2nd Mini Album – Genie (Taiwan Version)

Release Date: August 14, 2009

Label: SM Entertainment

Distributor: Avex (TW)

Catalogue #: AVKCD80232A

-Content-wise this version is exactly the same as the Korean version
-Packaging is slightly different: instead of being printed in Korean, it is printed in Chinese

Language: Korean

USD $17.99/free shipping @ www.yesasia.com

USD $24.89/free shipping  @ b_column_b
USD $24.89/free shipping  @ cd_column
USD $23.79/free shipping @ undercatdog2
USD $23.69/free shipping @ artice_ray

Price when altered:

01. 소원 을 말 해봐(Genie) – 3:50
02. Etude – 03:13
03. 여자친 구(Girlfriend) – 03:19
04. 남자친구(Boyfriend) – 03:50
05. 동화(My Child) – 03:36
06. 1년 後(One Year Later) – 04:01

Image credits: undercatdog2@eBay, as tagged

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