SM Entertainment – Girls’ Generation 2011 Official Calendar


UPDATE [20110112]: Freebies have been shipped out. The seller does not put a Zip/Postcode on the addresses so if your country is particularly pedantic about them, then there may be some delays in your receiving of the freebies. Most people in Asian countries and Australia appear to have received them. Please also note that the freebies are shipped out in the order that your placed your pre-order, so if you did it relatively late, you may have to wait longer before they get shipped to you/get to you.

UPDATE #2 [20101223]: It appears that raffle results are up, but it seems like all the winners are Korean. We believe that all winners will be contacted via email or SMS. For orders after the 13th Dec, the calendars appear to be delayed again, this time with no indication of a shipping date estimate. Our current understanding of the calendar exchanges appear to be restricted to Korea (based on the instructions provided by the seller).
UPDATE [20101223]: The Gmarket seller has updated that the freebies will begin shipping out on the 28th. There has been no word on what the results of the raffle are, nor when they will be released. We are still trying to confirm details on the exchange process.
UPDATE #2 [20101216]: For those who have ordered from Gmarket, calendars have reached the Gmarket warehouse where they will soon be shipped out internationally. Orders at SoshiGoods will be shipped out tomorrow (17th Dec KST).

Notice from the Gmarket seller
1. Those that ordered their calendars between the 22nd Nov and 12th Dec (KST), you will be given a set of 4 clear files, and a sticker set as a free gift (to be shipped at the end of Dec). This however is only applicable to the old calendars with the misprinted birthday dates. You will be able to exchange these (old calendars + free gifts) for the new corrected calendar if you wish.
2. For those that have ordered after the 13th Dec (KST), you will be issued the new corrected calendar. However, these calendars will only start to be shipped out form 23rd Dec onwards.

We will look into the process of exchanging the old calendars for the new calendars as in point #1, and will update this post when we figure it out.

UPDATE [20101216]: Shipping of the calendars is delayed as the Girls’ birthdays were misprinted. We are currently looking into this issue and will provide more information as it comes to hand.
UPDATE [20101214]: The shipping of the calendars is delayed. The Gmarketseller has tentatively scheduled some shipments for the 14th Dec 2010 (KST). Soshigoods has also announced that there will be delays in the shipment of calendars as a result of delays in acquiring stock, and that this delay has been experienced by many other sellers.
UPDATE [20101130]: SNSD promo vid
UPDATE [20101125]: YesAsia is taking preorders and more info on Japanese version
UPDATE [20101024]: Soshi Goods & DVDHeaven are taking pre-orders and another eBay link.
UPDATE [20101123] #3: eBay links up
UPDATE [20101123] #2: 2 more photos added. Information regarding number of prizes and first-served goodies updated.
UPDATE [20101123] #1: GMarket link is up. International shipping available.  New photos of the calendar and updated information.
UPDATE [20101122] #2: HQ picture added.
UPDATE [20101122] #1:
Photo (above) and more information released about Korean version.

Release date: November 16, 2010 (Japan) // December 10, 2010 (Korea)

-Calendar concept: “Candid GIRLS with me”
-Will feature new individual and group photos
-Members’ birthdays and special anniversaries will be marked
-There will be two versions: Korean & Japanese
-There are two variations of the calendar: wall & desktop
-The wall and desktop variations are not identical.
-For Japanese version, both variations come with postcards
-The Japanese version is identical to the Korean version, except text will be presented in Japanese and will include a new, unseen photo
-Size of wall calendar: 380mm×465mm
-Size of desktop calendar: 230mm×320mm
-Limited edition
-A smart phone application will also be released for this calendar

Recommended Retail Price (RRP):
-Japan Version: 2200 yen (tax incl.), approx. USD $26.43 / AUD $26.76 / SGD $34.26
-Korean Version: 15,000 won, approx. USD $13

Japan: JPY 2200 (SMTown Live In Tokyo Merchandise Stand, January 25-26, 2011)

-USD $29.99/free shipping @ (desktop version)
-USD $34.99/free shipping @ (wall version)
-USD $19.505/$11.53 shipping @
-USD $16.90/$11.00 shipping @
-2200 yen (tax incl.) @
Official site linked by SME JP. Both variations are the same price and ordering period is: November 18, 2010 (Wed) 17:00, 24 December (Fri) 12:00
-15,000 won @ // 100 won @ (International orders ONLY)
Ordering period: November 23, 2010 5PM KST – December 5, 2010. Deliveries will be made from December 10, 2010. Buyers who order during this period from GMarket will go in a raffle draw to win an autographed calendar (30 people) and a complete 10 set of Happy Money coupons (3 people). Winners will be announced December 13, 2010. The following will be given to those on a first-come, first-served basis: mini calendar (1,000 people) and pictorial postcard (15,000 people).

