UNOFFICIAL Petition List – Taeyeon The First DVD「 YOU BRING US JOY ! 」

List Updated: December 27th, 2AM AEDST (Dec 27, 12AM KST)

Click here for the retail post
Click here for the petition form

Concluding Notice:
No result is a good result, no? >.<
Merong did not give us a reply, so we can but conclude that the petition list is not successful.
Please understand that it befits Merong’s right to remain silent on the matter.
Our retail advisory if you need is as such:
– There was a precedent – SONE’s first-ever fanmade Thsutleo photobook was granted a reprint 6 months after its debut print. As such, allowing YBUJ a waiting window of 6-12 months is sufficiently prudent, we feel.
– Those willing to pay a premium for YBUJ copies listed on eBay, we shall maintain Taeyeon The First DVD [YOU BRING US JOY!] retail page with an updated history of previous eBay prices, which may be used to compare with present market prices, as necessary.

We wish to apologise unreservedly if you feel we have wronged you in any way. As things stand, we feel equally miserable to be of no help in furthering this cause for you ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


-staffs@Soshi Merchandise Catalogue

This is an UNOFFICIAL petition list that SoshiCatalogue is compiling and then sending to Merong. It is only intended to show Merong the level of interest of Sones for the 「 YOU BRING US JOY ! 」DVD. We cannot guarantee that signing this petition will result in a second batch of DVD’s being released internationally, nor is this an order for for the DVDs.

Nonetheless, if you are truly keen and financially committed to buying the DVDs, please fill in the following form linked here. If you are unable to access that form, then you may leave a comment below with the country you are from. Only fill in the form if you are well and truly committed to buying these DVDs.

This request list will be kept open until Dec 27, 12AM KST before being forwarded to Merong. You can check the time of the deadline in your own city here.

Lastly, a gentle reminder of the unofficial nature of this petition.


List of those who have filled in their details.
If your details aren’t here, please fill in the form again (linked here). This list is not updated immediately, and in most cases will only be updated once a day.


20 Responses to UNOFFICIAL Petition List – Taeyeon The First DVD「 YOU BRING US JOY ! 」

  1. neng says:

    erm they are currently selling the left over stock only in korea =\ so i think its wiser if you petition it to be sold overseas as well rather than make a 2nd batch

    • darkrad says:

      it would depend on how much stock they have left over in korea, the petition essentially will only request that more dvds be made available internationally. whether this may be through selling the current excess stock, or printing/making a new batch of dvds would be purely dependent on Merong.

  2. Luísa says:

    Erm… I think I’ll have to take off my name from the list >.< I'm REALLY sorry. I was really going to buy it, but I went through some problems yesterday and now I'm not sure if I can go on with this.

  3. iperiodic says:

    For those putting up their names,please do make sure you are financially committed.Such abrupt changes after filling in the petition can be reduced and it is uncalled for.

  4. Leonard says:

    May I know when will the result if this petition becomes official?

  5. Kenneth says:

    I assume the petition has been sent to Merong ? Hopefully the response to it will be positive 😀 .

  6. ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

    {Kenneth, Leonard} All in Merong and Claire’s hands now =)

  7. Kenneth says:

    Thanks 🙂 ! We’ll just to be patient then and hope for the best :D.

  8. KindoRules says:

    HOW COULD I MISS THIS!!!! Really hope there’s a 2nd round. T T

  9. ciel says:

    can I still be part of it? i want this badly really

  10. haihong says:

    my name got at list,so i how to pay payment & get this item??

  11. FiSh_23 says:

    😦 i missed this.any idea how to get it again? or any kind souls selling? i’m in sg though.

  12. ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

    {Leonard, Wilson, haihong} Result is unfavorable, please view our concluding remarks
    {ciel, FiSh_23} Please view the link above as well. Copies remain available on eBay

    • Kenneth says:

      As mentioned by your good self, the onus is on the original seller to release (or not release) for sale additional copies of the YBUJ DVD ;). Thank you very much for trying anyway, the effort is Greatly Appreciated 😀 😀 😀 !!!! Who knows, “miracles” may happen yet 🙂 !!!

  13. Leonard says:

    Alrights! Thanks anyway! Though i really hope that there is a second batch order, i guess i have to wait!!!

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