Vita500 – Promo Poster #1 (5 pcs)

UPDATE[060411]: Added Jessica and Seohyun versions.

Release Date: early March 2011 (Tiffany, Yoona and Yuri versions) // early April 2011 (Jessica and Seohyun versions)

Publisher: Kwangdong Pharmaceutical

-Promotional poster for Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Vita500
-Vita500 is a vitamin drink endorsed by SNSD
-5 versions: Tiffany, Yuri, Yoona, Jessica and Seohyun
-Printed on glossy paper
-Size: 51 cm x 37 cm

Price: USD ~$20

USD $24.90/$5.40 shipping @ uniqueurlife (Jessica)
USD $22.90/$5.40 shipping @ uniqueurlife (Seohyun)
USD $19.90/5.40 shipping @ uniqueurlife (Yuri, Yoona or Tiffany; sold separately)
USD $54.90/$7.90 shipping @ uniqueurlife (3 piece set; Yuri, Yoona and Tiffany)

Image credits: kwangdongpharm@Twitter, uniqueurlife@eBay


38 Responses to Vita500 – Promo Poster #1 (5 pcs)

  1. Tom in Taiwan says:

    Wow, price on eBay sure are crazy… only S9USD not include shipping in Taiwan, lol.

  2. snowiegalzz says:

    Hey tom , can you let me know where can i buy the vita500 promo poster? Of course not that expensive like ebay.

    • Tom in Taiwan says:

      I can get it for you, but I need to know where you live to give you better shipping quote.

      Each poster is $9 USD and you add shipping.. should still be alot cheaper than ebay.

      • Kenneth says:

        I’m from Singapore. How much to acquire just the “Tiffany” poster ? Please let me know. Thanks and cheers !

        • Old Tom says:

          $9 (per poster) + $6 (shipping + poster tube)

          I can combine 3 posters in one tube.

          If you want more or want to order with your friend, let me know.

          • Kenneth says:

            Hi Old Tom,
            Just e-mailed Zzz from Singapore (see last post in the thread) and will get back to you soonest if he is keen to combine orders to save on postage ;). Anyway, I’m still keen on the Tiffany poster, so I’ll let you regardless. Cheers !

          • Kenneth says:

            *know* regardless 😉 ! My bad for typing so quickly 😀 !!!

          • Old Tom says:

            You can email me at

          • Kenneth says:

            Hi Old Tom,
            Just e-mailed you with the order details. Thanks and cheers 😉 !

  3. Taejjang says:

    :p….got this poster!! haha…..I sell it only for $18 SGD…-.-” they should be thankful I didn’t jack up the price lol….

  4. snowiegalzz says:

    you are so good.. ebay jack up the price until so high..
    taejjang, u still have stock? i wanna buy..

  5. Andrew Sim says:

    Tom, are you still able to get the posters for 9USD?

    And btw, is this actually true? LIMITED EDITIONS of the poster where the vita500 writing is in blue in stead of red.

    • snowiegalzz says:

      i think is just a different version of poster as you can see the bottle design is different.. Just the word colour different, others still same..

      • Old Tom says:

        Yes I can still get it for $9usd per poster

        Shipping to Malaysia and Singapore all are $6 (shipping + poster tube)

        I can combine 3 posters in one tube.

        If you want more or want to order with your friend, let me know.

        Vita500 have 3 different bottles.

        To be honest I have no idea about the limited editions… it the same picture with different bottle.

        If you feel like paying more for the same picture, then go for it 🙂

        • soshilover says:

          Hey Tom, could you get the yoona poster for me? How much is shipping to the U.S?

          • Old Tom says:

            Sure, please email me at

            Shipping to USA will be $7 usd (registered mail).

  6. Zzz says:

    I am interested and live in Sg but I got no credit card…i am interested in Yuri and Yoona’s 1~
    Any1 ordering can email to

  7. J Wong says:

    From SG too. Interested in the posters but no credit card and I can’t send the posters over to my place. Parents ^^; So if anyone from Singapore please let me know as well! Thanks! 🙂


  8. epicfail says:

    im in singapore and i have 10 of that posters >.<
    Supplier got it for me for free ^^

    • Sone says:

      willing to sell? since u got it for free.. help other SG SONE too (:

      • epicfail says:

        Haha yea intending to sell it at about $15 or less after its shipped here >.<
        Hope the price is cheap^^

    • D says:

      Hi Tom can u email me thanks

  9. Sone says:

    so any1 get from Old Tom?

    is he trustable?

