, track list added.

Release Date: June 1, 2011

Label: Nayutawave Records (Universal Music)

Catalogue #:

UPCH-20250 (Regular Edition)
UPCH-29071 (Limited Edition)
UPCH-29070 (First Press)

-3 editions are due for release: Regular, Limited Period & Deluxe First Press
– All three editions come in different covers
– Both Limited Edition and First Press Edition comes with 2 different B2 sized posters.
*Note: There are only a limited number of posters, so there is no guarantee you will get them. Posters are given on a first come, first served basis. 
-Regular Edition contains audio tracks only.
-Limited Period Edition includes a DVD of the  ‘MR. TAXI’  PV (Original ver.), Gee (Original ver.) & GENIE (Original ver.) , a 32 page photo booklet and a deluxe sleeve case
– Deluxe First Press Edition includes a DVD of the ‘MR. TAXI’  PV (Original and Dance ver.), GEE (Original ver.) & GENIE (Original ver.), a 40 page photo booklet and a special mini bag with Girls’ Generation logo. It will also come in a box.
*Note – The photo booklet of the Limited Period Edition is different from the Deluxe First Press Edition
-Size of Special Mini Bag (inc. in First Press only): 200mmx150mmx65mm

CD Tracks:
3. you-aholic
4. Run Devil Run
6. Beautiful Stranger
7. I’m In Love With The HERO
8. Let It Rain
9. Gee
11. HOOT

Deluxe First Press Edition – DVD Contents (Music Clips):
01. MR.TAXI (Original ver.)
02. MR.TAXI (Dance ver.)
03. GENIE (JPN Original ver.)
04. Gee (JPN Original ver.)

Limited Period Edition – DVD Contents (Music Clips):
01. MR.TAXI (Original ver.)
02. GENIE (JPN Original ver.)
03. Gee (JPN Original ver.)

Recommended Retail Price (RRP):
[Regular Edition] – ¥ 3,000 tax inc., approx. USD $ 37
[Limited Period Edition] – ¥ 3,990 tax inc., approx. USD $ 50
[Deluxe First Press Edition] – ¥ 6,990 tax inc., approx. USD $87

Tower Records: Regular Edition 3,000 yen // Limited Edition (tubed poster inc.) 3,391 yen // First Press (tubed poster inc.) 5, 941 yen
CDJapan: Regular Edition 2,857 yen // Limited Edition (tubed poster inc.) 3,800 yen //First Press (tubed poster inc.) 6,657 yen
Amazon.co.jp: Regular Edition 3,000 yen //Limited Edition 3, 272 yen (no poster)// First Press 6, 888 yen (no poster)
HMV Japan: Regular Edition 3,000 yen // Limited Edition (folded poster inc.) 3, 591 yen // First Press (folded poster inc.) 6, 291 yen
YesAsia: Regular Edition USD $34.49 // Limited Edition (tubed poster inc.) USD $54.75 // First Press (tubed poster inc.) USD $97.25

Album Trailer:

Deluxe First Press Edition:

Special Box Packaging


Special Mini Bag

(Size: B2)

Limited Period Edition:

(Size: B2)




Album Jacket:

Deluxe Edition

Limited Edition

Source: Tower Records, CDJapan, YesAsia
Image Credits: CDJapan, SNSDCHINA.NET
Video Credits: SMTOWN@Youtube

86 Responses to 1st Japanese Album – Girls’ Generation

  1. zaqcky says:

    oh god.. time to save up..

  2. crimsondash says:

    The price seems so surreal …

  3. R says:

    Wow, that’s…expensive o_O

    I need a budget-priced version :p

  4. tiff says:

    Yeah.. Japanese albums can be expected to be around $50 in most cases. I’m not sure what’s so “exclusive” about the deluxe version for it to be so expensive, so we’ll have to wait until they release photos/official info and see for ourselves ~_~

    To be honest, as big of a sone and collector as I am, I’m a little skeptical to spent ~$150 + shipping on both deluxe and first period editions..( AND THERE’S NO PHOTO CARD ! I LOVE THOSE! ) really disliking how they’re using such a marketing plan for us fans LOL

  5. Old Tom from Taiwan says:

    I just order both A and B version… since photobook could be different.

