Everysing – 훗 (Hoot) File Folder (9 pcs)

Release Date: December 23, 2010

Publisher: SM Entertainment

-Distributed by Everysing Store
-Sold separately, not in a set of 9
-Made out of plastic
-Size: 22 x 31cm
-A sister merchandise of Everysing – File Folder (Hoot Group Version), which is made out of thick cardboard
-A parallel set of Oh! merchandise is seen in Everysing – File Folder (Oh! Group Version)
and Everysing – Oh! File Folder (9 pcs)

Recommended Retail Price (RRP):
5,000 won ~USD $4.44

Price: USD ~$5-$10

USD $5.574/$5.88 shipping @ www.dvdheaven.com
USD $10.99/free shipping @ www.yesasia.com


Image credits: DVDHeaven


3 Responses to Everysing – 훗 (Hoot) File Folder (9 pcs)

  1. is it just me or are the backgrounds really lame??? why couldn’t they just stick with the album images T__T

  2. elizabeth says:

    i agree, i was excited until i saw the backgrounds. i think it makes it look a bit cheap and boring 😦

  3. ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

    May there be some saving grace from its back covers :/

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