3rd Japanese Single – MR.TAXI/Run Devil Run

|| Jacket image: First Press Edition ||

// Jacket image: Limited Pressing & Regular Edition //

UPDATE #7 [20110523]: Photos of all editions uploaded. A photo of the back of the photocard has also been uploaded. All photocards can be viewed below in a single scan (Thanks to Tom for the scan!).
UPDATE #6 [20110521]: First Press Edition sold out again at Yesasia, CDJapan, and HMVJapan. Restocked at Tower Records. 
UPDATE #5 [20110427]: First Press Edition restocked at Yesasia, CDJapan, and HMVJapan.
UPDATE #4 [20110427]: First Press Edition sold out at Yesasia, CDJapan, HMVJapan, Tower Records, and Tsutaya Online.
UPDATE #3 [20110426]: GIRLS’ GENERATION ARENA TOUR 2011 has been postponed, and two additional shows at Saitama and Hiroshima have been added. The tour will now start on June 17 and end on July 2.
UPDATE#2 [20110426]: First Press Limited Edition includes an entry form to a lottery for special reserve tickets for SNSD’s GIRLS’ GENERATION ARENA TOUR 2011. You must enter the form in the period 4/27-5/1. Uploaded photos of all photocards, lottery entry form and panels displayed in Tower Records. Watch the Official PV (Dance Version)!
UPDATE #1 [20110425]: Scans of photo booklet for Limited Pressing and First Press Limited Edition (with Tiffany photocard) uploaded. 

Release Date: April 25, 2011

Label: Nayutawave Records (Universal Music)

Catalogue #:
UPCH-80232 (Regular Edition)
UPCH-89099 (Limited Pressing Edition)
UPCH-89098 (First Press Edition)

-The single is a double A-side release which contains 2 featured songs
-3 editions are due for release: Regular, Limited Pressing & First Press Edition
-First Press Edition includes a bonus DVD of the Run Devil Run PV (Japanese ver. & dance ver.), a photo booklet and a photo card. There are 9 different cards in all.
-Limited Pressing Edition includes a bonus DVD of the Run Devil Run PV (Japanese ver.) and a photo booklet.
However, the photo booklet of the Limited Pressing is different from the First Press (differences unknown).
-Regular Edition contains only the audio tracks of the single
-All 3 editions will contain the audio track of Run Devil Run (Japanese ver.), previously released as a digital download in January
-There will be 2 different jacket images. First Press Edition will have its own jacket design while Limited Pressing & Regular Edition will share a common design.
-Related to [03.07.11] SNSD’s first Japanese Arena tour in May & first original Japanese single “MR. TAXI” in April

-First Press Limited Edition includes an entry form to a lottery for special reserve tickets for SNSD’s GIRLS’ GENERATION ARENA TOUR 2011.
-You must enter the form in the period 4/27-5/1.

Language: Japanese

DVD Region Code: ALL
DVD Subtitles: None
DVD Picture Format: NTSC

Recommended Retail Price (RRP):
[Regular Edition] – ¥ 1,100 tax inc., approx. USD $13.39
[Limited Pressing Edition] – ¥ 1,500 tax inc., approx. USD $18.19
[First Press Edition] – ¥ 1,800 tax inc., approx. USD $21.92

YesAsia: Regular Edition USD $14.75 // Limited Pressing USD $21.25 // First Press USD $24.49 Sold Out
Universal Music: Regular Edition 1,100 yen // Limited Pressing 1,500 yen // First Press 1,800 yen
CDJapan: Regular Edition 1,100 yen // Limited Pressing 1,500 yen // First Press 1,800 yen Sold Out
HMVJapan: Regular Edition 1,100 yen // Limited Pressing 1,350 yen // First Press 1,620 yen Sold Out
Tower Records: Regular Edition 1,100 yen // Limited Pressing 1,275 yen // First Press 1,530 yen
Amazon.co.jp: Regular Edition 1,100 yen // Limited Pressing 1,321 yen // First Press 1,443 yen
Tsutaya Online: Regular Edition 1,100 yen // Limited Pressing 1,275 yen // First Press 1,529 yen Sold Out
Shinseido Shopping Site: Regular Edition 1,100 yen // Limited Pressing 1,500 yen // First Press 1,800 yen


Price when altered:

