10asia – 10+idol 2010 Vol. 1

Release Date: November 8, 2010

Publisher: 10asia

-A profile book/encyclopaedia of idols which 10asia believe have best represented the Korean entertainment industry in 2010
-Featured idols:

    Jay Park
    Girls’ Generation
    Wonder Girls
    Jung Yong Hwa
    miss A
    Orange Caramel

-Profiles and photos of each idol is included with interesting questions answered by the idols
-250 pages
-Size: A4
-All text written in Korean

Recommended Retail Price: 11,000 won, approx. USD $9.91

[Online] *prices listed below exclude shipping

USD $29.99/free shipping @ www.yesasia.com
USD $11.90/$11.00 shipping @ www.soshigoods.com
9,900 won @ www.gmarket.co.kr
9,900 won @ www.yes24.com
9,570 won @ www.aladin.co.kr
9,900 won @ www.interpark.com
10,980 won @ www.ypbook.co.kr
9,570 won @ www.bandinlunis.com
10,450 won @ www.kyobocook.co.kr
10,450 won @ www.cjmall.com
9,900 won @ www.11st.co.kr

USD $13.99/$11.99 shipping @ grapemusiccd

Image credits: 10asia, yes24, as tagged

5 Responses to 10asia – 10+idol 2010 Vol. 1

  1. Xenny says:

    I want to buy the book but can’t read korean…TT.TT

  2. seems like an old photoshoot but the quality looks nice. i want! 😀

  3. kkabyul says:

    Does anyone know how to order and get it shipped to the US? I really want one but I am having a hard time navigating through any of the webpages. Thanks!

    • tom885 says:

      Hi kkabyul, you can check soshigoods and ebay to order this book & have it shipped to the US ^^ (since International shipping is not available in some websites above, such as gmarket ><)

  4. summ3r_angel says:

    I’m going korea so do you know where I can buy it in korea?

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