Note: You can try using Tenso to order from Goods Info. Contact Tenso for further information. Here’s our guide on this service.

Note: About ordering on Gmarket
캘린더 모델 is whose calendar you want, by now you should know that Soshi is 소녀시대
캘린더 종류 is the calendar type; ie wall or desktop
– 벽걸이 is wall; whilst
– 탁상용is desktop
You’ll have to pick whose calender you want first (ie 소녀시대) before you can can pick the type.

Please also remember, that shipping is excluded in the price we have quoted, and shipping varies according to whichever region you live in.

USD $18.50/$11.99 shipping @ grapemusiccd (includes 2 postcards as a preorder gift)
USD $19.90/$9.90 shipping @ 19522430 (includes 2 postcards *only if within the 15000 first preorders* and 10 sheets of unofficial stickers)
USD $18.50/$11.99 shipping @ grapemusiccd (includes 2 postcards as a preorder gift)
USD $19.90/$9.90 shipping @ 19522430 (includes 2 postcards *only if within the 15000 first preorders* and 10 sheets of unofficial stickers)

Image credits: Yurui’s world in egloos, SNSDKorean, Bekkychan@twitter, grapemusiccd@eBay
Video credits: danal114@Youtube, SMTOWN@Youtube
Thank-you to SNSDKorean, Soshified and Yurui’s world in egloos for the information.


106 Responses to SM Entertainment – Girls’ Generation 2011 Official Calendar

  1. so SM FINALLY decides to give them an official calendar! so does this mean no more goobne calendars?? T__T

  2. elizabeth says:

    yess! this’ll be awesome 🙂

  3. ahau09 says:

    they are taking the orders only in Japan T_T…

  4. greenballoonsyay says:

    so you can’t buy it straight away, like from stores in japan? :O You have to order? That’s so troublesome lol.

  5. lim says:

    has gmarket put it up for sale yet?

  6. kimcherry says:

    how to order that calendar???
    i really want!! 😀

  7. greenballoonsyay says:

    Is the chance to win the postcards and autographed calendars only for Koreans? :O Because there are people taking preorders but they don’t mention the free stuff available to win.

    • iperiodic says:

      I believe those people taking preorders will take the autographed calendars themselves,which is probably why they do not add in the prizes you may win.

    • iced_tea says:

      the postcard is given to the first 15000 preorders. it is not one of the raffle prizes.
      regarding the prizes (signed calendar and Happy Money coupons) it does seem like you have to buy off GMarket to enter the draw. however, i don’t really understand Korean so it would be best to ask the sellers.

  8. Stephiee says:

    do you think soshigoods would be best to buy from? as i don’t understand korean and gmarket’s confusing me :s

  9. Monty0hm says:

    Yo, just commenting to note an observation I just made. I ordered the calendar from the Gmarket link you provided on Nov. 24th.
    I went to go check my order just now but it says the item isn’t available, so I tried the link from your site and it said the same thing.
    I wonder what’s going on?

    • WGFrance says:

      This is awkward

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      Hi Monty0hm. Your concern has been brought forth within our staff. Not many of us are patrons of gmarket, so please give us a day.
      Thank you.

    • darkrad says:

      Hi there, the link appears to be working again when I went to check it, but the calendars are out of stock. It may have been because the seller was updating the listing where it wasn’t working. But could also be due to the fact that the ordering period was over. We can’t really be 100% sure about the exact reason.

  10. epicfail says:

    hi, is there any other websites that sells calendar at the same prices as Gmarket? I was intending to purchase the calendars tomorrow but didnt know that gmarket already has no more stock as according to their (out of stock temporarily), but who knows whether it will be temporary.

    i seriously need like 30+ calendars desperately and i see some sites, their prices are really expensive, i really really need help in ordering the calendar or else i will be making a loss 😥 Can someone please kindly help me with this?

    Or does anybody knows if gmart will open another sale on calendars or something?

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      Hi. The advantage’s yours as you’ve a good case to be made with your bulk purchase. I’m often in favour of grapemusiccd and SoshiGoods, especially John of SoshiGoods who have our interest as Sones at heart. Perhaps you may start by quoting a lower-than-Gmarket-price to both resellers and negotiate the way through.

