Happy Money Coupons – Hoot Collection (10 pcs)

Release Date: November 2010

Publisher: Happy Money

-Happy Money coupons are universal gift cards in Korea
-Can be used at online and offline stores: Online – Bugs!, Soribada, UFO Town, Interpark, etc // Offline  – KFC, Everysing, Kyobo Bookstore, Megabox, Hottracks, Market O, Pizza Hut, etc
-Sold separately
-There are 10 versions: group and individual members

-11.11.10 – 30.11.10
-Happy Money was holding a contest where the 10 best blog/mini-hompy entries about SNSD won a complete set of Hoot themed Happy Money Coupons. 20 runner-ups won 5,000 won Happy Cash.
-Only Korean citizens could enter
-To enter: www.happymoney.co.kr

Recommended Retail Price (RRP): 10,000 won

10,000 won @ Everysing, GS25 convenience stores and Happy Money Office in South Korea

USD $130.99/$12.00 shipping @ sonata_uk (complete set of 10)
USD $13.49/$4.00 shipping @ sonata_uk (one gift certificate only)

SNSD Happy Money Coupon Introduction Video:

Image credits: SNSDKorean, Happy Money, Yurui’s World in egloos, as tagged

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