    You are pretty much just paying 4000 Yen more for a bag… between the two versions.

  6. pip says:

    aigoo..they really want to kill us huh?..
    i want deluxe but i guess i just buy limited ed 😦
    have to save money for their dvds.. 😥

  7. Yoori says:

    USD $100? It’s cheaper to watch them Live > <
    I actually wanted the Deluxe one but now hmm :/

  8. cagalli20 says:

    where can i pre-order this?

  9. Amy says:

    -_-!! i hate it when the photobook is different! trying to make us buy both so they can earn money! 😮 they gtta stop using my love for SNSD into earning money!!

  10. huayeang says:

    I just visited My Star Trading, Time Square. They said this album is ready for pre-order as well and the price for Deluxe First Press Edition is approx 280 Ringgit Malaysia. Note that their price is less than what predicted in Japanese website, which was 300 Ringggit Malaysia something after converted from 100 USD.

    • Chyan says:

      Mystar are total ripoffs.
      WHyn not just bulk with your friends and buy them with cheaper shipping and not the freakin cut-throat price of that aunty’s mystar store.


    • RagingXL says:

      Do you always buy 12 copies for albums that come with photocards Jane? I’m always curious if you do buy 12 is it guaranteed you’ll get one of each variety?

  12. 아이구, how am i supposed to get this!? it looks like i have to start to saving up i only have $7 to my name right now from being a SONE from the genie days 😦 how am i get it now !?

  13. Susi says:

    *O* it’s so beautiful ❤ The only thing I'm worried about is if I buy both deluxe and limited and then all of a sudden like the singles theres a korean version with the same things but much cheaper 😦

  14. Amy says:


  15. Pallie says:

    Does anyone know if HMV is providing posters and if they are folding or sending them in a tube? Thanks. (:

  16. Sone says:

    May i noe wad the box for? to keep the small GG bag?

    and does any1 have the deluxe sleeve case picture?

    • Sone says:

      just to confirm the deluxe sleeve case for limited edition is confirmed? cos Yesasia does not have the info?

  17. Amy says:

    On yesasia, it says
    “Deluxe First Press Edition includes a bonus DVD with the Japan version of the Gee and Genie music videos, as well as two version of the Mr. Taxi music video. It also comes with a make-up case, a Girls Generation logo mini-bag, and a 40-page photobook.:
    Theres an extra makeup case? O_O

  18. SillJexster says:

    just to ask, anyone know roughly the shipping cost
    cos some say will increase because of its weight

    • ityp says:

      It depends on which site you buy it from as they send all it differently. It’s best if you compare the prices yourself. What I do is I add the items I want into the cart and right before placing my order, I get to see the total cost. So I compare that price with other sites’ pricing 🙂

  19. kenneth2991 says:

    May I know which 1 is more accurate as according to http://www.girls-generation.jp/mrtaxi/ad/album_ad.html
    it is stated that both the deluxe and limited edition contains Mr. Taxi MV, Mr. Taxi dance version, Genie and Gee MV but it is stated differently here. ?_?

  20. GBGmuzic says:

    For Limited Period Edition, how does the Deluxe sleeve case looks like?

    • Sone says:

      Dun think there is Sleeve case from the info of the Official SNSD Site in Japanese.

      SoshiCat plz confirm

      • ityp says:

        About the sleeve case for the Limited Edition, there isn’t any according to the translations posted by Soshified 🙂

      • GBGmuzic says:

        Hmm… I guess the packaging for Limited Period Edition should be similar to SNSD’s Japanese Singles 1st Press Edition?