      • epicfail says:

        Really?? U mean that their prices may still be negotiated?? I will try it then, thanks for your tip!:)

        • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

          30pcs’ not insubstantial, the number may swing it for you. And I’d like to know the outcome too. Pls pingback here =)

          • epicfail says:

            i tried the soshi good one first, you are right, the guy is really nice and he has great service, he offered me a discount on my overall bulk purchase, but the price in overall is still expensive… Really thanks very much for your tips! 🙂

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      Thx! Your feedback helps us to profile our sellers more accurately.
      darkrad’s also monitoring Gmarket’s calendars closely. Chances are decent that they’re relisting =)

  11. infatuated- says:

    are the ones sold at YesAsia and grapemusiccd the korean or japanese version?

  12. Epicfail says:

    Gmarket posted this as their heading:[주식회사 다날] ★본판매12월13일★ 2011년 SM Official 스타캘린더 소녀시대/SHINee/f(x) 탁상용 벽걸이 달력 fx 샤이니
    I dont understand what does this mean, the translator doesnt translate fully… Does it mean that they are going to relist it on 13 dec? Someone please help me! Thanks^^

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      Dec 13’s the rehashed official line of the announcement for the raffle draw’s outcome. The relist isn’t looking well, my optimism’s misplaced T.T

  13. Epicfail says:

    >~< omg ok thanks…

  14. Michael says:

    Had any1 calendar been ship? mine stated delivery on 8dec but still not ship.

  15. Alvin says:

    I had the same thing as you.. Stated dec 8 delivery but still on request from the seller.. The calander havent arrive at gmarket.. Is the release delayed? Anyone receive theirs already?

  16. epicfail says:

    hey gmarket has relisted!:)

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      patience paid off:)

      • epicfail says:

        haha really thanks for your tip:) but its weird, because when i ordered it yesterday, they still allowed international shipping, but apparently, now they don’t. Confusing:( Afraid that they won’t ship it to my country anymore:( i already paid for all the calendars and shipment fee…

  17. infatuated- says:

    so the japanese and korean version have the same pictures ?

  18. SeoHyun91 says:

    luckily g-market restocked…^__^

  19. Seraphis says:

    Guess I’m not the only one facing the “On Request” issue. Oh well, just have to wait patiently.

  20. SeoHyun91 says:

    g-market does international shipping rite?

    • SeoHyun91 says:

      any1 know and tell me asap whether g-market will provide international shipping for the calender soon or never? Thx…

  21. WoShiProDevils says:

    Calendar have been relist… buy no international shipping.

  22. WoShiProDevils says:

    Calendar have been relist… but no international shipping.

  23. JacksonLIM says:

    Does anyone order from G-market have any update on ur shipment status, my order is still under the status of “on request” >.<

    • Epicfail says:

      Mine is also on request… When did you order it?>~<

      • Seraphis says:

        I ordered on Nov 24th. It’s still on request now too, so I don’t think there is anything to worry about.

        • Epicfail says:

          Wow you ordered it so early but its still on request? I think we will have to wait for longer time than you before we can get our calendars… Nasty 😦 hope they would release it to everyone fast>~<

  24. ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

    SoshiGoods twitted that most Korean sellers are still awaiting their inventory. Hopefully this alleviates the uncertainty a little

  25. Shine says:

    My Gmarket order status is also on request and I placed it the first day preorder was available for international.

    Is there any info on the contest results?

    Thanks soshicatalogue and community for all the updates!

  26. -Soshi Lover- says:

    G-market wont be providing international shipping already? only domestic shipping within korea?

  27. Alvin says:

    I also order on the first day… Hope that I am in the first 1000 who preorder..

  28. naomi says:

    is there any problems with the wall calendar too ? or only problems with the desk calendar?

  29. Epicfail says:

    I ordered on 13 dec but they said that the estimated delivery time is today… I hope that they will deliver today to the gmart warehouse though*prays hard for it*

  30. Alvin says:

    Just saw the update.. OMG mine has reach gmart warehouse and getting ready to shipout.. means I gotten the old calendar with misprint? How do I exchange for a new one? Seller did not ask whether I want to exchange anot…and now is being ship out.. can’t exchange anymore?

    • Epicfail says:

      When did yours reach the warehouse??

      • Alvin says:

        Today.. now on overseas shipping.. argh means i gotten the old calendar with misprint 😦
        I dunno how to exchange for new one. 😦

        • Epicfail says:

          0.o thats fast! Mine is still saying expected date:today, but its too late for them to ship anymore i guess. Maybe u can email the gmarket global for help? But they may take quite a long time to reply…

  31. neng says:

    just got my batch today =_= and i don’t see any clear files or stickers so im guessing they will send it in another shipment which is wierd ._.

