SPUR Pink Magazine – April 2011

Release Date: March 12, 2011

Publisher: Shueisha

-Japanese fashion magazine
-SPUR Pink is a sister magazine to the SPUR magazine
-This is SPUR Pink’s second issue. The first issue released in September 2010 featured a cover story about Changmin from DBSK.
-Features SNSD as the cover story: 【少女時代 WE ARE THE GIRLS!】
-Comes with Snidel (スナイデル) sticky note, ONE PIECE & Trico sticker, To b. by Agnes B & Paul Smith (to b.byアニエス b・ポール・スミス) special sticker, and an  iTunes card (valid only in Japanese iTunes store)
-Consists of photos and articles, all text written in Japanese
-Size: B5

Recommended Retail Price (RRP):
380 yen (tax inc.) ~USD $4.55

380 yen (tax inc.) ~USD $4.55 @ bookstores, station stands and convenience stores in Japan

362 yen, ~USD $4.29 @ www.cdjapan.co.jp
380 yen, ~USD $4.55 @ www.hmv.co.jp
380 yen, ~USD $4.55 @ www.7netshopping.jp
790 yen, ~USD $4.55 @ www.books.rakuten.co.jp

USD $8.99/$7.50 shipping @ sonata_uk

Image credits: Yurui (LovAEnAi) [Yurui.kr], bestiz.net, Chichinhu@Twitter, as tagged


2 Responses to SPUR Pink Magazine – April 2011

  1. any pics??? i don’t to just blindly purchase…. though if it’s anything like their last SPUR shoot… i probably will XDDDD

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      The usual, Jane, the pics’ll be upped as and when Spur/Yurui releases =) normally, magazine entries aren’t catalogued early, though it’s a favorable idea to let others know early about an imminent mag release, so as to give some window of lead time, for finances and the likes

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