  21. ityp says:

    Omg I hope no one bought the Limited Edition version from Amazon yet. It was linked to the Regular Edition but I changed it already. Confused the crap out of me cos the whole website was in Japanese so I had a hard time deciphering which edition it was -_-

    Oh btw, can any Japanese translators confirm whether or not the Limited and Deluxe Editions comes with a poster?

  22. koreanheartthrob says:

    Wow I have a sudden urge to buy this but it’s so expensive!
    And I told myself it’s not worth it 🙂

    If I do get it..then I’d have to buy the limited edition version~ wouldn’t do much with the deluxe…


    I wanna save up for the ALLABOUTSNSD6DVDs photobook thing (;

    Control yourselves Sones! 🙂

  23. kenneth2991 says:

    anyone bought from any of the store above before? which store would be a better choice?

  24. SONE says:

    HMV have sold out deluxe VER..

  25. Kyjj says:

    I emailed amazon about the posters yesterday and got a reply from them today:
    “Thanks for writing to us at Amazon.co.jp.

    I have researched the title “GIRLS’ GENERATION(期間限定盤)(DVD付)” and “GIRLS’ GENERATION(豪華初回限定盤)(DVD付) [Limited Edition, CD DVD]” and, unfortunately, we currently don’t have the poster as bonus figure of the item you’re asking about.

    Currently, we do not attach bonus figures unless it is mentioned on the product detail page and Amazon.co.jp editor reviews.  

    Thank you for your interest–we hope to see you again soon.”

    So I guess it won’t come with a poster if ordered off amazon :/

  26. SillJexster says:

    anyone doing bulk order for Malaysia?
    all prices I found from sellers are ridicously high

    • lalala__ says:

      hey! yeah.. i saw some sellers are selling at RM330 for first press…
      looking into buying directly online from tower japan, hmv or cd japan now…
      but since the sites are in japanese, it might take sometime to figure out how much shipping is…

      let me know if you have figured it out

  27. Tiff_loved says:

    HMV have the deluxe 1st press Out of Stock.. i guess if they do restock.. There wont be anymore poster given too…

  28. Andy says:

    anyone knows whether there are anymore stocks for the deluxe first press edition ??? or will there be restocks ??

    • sharpenedtongue says:

      it’s still available on cdjapan and yesasia. I think it’s only out-of-stock on HMV.

  29. kenneth2991 says:

    anyone knows how to order or have already ordered from tower records? how much is the total price including shipping fee?

    • sharpenedtongue says:

      I noticed Tower Records’ prices are slightly cheaper so I checked them out but found out that they don’t do international delivery.
      But then I used Google translate so….

  30. SNSD Is Loved says:

    Guys do not buy from HMV unless u do not want yr poster.

    I emailed HMV asking them about poster and they said its was sold out. It back in stock but Poster is sold out.

    Here the reply from the Email.

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your email.


    GIRLS”GENERATION (+DVD, Deluxe First Press Edition)

    The poster (type A) will not be stock again. Its had been sold out. Customer who wish to purchase will only be getting the Special BOX and Special Mini Bag.

    Thank you for shopping at HMV.co.jp.
    We look forward to your next visit to our website.

    Best regards,

    HMV E-Commerce Customer Service
    Emi Imoto

    • RagingXL says:

      That’s not good news at all… I bought mine from HMV but I got the Limited Edition not the First Press, since the posters are different I hope they still have the type B posters.

  31. SNSD Is Loved says:

    Guys i nid help…

    purchase from CDJAPAN but receive an email saying order was not process and asking me to fax my detail.

    Did any1 receive the email before? The link from that email link me here http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/help/creditfax.html

    asking me to fax so many info.. I dunhave an fax machine wad should i do.. and if i do send by post. i will most likely miss the dateline for order to proceed which is 1week from email sent…

    • sharpenedtongue says:

      Were you planning to pay by credit card? I paid using PayPal and there was no problem at all.

      • SNSD Is Loved says:

        Yup paid by my card.. their site is supported by mastercard securecode but i still to to fax my detail over.. any1 encounter this problem before? finding a fax machine nw..

