1st Album – Girls’ Generation MV Unofficial Sweatshirt (Unisex)

FYI These sweatshirts are sold under spreadshirt.com, an on-demand custom T-shirt printing company. Anyone may upload his T-shirt design and for each tee that is sold, a commision is received. Payment, printing and shipping are taken care of by Spreadshirt instead of the designer.

This catalogue entry is made with the sole purpose of informing Sones who wish to collect a GG MV tee of their own but lack the means to design one. Please rest assured in the understanding that it is never an intention of Soshi Cat to publicise on behalf of any particular store/retailer/seller. It is our wish that Sones, one and all, may make an informed purchase of Soshi merchandise, always =)

Release Date:

Brand: Fanmade (Boundless Apparel)

– Fanmade hooded sweatshirts designed after the ones worn by SNSD in Girls’ Generation MV.
– Design digitally printed on ‘Fruit of the Loom’ (women)/’Hanes’ (men) sweatshirts.
– Colour: White, Red. Green, Burgundy, Black, Ash, Royal Blue and Navy are also available though not worn by SNSD. We believe it is also possible to request other design-color combinations: see below for more info about requests.

Size chart:

Price: USD $36

Shirts currently available in the Spreadshirt store:

Hyoyeon (red)
Sunny (red, white or black)
Jessica (red, white or black)
Taeyeon (red, white or black)

Taeyeon (red, green, burgundy, black, ash, royal blue or navy)
Jessica (red, green, burgundy, black, ash, royal blue or navy)
Yuri (white)
Yoona (white)
Hyoyeon (red, green, burgundy, black, ash, royal blue or navy)
Sunny (red, green, burgundy, black, ash, royal blue or navy)
Seohyun (white)
Tiffany (white)
Sooyoung (white)

Payment methods:
If you are paying with check, paypal or credit/debit card, order directly off the links provided.

Shipping prices:
The shipping cost varies from country to country and is automatically calculated by Spreadshirt.

Image credits: Boundless Apparel

14 Responses to 1st Album – Girls’ Generation MV Unofficial Sweatshirt (Unisex)

  1. brendon says:

    where can we buy this?… ive tried searching for it on spreadshirt.com but i cant find it……..

  2. Tiffany says:

    Hi, can i ask if these sweatshirts are still available? And how much would it cost to ship to Singapore?

  3. Forever LOVE SNSD says:

    where can i get this sweatshirts in korea?

  4. JessicaJung says:

    Is this still for sale? and can it be shipped to Sydney, Australia?

  5. oppar says:

    still want something like this, does anyone know where I can get one? the kpop4fans one looks a bit weird….or is it okay? I want a taeyeon or yoona one ;A;

  6. Hi there! Just in case any of you are wondering, bbprods is now Boundless Apparel, so that’s why the links in the original post bring up an error page.

    We’ve moved our entire website to: http://www.shop-boundless.com 🙂

  7. Iya says:

    how can i actually buy one and is this still availabe? i am a girl but i wud really like to buy for yoona’s sweatshirt, is it okay even if yoona’s sweatshirt is only under the category for male?

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