Intel – 비주얼 드림 Visual Dreams (POP! POP!)

UPDATE [20110118]: MV is out! Posted below.

Release Date: 17 January, 2011

Label: SM Entertainment

Distributor: SM Entertainment

Catalogue #: N/A

-This song is a collaboration between Intel and SNSD and intends to promote lntel’s next generation of processors, “Second Generation Intel Core Processor Family”
-Only available as a digital single on various Korean music portal sites

Language: Korean

Length: 03:20

Naver Music (Guide to purchasing music from Naver Music)
Cyworld Music
USD $0.99 @ iTunes

01. 비주얼 드림 (POP! POP!) – 비주얼 드림 Visual Dreams (POP! POP!)

On Tuesday, 18th January 2011, Intel will be holding a showcase titled ‘Visual Life Show’ for their latest product, ‘Second Generation Intel Core Processor Family’. The MV of SNSD and Intel’s collaboration song, Visual Dreams, will be shown.
Date: 18th January 2011
Time: 19:30 – 21:30 KST
Venue: Woori Financial Art Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul

Teaser MV:


Many thanks to SNSD Korean and Yurui’s World in egloos for the information.

Image credits: killerkill@Soompi,,
Video credits: sment@YouTube

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