W Korea Magazine – December 2010

UPDATE [20101130]: More official photos from W Korea.
UPDATE [20101125]: Scans of Yuri and Hyoyeon added.
UPDATE [20101124]: Photos of actual magazine and another eBay listing
UPDATE [20101123]: Scans of Jessica.

Release Date: November 22, 2010

Publisher: Doosan Magazine

-Korean fashion magazine released monthly
-Stars! special features SNSD, Jay Park, John Park
-10 pages featuring SNSD in the article What A Girl Wants.
-Also includes W Korea Party Pictures, Boots BOOM, Korean Fashion Week with Bloggers and more
-Consists of photos and articles, all text written in Korean
-Size: 21cm x 30 cm (A4)
-250 pages

Recommended Retail Price (RRP): 6,000 won, approx. USD $5.32

6,000 won ~USD $5.32 @ bookstores, station stands and available by subscription in Korea

USD $8.00/$16.00 shipping @ www.soshigoods.com
5,400 won, ~USD $4.79 @ www.yes24.com
5,220 won, ~USD $4.63 @ www.aladin.co.kr
5,400 won, ~USD $4.79 @ www.kyobobook.co.kr

Price @ eBay:
USD $12.49/shipping varies @ trendybabylon
USD $9.99/$11.99 shipping @ grapemusiccd

W Korea BTS Video with SNSD:

Image credits: designscene.net, Yurui’s World in egloos, Bekkychan@twitter, coldn00dles@twitter, as tagged


5 Responses to W Korea Magazine – December 2010

  1. i can’t wait to see the full spread– SO GLAD they finally get to do some truly artsy stuff~

  2. woohoo soshigoods is offering this for sale! a wee bit cheaper than ebay too~ 😀

  3. dun says:

    hi, there ^^
    looks like hyoyeon’s scan part is not be able to zoom in… is it??

    • iced_tea says:

      sorry about that. fixed it up 🙂

      • Dun says:

        ^^ many many thanks…

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