    • Kenneth says:

      I just placed 2 orders for the posters from him. The 1st has already been sent out via EMS (he actually went out today to purchase and send the items to me after receiving payment 😀 !) and the 2nd should be sent out tomorrow. So, in answer to the question, yes. Cheers !

      • Old Tom says:

        It is actually registered mail.

        Well, I guess you can ask the people who I helped buying Taiwan concert goods from last year, if you can trust me 🙂

    • iced_tea says:

      yes Tom is reliable 🙂

  10. Old Tom says:

    Next three poster coming out will be Group, Jessica, and Seohyun.

    Jessica and Seohyun should still be $9 usd in Taiwan.
    Group will be about $12 – $14 usd but it is bigger, once it arrive I will take a picture.

    But this time I will be charging a $1 fee per poster, sorry about that.

    There is going to be a small writing pad of each individual on one side and group on the other side.
    I will get the picture as soon as it arrives.

    I think that will be $4 to $5 usd.

    • Andrew Sim says:

      Great….I’ll await the day they’re released. I will be you first customer xD

    • Kenneth says:

      Hey, Tom :),
      I’ll be placing an order with you once the prices/postage are finalized. I want to get 2 copies of the Group poster, and 1 each of Jessica and Seohyun. Drop me an e-mail to let me know when you will be taking orders ;). One question, though: why the additional $1 fee per poster ? Feel free to let me know off-line, via e-mail if the answer is too “sensitive” for a public post :D. Cheers !

      • Old Tom says:

        Fee is for me, it is like if I am running around to get posters and mail it out on my own time I think $1 per poster are not asking alot. It is also a way for people who ask for my help to buy me a drink or a snack. Since I think I pretty much save everyone asking me to buy alot of money already. I could be greedy and charge $5 or more, but I am not. I figure $1 is enough. I can only accept Paypal and please check the personal option so I don’t have to paid fee on the orders.

        Jessica and Seohyun will be in next week, it is $10 per poster (include my $1 fee.)
        Group poster is 76cm x 52.7cm (It is bigger than individual one.)
        It is $13 (include my $1 fee) each (I think ebay is Buy it now $19.99 + shipping or you can just bid on it for cheaper.)
        Image of the group poster.

        • Old Tom says:

          Just in case people don’t know… I am not the one selling it. I have to go to the store to buy it…

        • Andrew Sim says:

          do post here when the posters are already in . I’ll be sure to buy from you when final postage is finalized…
          10 + 10 + 13 + probably 6? for shipping( I referred to the post WAYY above)

          • Old Tom says:

            lol, you should just email me.
            I don’t want people think I am a dealer…
            Shipping will be $7 usd (for Malaysia, Australia, Singapore) and $ 8 (for USA).
            I am using a longer poster tube because Group poster is bigger.
            And one tube can fit four posters max.
            Sorry Taiwan shipping is so high.

  11. orcon says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am interested to buy a few of the poster. just want to know the shipping cost to nz going to be.


    • orcon says:

      I mean New Zealand.

      • Old Tom says:

        Please email me at

  12. Old Tom says:

    I can help people buy, but if you can find a better price I would strongly recommended you buy with them.
    Individual Poster
    51 x 37 cm
    $10 USD each
    $6 USD Shipping up to 4 posters, $7 USD for USA and Europe.
    I ship registered mail, so you will have a tracking number.
    I know shipping is kinda high… I am not a real merchant so I only ship the way I know how.
    Email me at if you want to buy.
    I only accept Paypal.

  13. Old Tom says:

    Just want to be clear… I am not a dealer, so I go to a Taiwan store and buys it too.
    When people ask me to buy, after they paid with Paypal then I go to the store to buy and package to ship to them.
    These posters are actually free if you buy Vita500 in Korea.
    I pay the same price for my own collection.
    So I am not getting these for free and trying to make alot of money.

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