Love Stories: Best Soundtracks (Compilation)

Release Date: December 22, 2010

Label: Bugs

Catalogue #: WMCD0029

-A love-songs compilation which includes a solo by Sunny as well as Yuri & Sooyoung’s duet for the Working Mom OST
-Other artists featured include KARA, CNBLUE, Super Junior, f(x), BEAST, Shinee and 2AM

Language: Korean

Country of Origin: Korea

Recommended Retail Price: 1,985 yen (tax inc.), approx. USD $24.04

1,400 yen (tax inc.), approx. USD $16.96 @
1,500 yen (tax inc.), approx. USD $18.17 @
1,826 yen (tax inc.), approx. USD $22.12 @


1 Love Is Fire (花より男子) / KARA
2 High Fly (Accustic) / CNBLUE (Joung Hyun & Min Hyuk)
3 希望は眠らない夢(製パン王キム・タック / Super Junior (キュヒョン)
4 一番星(千万回愛してます) / Super Junior (キム・ヒチョル)
5 必ず(ワーキングマム)/ 少女時代(ユリ&スヨン) [Kanarazu (Working Mom) / Shoujo Jidai (Yuri & Sooyoung)]
6 愛してる、愛してる(見るほど愛嬌満点 )/ f(x)
7 Happy Birthday(見るほど愛嬌満点 )/ Beast
8 Stand By Me(花より男子)/ Shinee
9 L.O.V.E (Acoustic)/ 2AM
10 恋を知らない(ワーキングマム) / 少女時代 (サニー) [Koi o Shiranai (Working Mom) / Shoujo Jidai (Sunny)]

Image credits: HMV ONLINE

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