2. Run Devil Run (Japanese ver.)


First Press Limited Edition: 

Lottery Entry Form for SNSD’s GIRLS’ GENERATION ARENA TOUR 2011:


Limited Pressing: 

Regular Edition:

Panels displayed in Tower Records:

Official PV (Dance Version):

Info credits: dcinside, Yurui912@Twitter, Kanki@Soshified, tom885@SC, janeberryblue, azn1221@SC, imnikky@Twitter
Image credits: Yurui (LovAEnAi) [Yurui.kr], Bekkychan@Twitter, ballyballz@Twitter, Nine_Angels@Twitter, f_tkm1@Twitter, imnikky@Twitter,  azn1221@Soshi Catalogue, as tagged

53 Responses to 3rd Japanese Single – MR.TAXI/Run Devil Run

  1. tiff says:

    Omg.2 versions of the albums jacket.. that means I must now buy both T_T -rage-

  2. Rebecca says:

    Ooh, interesting! Is there anywhere to listen to ‘Mr. Taxi’ online at the moment? I wonder if it will get a Korea release as well…maybe on album #3. Correct me if I’m wrong and it has been around for a while!

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      none as yet to a taxi teaser, though it’s to the tune of a feminine dance song, as Kanki@SSF has written about =)

  3. wait….. so no photocards??? OMG I DON’T WANT NO MORE PHOTOCARDS– THEY MAKE ME BROKE >_<

  4. ityp says:

    Just update with CDJapan links. Hope the format was right ><


    HQ pictures cr; Yurui@egloos

    Jacket A: http://pds22.egloos.com/pds/201103/08/05/b0034105_4d75ce891bbdb.jpg
    Jacket B: http://pds21.egloos.com/pds/201103/08/05/b0034105_4d75ce8d39c5d.jpg

  5. Kenneth says:

    Yes, I’ve just placed my on-line order for the limited 1st press edition of the new single 😀 !!! I’m so excited ! Thanks for the link, ityp ;).

  6. Sone says:

    HMV is not working??? cant add to cart..its say page not found..

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      standard maintenance, quite normal for these hours (jst time). another 3-6 hrs and things ‘be back to clockwork =)

  7. Tom in Taiwan says:

    It is not for sure for now if Taiwan will release Taiwan version as of now.
    If Taiwan is actually going to release Taiwan version and comes with photocards, I will start taking orders if enough people want it.
    Taiwan version normally is about half price as the Japan release.
    But I think it will only release version A and C.
    I will keep everyone updated on this.
    I myself already preorder 9 A and 1 B Japan release.

  8. david gan in malaysia says:

    how i buy in malaysia?

    • pip says:

      hye..u can buy from ebay.com.my..the seller name is danielle_sk
      or if u have fb acc, u can buy from fb shops..compare the prices first
      try check out this fb shop- Musica Online Store

  9. Sone says:

    what are the chance of this getting delay… since japan was hit real hard..

    japan yen is raising.. bad for overseas buyer..

    • epicfail says:

      yep >.<
      Some of the concerts are already postponed because of this…
      The big bang japan album release date is delayed because of it.. It was supposed to be released on 31 mar initially..
      Its disadvantageous for buyers to purchase at such moments..
      Pray for japan!

  10. jylareyl says:

    Where should I buy HMV or Yesasia? I want to buy more that 10 Mr. Taxi deluxe~

  11. west says:

    Anyone got info for the Taiwan version?
    I need to buy know I can get A from japan and B ver from Taiwan or Vice versa

    • Tom in Taiwan says:

      No confirmed information on Taiwan version yet.

      Unless Japan version will confirm to come out on time.

      Rumor is Taiwan version will have both Version A and B.

      Once there is some real information I will post here.

      • Old Tom says:

        Universal Taiwan Sales are saying Taiwan will have both version A and B.

        Both will be exactly the same.

        Version A will also have photocards.

        Price will be close to $12 USD.

        I can help to buy if anyone interested.

        • Old Tom says:

          The difference between Taiwan version Japanese Gee and Japan version Japanese Gee photo cards are:

          1. The back serial number is different.
          2. The color is slightly different because it printed from two different factories.

          So I expect it the same for Mr. Taxi photocards.

          I am placing my order on 25th of April if anyone else is interested.

