Vita500 – Mini Promo Poster #3 (9 pcs)

Front // Back

Release Date: early April 2011

Publisher: Kwangdong Pharmaceutical

-Promotional laminated mini poster for Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Vita500
-Given out to customers who purchase a Vita500 20 bottle set
-Vita500 is a vitamin drink endorsed by SNSD
-Printed on glossy paper and laminated
-Double sided
-Size: 21cm x 30cm

Price: ~USD $4-$10 each

USD $99.00/$6.90 shipping @ tophyeons (complete set of 9)

Thanks to Tom for the tip and photo and kwangdongpharm@Twitter for the verification!

Image credits: Tom


19 Responses to Vita500 – Mini Promo Poster #3 (9 pcs)

  1. koreanheartthrob says:

    That’s so cool! I want one :B

  2. wengleon says:

    20 bottles set meaning 20 bottles in one box? it’s a new set?

    • iced_tea says:

      yes it is a 20 bottle box set. you can’t get it if you buy 20 bottles separately.

  3. Kenneth says:

    Got myself a complete set from Tom ;). This poster set looks AWESOME 😀 !!!

    • epicfail says:

      Hello kenneth,

      I am from Singapore too but i don’t have a paypal account to pay Tom for the laminated posters >.< Is it possible for me to merge my orders with yours? I can pay you by bank transfers 🙂

      My email address is, thank you!^^

      • neng says:

        i wanna buy too is there a website or something?

        • Vanessa says:

          There is a website selling the posters, check out

          Hope that helps (:

          • zaqcky says:

            this website sell the posters are they original?as in are they authenthic?

          • koreanheartthrob says:

            Is it just for Singapore Sones?
            Does it ship internationally?

          • Old Tom says:

            That site looks pretty good, some stuff is cheaper than I can get. If you live in Singapore, I would try them first 🙂

    • jylareyl says:

      Whose Tom? can i get his contact details/ email?

  4. tsu says:

    Where can I get one of these 😮 Whos Tom?

  5. Old Tom says:

    Email me at if you want to buy.

  6. Old Tom says:

    I can help people buy, but if you can find a better price I would strongly recommended you buy with them.
    Individual double side laminated poster
    21 x 30 cm
    $4.5 USD each
    Complete set is $40.5 USD
    $6 USD Shipping up to 9 posters.
    I ship registered mail, so you will have a tracking number.
    I know shipping is kinda high… I am not a real merchant so I only ship the way I know how.
    Email me at if you want to buy.
    I only accept Paypal.

    • Nadege says:


      Does it’s possible for you to ship in France too?

      Thank you

      • Old Tom says:

        Sure, I can do that, just email me at

  7. Old Tom says:

    Just want to be clear… I am not a dealer, so I go to a Taiwan store and buys it too.
    When people ask me to buy, after they paid with Paypal then I go to the store to buy and package to ship to them.
    These posters are actually free if you buy Vita500 in Korea.
    I pay the same price for my own collection.
    So I am not getting these for free and trying to make alot of money.

  8. Kenneth says:

    Tom is a very good source of Soshi products if you have no other avenue of obtaining the products 😀 !!! i trust him fully ;). HTH.

  9. Kenneth says:

    Just a “heads-up” compliment for Tom: to date, ALL my orders placed with him have arrived in EXCELLENT condition and within just a week too 😉 😀 !!! His rates are also very reasonable :). Hope that helps any SONE wanting to purchase SNSD merchandise with Tom’s help ;). Cheers !

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