SMTOWN 2010 Live World Tour in Tokyo – Official Goods

UPDATE [20110126]: Included 2 photos (Post Cards, Desk Calendar)
UPDATE [20110125]: Photos of the Merchandise Banner/Poster (Passport Case, Clear files, Wall Calendar, Facebook)
UPDATE [20110124]: You cannot purchase the merchandise beforehand. Sorry for the confusion. Rather you can can purchase the goods at the venue even if you don’t have a ticket for the concert. Many thanks to hiros2008@Twitter.

NOTICE: Online retail info remains unavailable

SM Entertainment Japan has released news about official goods to be sold at the Tokyo venue of SMTOWN Live ’10 World Tour. The concert will be held on the 25th and 26th of January 2011.

品名 価格
T-shirt(s) ¥3,000
T-shirt(m) ¥3,000
タオル ¥2,000
テイクアウトバッグ ¥500
カタログ ¥1,800
アロマキャンドル ¥2,800
クッション ¥3,500
キーホルダー ¥1,800
トートバッグ ¥2,300
ポストカード(10枚入り) ¥1,200
クリアファイル(8枚入り) ¥3,000
フェースブック(8枚入り) ¥3,200
耐熱用グラスカップ ¥3,200
ペンケース ¥1,500
ポストカード(10枚入り) ¥1,200
クリアファイル(10枚入り) ¥3,000
フェースブック(10枚入り) ¥3,200
パス&コインケース ¥1,500
キーケース ¥1,000
ポストカード(10枚入り) ¥1,200
クリアファイル(5枚入り) ¥2,500
フェースブック(5枚入り) ¥3,000
パスポートケース ¥2,000
ポストカード(10枚入り) ¥1,200
クリアファイル(9枚入り) ¥3,000
フェースブック(9枚入り) ¥3,200
カレンダー(壁掛け用) ¥2,200
カレンダー(卓上用) ¥2,200
コースター ¥800


Translation of the list of goods (relevant to Soshi and SM Town Family & with extra remarks):

Name Price
T-shirt (S) 

T-shirt (M) 

Towel [New?]Take out bag [New?]Catalog

¥3,000 (~USD $36.33)¥3,000 (~USD $36.33)

¥2,000 (~USD $24.22)¥500 (~USD $6.05)

¥1,800 (~USD $21.80)

SNSD/Girls’ Generation
Passport casePostcards (10 piece set)

Clear files (9 piece set)

Facebook (9 piece set)

Calendar (Wall)

Calendar (Desktop)

¥2,000 (~USD $24.22)¥1,200 (~USD $14.53)

¥3,000 (~USD $36.33)

¥3,200 (~USD $38.75)

¥2,200 (~USD $26.64)

¥2,200 (~USD $26.64)

Passport Case [New]

Post Cards (above) (10 cards, identical in most respects to SM Town Live ’10 World Tour – SNSD Post Card Set // sleeve case is different)

Clear Files (above) (9 folders enclosed in a sleeve case // Image design is the same as SM Town Live ’10 World Tour – SNSD Post Card Set // dissimilar to Everysing clear files’ design

Facebook (above) (Color variation compared to the first Facebook // enclosed in a new sleeve case)

Wall Calendar

Desk Calendar

The calendar for sale is exactly the same as the SM Entertainment – Girls’ Generation 2011 Official Calendar. It appears that they will finally sell the highly demanded T-shirt! Strangely enough, there is no mention of the SM Town Family poster, SNSD poster, SNSD fans or SM Logo cap previously sold at other venues. I will take a stab and say that the clear files are not new but rather the Everysing – SM Town Live ’10 World Tour File Folder (9 pcs). However instead of selling them separately, fans will have to buy the entire clear file set. In regards to the “テイクアウトバッグ (take out bag – literal translation)”, we can only guess that it’s this or something entirely different.

Note: The above paragraph is entirely of my own opinion and Soshi Cat’s. We can only guess until the goods are released.

And just for kicks because this post needs some pictures:

For info on the goods sold at other venues go to our retail summary on the SM Town Live ’10 World Tour Official Goods.
If you need a second opinion on previously sold goods check out our review.

Translation credits: SoShi Catalogue
Image credits: SNSDKorean, Pretty SNSD Taiwan Forum, dc married + noburin3 + toratorata + hyukkim_kr +soshisone@tumblr + Yurui912, shinko_tiffany, kana_wg, Japan_yuki, & hiros2008@Twitter + cantthinkofaname@soompi, roflbot


4 Responses to SMTOWN 2010 Live World Tour in Tokyo – Official Goods

  1. ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

    Learning new things again from you today, iced_tea =)
    my, I’ve mistakenly overlooked the 5 items listed under the SMTown category (thought there’s only 6 under SNSD) ><

    SMTown always brings back memories
    last August when the SMTown'10 goodies were sold, Soshi Cat were busy getting the special-customer approval from DVDHeaven for some of us Sones. was lucky to be one of them ^^ guess it's come a full cycle for me? =)

    much curious abt the 3 apparently new releases too ^_^ the towel, take out bag & passport case
    The tees, I reckon they'd be partly new, as they may replace the SMTown'10 logo with SMTown Tokyo, or something?? ‘cos it’d be amusing if SM personnels walk around with said old tees
    Last year's logo may or may not be retained on the rest of the merchandise (catalog, facebook, postcard). Looking forward to know how SM manages the crossover between '10 & '11 =)

    Edit: I wish I was there three =(

  2. Gptx says:

    I bought the jpn calendar through tenso…it is exactly the same as the kr version

  3. Ricky says:

    where can we buy the t-shirt now…?

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