  32. Alvin says:

    Hi.. I just receive my calander and it it the old one.. But I did not get any freebies as stated for those receiving old calander.. I got no clear files and stickers.. 😦

  33. Stephiee says:

    ah same i just recieved mine today! 🙂 but if you read above “set of 4 clear files, and a sticker set as a free gift >>(to be shipped at the end of Dec).<< " so the freebies will probabaly be sent separately 🙂

    • Alvin says:

      Awwww.. so sorry I miss out that line.. =X my careless.

      • WoShiProDevils says:

        Wow damn that not fair? since overseas buyer got to pay for shipping again unless its free.

        • Kenneth says:

          I believe the shipping for the “free gifts” is free, that is, they’ll send it to you on their own account ;). I got mine too today, so it’ll be an early Christmas present for myself :D.

          • WoShiProDevils says:

            They send to our account @ gmarket. but we still nid to pay 4 overseas shipping…

          • tom885 says:

            I haven’t receive my calenders from Gmarket yet (My post office is still keeping them for some reason), but I’ve paid extra shipping fees in order to have them shipped, and now I’m assuming the extra shipping fees (the weight from original 0.8kg -> 3.01kg) goes towards shipping the free gifts (unless the 2 calenders weights 3.01kg, which is the same as the photobook ><)

          • neng says:

            just a note to ALL of you who uses gmarket
            because of the nature of the way they packed the calendars… the weight definitely went over the original estimated weight so, you have to pay the extra shipment fee !1st! before gmarket sends it out, go check your “overseas order” option under “shopping list”(should be the 2nd last tab) and they will probably prompt u to pay your extra shipment =\

  34. WGFrance says:

    At this day, anyone has info about the prizes ? Or if anyone hasn’t, how can I contact “danal” the seller ?

  35. fatlouie says:

    I’ve missed the order date, can I still buy the calender? =(

    • tom885 says:


      You can still buy the calender(s) in various online stores, such as Yesasia, Soshigoods, ebay,etc. (Check out all the links at the middle of the post above) ^^

  36. epicfail says:

    just wondering what will happen to those who bought the calendars after 13 december? they stated something there and i translated it but i don’t get what they mean =.= it sounds like they are going to give a refund back to those who have bought the calendars or something, for those who bought it after 13 december. But i don’t think that’s the case…

    • Kenneth says:

      Received my desktop calendar on 21/12/2010. VERY GORGEOUS photos 😀 ! Now, just waiting for the promised “freebies” from GMarket ;). (It’s the “old” version, BTW)

      • Epicfail says:

        Oh grats:) i am still waiting for mine to be shipped from gmarket, no news from them so far:( they said they will ship out today but they didn’t, arrgghhh disappointing:(

  37. Epicfail says:

    Can someone tell me whether for those who ordered after 13 december, the shipping is delayed again?

  38. Epicfail says:

    They delayed again T.T its testing my patience >~< thanks for the translation! Really grateful^^

  39. hihi says:

    are the files and sticker set snsd ones ? if they are , what is the pic on the files ?

    • darkrad says:

      they should be as they’re only for the SNSD calendar.
      as they haven’t been released yet, there are no pics of the files or stickers, nor has the seller posted any pics.

      • Shine says:

        Are these the same clear files, on ebay:

        Just wondering if there’s been any update on how overseas buyers who purchased the misprint calendar will be able to get the clear files/stickers?

  40. hihi says:

    omg now im scared … i bought the misprinted calendar and dint receive any gifts … lets hope there will be free gifts for overseas buyers.

    • soshijang says:

      As stated that the seller will shipped out the free gifts in late dec, I’ve just received them today(my calendars are the old ver). It’s through airmail. check your mailbox.
      The clear files are different photos from the calendars, and the stickers includes Jessica’s and Sunny’s name for those who don’t wish to exchange for the new ver. so u can label their correct birthday on the old calendar.
      An apology letter from the seller is also included for replacement of the old calendar with the new one free of charge. But you still gotta pay for the EMS shipping fee for delivery to Korea, while the new calendar will be sent to you free of charge. It will be quite a bit of hassle 😦
      Hmm, i’m rather fine with it and not exchanging it…

    • Kenneth says:

