Kim Bum Soo & Taeyeon – 달라 (Different)

Release Date: January 31, 2011

Label: Polaris Entertainment

Distributor: Loen Entertainment

Catalogue #: N/A

-달라 (Different) is a duet performed by R&B and soul singer Kim Bum Soo and Taeyeon
-Kim Bum Soo is especially known for his song 보고싶다 (I Miss You) which became the main theme for the Stairway To Heaven TV series
-Taeyeon had already sung live with Bum Soo on several occasions during her days as host of ChinChin Radio
-Only available as a digital single on various Korean music portal sites
-달라’s Korean lyrics, translation & romanization are browsable on Soshified Lyrics Center
-Bum Soo’s new studio album is scheduled for its release in April

Language: Korean

Length: 04:22

Naver Music (Guide to purchasing music from Naver Music)
Cyworld Music

01. 달라 (Different)
02. 달라 (Inst.)

Audio track of 달라:

Taeyeon’s rendition of Bum Soo’s original 보고싶다 (I Miss You):

Image credits: Melon
Video credits: XDDDD30@YouTube, gyuyeon@YouTube
Info credits:

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