        • RagingXL says:

          Ask them if they will accept a scanned image of your details through email instead of fax. If you don’t have a scanner, take a picture using your camera.

          • SNSD Is Loved says:

            They said they do not accept email.. Look like my order will be cancel..

            Below is the full email..

            Hi. Thank you for shopping at CDJapan.

            However, additional verification for your credit card is needed before we
            are able to proceed with your order.

            Order Number: ****************

            Please visit the following page of our website that details the information
            we need to receive by fax to facilitate secure transaction for your credit

            I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but the purpose of the verification is to
            protect the security of your credit card, and the information we receive
            will be used strictly for that purpose only.

            Since we are not able to indefinitely hold records of orders that are
            not processed, your order will have to be cancelled if we are not able to
            process it within 1 week.

            *Please do not send any credit card details by e-mail, as it will be unsafe
            fro you. We need to receive all information requested by FAX.

    • Kenneth says:

      @ SNSD Is Loved
      Do you have a Paypal account ? If so, use it as that gets processed immediately with no problems at all. I know as I have placed at least 5 orders with CDJapan now ;). I’m from Singapore, by the way. Hope this information helps you. Cheers !

      • SNSD Is Loved says:

        Paypal exchange rate is higher than bank exchange rate.. thanks anyway i email them asking if i can change my payment mode..

  32. Yla Reyl S. Jurilla says:

    I already pre-ordered my 1st Full Jap album( I ordered the 3 versions -_- /broke lol ) on YesAsia using my grandma’s credit card last May 19 and yesterday I already received the order confirmation email just yesterday~ pretty much fast hahaha~

    It’s gonna be my first order on YesAsia hopefully everything will be okay 🙂

    • RagingXL says:

      LOL please don’t cry about being broke if you can afford all 3 versions. People who are struggling to buy even the regular edition will not feel sad at all about your wallet.

      And Yesasia is very reliable, you have nothing to worry about.

  33. Rebecca says:

    There was no way I could justify (or afford) paying that much for the First Press, so I went for the Limited Edition 🙂 The way I see it, I get the CD, photobook, and most of the videos, but am not paying a whole lot extra just for a box and little bag. I mean, I liked the look of both of them, but it was extortionate…

    Also, I learnt the hard way, after an hour of page translation, that Tower Records doesn’t ship internationally, haha :p

    • Rebecca says:

      Eh, I caved :p it’s a significant part of Soshi history and I got a part-time job and tried really hard on my exams, so I think I deserve it. So now I’ll have the two of them, yay 🙂 definitely not getting the regular version though and will have to swear off SNSD merchandise for a while!

      Wish they had included photocards. Although in that case, fans might be expected to buy multiple copies to get them all, which would bankrupt everybody, so maybe they’re doing this for our financial sanity!

  34. Kenneth says:

    Just received my Deluxe set today (30/5/2011) :).
    Please note that the DVD is NTSC [ALL] Regions, just like the ones included with the “Mr. Taxi/RDR” Japan CD/DVD set.
    Cheers !

  35. Rebecca says:

    Hey guys, just noticed that all three editions are available at Play-Asia. Is it ok if I post links? They all have a shipping price of ~$3 USD

    Deluxe – $87.99 http://www.play-asia.com/Girls_Generation_CDDVDSpecial_Mini_Bag_Deluxe_First_Press_Limite/paOS-13-71-oc-49-en-70-47ph.html

    Limited – $41.99 http://www.play-asia.com/Girls_Generation_CDDVD_Limited_Pressing/paOS-13-71-9y-49-en-70-47pi.html

    Normal – $31.99 http://www.play-asia.com/Girls_Generation/paOS-13-71-9y-49-en-70-47pg.html

    The site is reputable; I’ve used it before for buying games. Hope this helps someone ^^

    Not sure if posters are included.