      Just an update on the promised freebies: I received mine today in the mail :). The clear files are the same ones being offered by the e-bay seller in the above earlier post. Postage for the item was borne by the seller, Danal (a publishing house). Enclosed with the files and stickers (basically some cute imagery stickers for use with the calendar 😉 ) is a letter apologising for the calendar misprint and stating the terms by which the buyer can get a replacement calendar. Basically, you must send the item via EMS (no other mail carrier) and the returned item will be inspected for any damages before a replacement is sent (takes about 7 days after the inspection is done). From what I understand from the letter, you get to keep the clear files and stickers, only needing to send back the calendar ;). Have to check though whether this offer is applicable to overseas customers since only Hanjin Parcel Service EMS will be accepted ;).


    i unfortunately did not expect this, but cph shipped the calendars AS IS (since they already come in their own boxes)– meaning he wrote my address onto the original box itself with permanent marker, affixed all the approriate postage labels and custom forms, AND taped everything together.
    i don’t know about you guys, but i like to keep my calendar boxes in PRISTINE condition, so that i have a place to store my calendars once the year is over… so yea, i was quite sad to see the mailman deliver the calendars in said condition >_<

    soshigoods is still the cheapest place to purchase the calendars (for those in the US, and in english)– so i'll be reordering from him again… but yea, this time he's promised to package the calendars separately in another box.

  42. sagill888 says:

    Heyy guy, ahs everyone received their freebies yet? I’m still waiting for mine… Has anyone not received theirs? I got the old calendar but I thought that everyone gets freebies or is it in a random basis? People have already received them and selling them online whilst I still haven’t received mine and they started to send them at the end of December. Hmm, just quite worried. I even emailed the sellet at G-Market but no reply :/

    • tom885 says:


      I still haven’t receive my freebies yet (I’m in Canada), but I know that they sent the freebies via airmail (not EMS), so you’ll have to wait patiently for them to come.

      I think most of the listings on ebay are from Korean/Asian sellers (in which they got their freebies first), so that’s why it seems that there are ‘a lot of people’ who got their freebies already

      Hope that helps ^^

      • sagill888 says:

        Hi ^^

        Thank you for your reply. Yep, I’m from the UK so I understand now that it might take longer due to airmail. I thought they would send by EMS so that’s why I’ve been worrying.

    • Kenneth says:

      I am one of those who’ve already gotten the “freebies” (4 clear Soshi files and a set of stickers for the calendar and to correct the printed errors). All buyers of the “old” calendar will get the promised freebies, no exceptions 😉 . As mentioned before, the items will be sent via International Airmail, so a little patience is needed here :D. HTH. Cheers !
      (BTW, I Will Not sell off the freebies as they’re Too Beautiful to part with 😀 !!!)

  43. . says:

    do we only get the freebies when you order from Gmarket? do we get it if we order from grapemusiccd? cause i heard that SM really sent out all the files to the people with misprinted dates ><

    • darkrad says:

      The freebies are sent to whoever ordered the calendars, which to our understanding, Gmarket was the only place to do so officially. The manufacturer sends the freebies direct to the address that was registered when purchasing the calendars on Gmarket, so if you had bought them from a third party (ie. grapemusiccd, SoshiGoods, etc) you will have to email them directly about that issue. To my knowledge, SoshiGoods will forward the freebies to those that had ordered from them.

      • applejuice says:

        I’ve received my misprinted calendars for almost a month now, Gmarket WILL ship the freebies for all who ordered the misprinted calendars right?

        I’m from Australia, perhaps it will take longer than expected?
        The anxiety is getting to me D;

        • Kenneth says:

          Yeah, I believe so. I think the shipping of the freebies is actually by the seller Danal (the company that printed the calendars) and I do believe that they will honour the agreement to provide the freebies to those customers with the misprinted calendars. As mentioned in the above post, the free items will be sent directly to the shipping address registered with GMarket when the item was purchased. Hope that helps ;).

  44. neng says:

    about the international shipping, the seller said they don’t ever wanna do that because of the tediousness. so you can actually just forget about buying from gmarket ever.

  45. WGFrance says:

    I live in France and … my freebies still have not arrived.
    May I contact GMarket ?

    • tom885 says:


      I just received my freebies today (Yep, it has been almost 2 Months!!). Again, the seller DID NOT include Postal/Zip Codes on the package, so if you’re country is particularly pedantic about Postal/ZIP Codes, please expect some (or major) delay – the Post Office needs to search & write down your ZIP code in order to process/deliver your freebies.

      Hope that helps & hope you’ll receive it soon!! ^^

  46. Rebecca says:

    Is it confirmed/likely that SNSD will bring out an official calendar for 2012 as well? I guess if there is one on the way, it’ll be out around December (most calendars here come out in about August of the previous year, so seeing them out in shops reminded me!) like this one, but I wanted to know if anyone’s heard any information about one?

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