Elle Magazine – March 2011

Left: Normal Edition // Right: Special Edition

UPDATE [20110303]: Article available online at elle.co.kr. Photos from the online article added.

Release Date: February 15, 2011

Publisher: H EM Korea

-Korean fashion magazine published monthly
-Tiffany, Yuri, Sunny, Jessica, Sooyoung and Hyoyeon are featured in the article ‘Elle Beauty Icon’ for DIOR
-Supplements: HERA White Program Powder Ampoule Serum 7g and  Powder 0.7g
-There are two versions: normal and special edition. The only difference with the special edition is that it comes with a serial number and different cover. Contents are exactly the same.
-Consists of photos and articles, all text written in Korean
-Size: A4
-320 pages

Recommended Retail Price (RRP):
Normal Edition – 7,000 won (tax inc.) ~USD $6.21
Special Edition – 6,000 won (tax inc.) ~USD $5.33

7,000 won (tax inc.) ~USD $6.21 @ bookstores and station stands in Korea

5,400 won, ~USD $4.79 @ www.interpark.com (special edition, sold out)
6,300 won, ~USD $5.59 @ www.interpark.com (normal edition)
6,300 won, ~USD $5.59 @ www.kyobobook.co.kr (normal edition)
6,090 won, ~USD $5.41 @ www.aladin.co.kr (normal edition)
USD $10.64/$30.21 shipping @ www.dvdheaven.com (out of stock)

Price @ eBay:
AUD $12.99/$28.00 shipping @ trendybabylon (no supplements included, special edition version)
USD $12.99/shipping varies according to location @ grapemusiccd (no supplements included, normal edition)

Image credits: Yurui’s World in egloos, kyobobook.co.kr, trendybabylon@eBay, interpark.com, as tagged, Tetsuya@SONEms.net

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