  36. Rebecca says:

    Has everybody seen this? It’s relevant to the post and really funny 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpm-QKcwhxU&feature=player_embedded

    and I completely agree with Hitler…ouch…

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      lmfao @Sone @Hitler’s monologue – that’s before realising the laugh’s on me -.-“

  37. Susi says:

    For those buying from HMV warning everyone that the price is actually higher than they previously stated. I just looked at my credit card and the price charged was 110 when in the beginning they said with shipping it would be 89. I’m very upset with this I don’t recommend them at all! I would have bought from yesasia if I would’ve known.

    • tiff says:

      It may be the YEN to USD conversion problem. ^^

      The rate used by HMV and your payment source (paypal, credit card company, etc) may be different.
      (…although $89 to $110 is a big jump O_o!)

    • darkrad says:

      From the HMV site it states:

      “As the delivery cost may be different from the actual delivery cost charged for orders, please consider the delivery cost shown in the table as the reference.
      Please note that the delivery cost is determined according to the weight of the items,
      therefore, it may become higher than the one shown at the timing of placing an order in cases that the order includes box set, etc.”

      So most likely, they only quoted you the price for shipping only one item (1200yen) but for the deluxe version, the calculated weight (at least from CDJapan) is around 800g-1kg which would mean shipping would cost about double than what was quoted. Any other discrepancy between that final price and what you were charged could’ve been the fees your financial institution charges for foreign exchange transactions. It could also be the difference in price between normal airmail and EMS.

      In my experience, it has always been better to purchase in bulk. You will almost always save on shipping and in all my cases so far, it would’ve been cheaper than YesAsia.

      • owa1985 says:

        Do beware of customs stoppage when ordering in bulk though.

        I have encountered bulk purchasers in my country who got their package held up at the customs due to the large shipment.

        Usually single packages go through easily.

  38. Angel says:

    Just a little note from me: I ordered the deluxe version from HMV AFTER they announced that they had sold out of the posters. NOT TRUE. I believe that they either got more or I just got lucky, because to my surprise I opened my package and voila a beautiful poster was packed in with it!

  39. Dot says:

    Does anyone know if posters are still included if I buy the album from YesAsia? And do they receive payment off debit cards? First- timer on YesAsia here.. :/

    • tiff says:

      YesAsia twitted that posters were still available for the deluxe edition on May 31st. They do accept debit cards & you can ask them if posters are still available via their twitter. (http://twitter.com/#!/yesasia) ^^

      • Dot says:

        Thanks! I did just that. Was looking for ways to contact them other than calling and all I found was ‘Contact CEO’ on their web. Don’t think I should bother the CEO with such stuff.. Lol.

  40. Seohun91 says:

    Just got my album today. As expected, it is awesome. Sadly, the poster was folded~ It is nice also to have a group picture of the girls in this album. Does any1 know what does then pink-coloured form that comes with the album is used for? Some sort of lucky draw?

    • Salmon says:

      Yeah, I think the pink-coloured form is for something like lucky draw, but I guess the application is already over just yesterday…

  41. GoHaraGo says:

    Usually the poster and album don’t come together if you’ve ordered from yesasia. Alot of buyers including myself recieve the album first and the poster a week later.

    Limited edition poster looks better than 1st press one imo^^

  42. diana says:

    Dear k-pop fans!! This news means everything to us…
    Please pay particular attention to this point…all signature items is a forgery.
    They same seller >>>>>>>>>>>>

    • GoHaraGo says:

      also do not buy from “jane678s” on ebay. A seller originating from shanghai china. Seems to have merchandise autographs days after the official release.

  43. zoe says:

    does anyone know what is the difference between taiwan and japanese version limited edition??

    • GoHaraGo says:

      Basically identical, you’ll save yourself half the price. Japanese albums are always high priced in general, but some people prefer to have to originals over licensed reprints.

  44. just so everyone is aware, the limited period at both yesasia and cdjapan no longer come with posters 😦
    i was secretly hoping cdjapan still had some.. but alas, no *sigh*

  45. Alva says:

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