          It should come out middle of may.

          Will not know if there is free gift until CD comes out, but if there is a gift only people preorder have better chance of getting it.

          If there is going to be free gift, normally it poster or file folder.

          You can contact me at my email: iamoldtom@hotmail.com

          • west says:

            Hey Tom My email is wingzeroxm-snsd@yahoo.com
            I might get it from you then if you are sure u got the version A
            photobook and photocard Do u sell in ebay? How much is shipping?

          • west says:

            Are you in USA? I bought from this company on ebay my Gee japanese is Taiwan and came in great condtion but i ordered a japanese genie and i came in the mail full of cracks on the case the cd was fine even though it was wrap in bubble and paper

          • Old Tom from Taiwan says:

            I am in Taiwan ^^

            All the stuff I posted are information I get from a local record store employee who get her information from Universal Taiwan sales.

            Right now Taiwan is planing to release both version A and B, and it suppose to be exact replicate, but keep in mind it Taiwan and Japan version are printed from two separate factory, so even though is the same picture, color output might still be slightly different.

            My email is iamoldtom@hotmail.com, if you want it just email me where you are so I can tell you shipping.

            I do not sell it on eBay because then I have to charge more because of the fees. I can sell on eBay then you just have to pay more.

            When you ship stuff, sometime it does gets damaged even if it packed perfectly. Best way is be nice to your postman and cross your fingers, lol.

            Price will be $12 USD + shipping and I will charge a $1 Fee. It cheaper if you buy more to spray shipping cost. I am not big company like Yesasia, so no free shipping.

            If there is free gift, then shipping will be more.

            I can help you trade cards too but no guarantee I can get the one you want because many people wants the “more popular members.”

  12. linda says:

    anyone from melbourne who would like to buy a copy with me from amazon?

  13. Jason says:

    I think I might buy a few copies from yesasia and I’m from Melbourne, Australia

  14. Noble says:

    Anyone know if the lotto is only limited in Japan?

  15. Kenneth says:

    I’d received my copy of the “Mr.Taxi” CD/DVD yesterday and the DVD NTSC code actually stated [ALL] rather than [Region 2]. This means that the DVD can now be played world-wide, which I can attest to, since I have already tried the DVD on my computer DVD player. I’m from Singapore, by the way ;). Just a “heads-up” to interested parties :).

    • Alvin says:

      wow, so fast you receive already? Mine was just dispatch yesterday from HMV. Not sure will I get it by tomorrow anot. Can we join in the lottery draw of the Arena Tour ’11? or only for Japan residence?

    • tiff says:

      Thanks ^^ updated post. Yesasia is being a tad bit slow with my copies 😦

  16. Jac says:

    I got Seohyun’s photocard. Looking for Tiffany or Taeyeon. Let me know if you wanna trade, just email me at littlz_monstez88(@)hotmail(dot)com

  17. epicfail says:

    wow you guys receive all your albums so fast… im anticipating for mine. 😦

  18. Sone says:

    Any1 bought from HMV? the tracking cant be track… it state ship on 25april but till nw still cant track…

    Your item was not found. Confirm your item number and ask at your local office.

  19. epicfail says:

    anyone bought from hmv?
    I received my items today, but they taxed me T.T i had to pay extra beyond the delivery charges paid. Did anyone face this problem? 0.o

    I had to pay additional $50SGD for it >.<

  20. Old Tom from Taiwan says:

    Taiwan can still buy it, email me at iamoldtom@hotmail.com.
    It running out fast here too.
    Taiwan is $25 USD + Shipping.

  21. Old Tom from Taiwan says:

    I am so happy I am finished with all 9 cards.

  22. yw says:

    May I ask if the packaging is the same as Japan Gee and Genie?

  23. Lia says:

    I heard that there’s a Mr. Taxi korean edition. Is the korean edition same with japanese edition that have photobooks and photocards? and of course, the korean edition is much2 cheaper than japanese edition..

  24. Old Tom from Taiwan says:

    Taiwan Mr.Taxi if you want to get a set of 9 cards + 3 cds + shipping will be about $122 USD.

    Email me at iamoldtom@hotmail.com.

  25. Lia says:

    To msia sones out there…. i have sooyoung’s mr taxi cards to trade with taeyeon… pm me if interested

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