Daewon Media – Star Collection Cards Season 2.5

Update [20110301]: 3rd Round 2.5 Bingo Event Winners announced! Click Here
Update [20110131]: 2nd Round 2.5 Bingo Event Winners announced! Click Here
Update [20110113]: Star Cards Season 2.5 are out of print.
Update [20101230]: 1st Round 2.5 Bingo Event Winners announced! Click Here
Update [20101121]: Bingo event prizes (pics and info) and info on Star Cards in English released by Daewon Media.
Update [20101117]: Guide and Review Posted! Click Here
Update [20101115]: Complete Breakdown of the 2.5 Cards, Picture of the new color foil set 001-009
Update [20101113]: Photos of the Full Base Card Set (36 Cards – GG2.5 – 109 – 145)
Update [20101111]: New photos of some of the cards (including re-make of some Season 2 cards)

Release Date: November 8, 2010

Publisher: SBS Contents Hub, Daewon Media & SM Entertainment

Out of print
-15 booster packs in 1 set which comes in a display box. Also includes 15 Bingo Event cards.
-Single booster pack (sold separately) will include 5 Star Collection Cards Season 2.5 and 1 Bingo Event card
-Size of each card: 63mm x 88mm
-Size of 15 pack package: 48 cm x 32 cm


Recommended Retail Price:
15 pack: 30,000 won, approx. USD $27.04
1 pack (booster pack): 2000 won, approx. USD $1.80

30,000 won (~$27.84 USD) (exc. shipping) @ Gmarket (1 set)
USD $37.50/$11 shipping @ Soshigoods (1 set)
USD $2.50/$5 shipping @ Soshigoods (1 booster pack)
USD $22.045/$18 shipping @ DVDHeaven (1 set) Out of stock
USD $49.99/free shipping @ YesAsia (1 set)

USD $32.99/$7.99 shipping @ limited_logos_mania
USD $30.99/$11.99 shipping @ grapemusiccd

Breakdown: Complete Season 2.5 List of Cards
GG2.5-001~GG2-009 – Season 2.5 Color foil Printed Autograph Cards (9 types)
GG2.5-010~GG2-018 – Season 2.5 Matte Card #1 (Oh! English Lyrics background) (9 types)
GG2.5-019~GG2-027 – Season 2.5 Matte Card #2 (‘Selca’/White Boarder Type) (9 types)
GG2.5-028~GG2-036 – Run Devil Run Micro Cards (9 types)
GG2.5-037~GG2-045 – Oh! Individual Rainbow Holographic Cards (9 types)
GG2.5-046~GG2-054 – Oh! Cheerleader Rainbow Holographic Cards (9 types)
GG2.5-055~GG2-063 – SPAO Rainbow Holographic Cards (9 types)
GG2.5-064~GG2-075 – Oh! Group/Pair Holo Cards (12 types)
GG2.5-076~GG2-087 – Gee 2011 Calendar Color foil Cards (12 types)
GG2.5-088~GG2-099 – Gee Individual + Group/Pair Color Foil Cards (12 types)
GG2.5-100~GG2-108 – Oh! Cartoon Cheerleader Holo Cards (9 types)
GG2.5-109~GG2-117 – Season 2.5 Themed Regular/Base Cards #1 (9 types)
GG2.5-118~GG2-126 – Season 2.5 Themed Regular/Base Cards #2 (9 types)
GG2.5-127~GG2-135 – Season 2.5 Themed Regular/Base Cards #3 (9 types)
GG2.5-136~GG2-144 – Season 2.5 Themed Regular/Base Cards #4 (9 types)
GG2.5-145~GG2-153 – Season 2.5 Autograph Cards (9 types)

Bingo Event Prizes

Perfect bingo card: iRiver SMART HD (K1) 8GB PMP
5 Lines: Nintendo DSi (last season this was a 4 line prize and was signed by Seohyun)
4 Lines: SPAO T-shirt
3 Lines: DS software (doesn’t specify which, but I’m assuming here it’s one that’s distributed by Daewon)
2 Lines: Mobile phone holder
1 Line: Mobile phone accessory
Consolation: A booster pack of Season 2.5 (approx. 20 people can win this)

Thanks to darkrad and janeberryblue for the translations!

Image credits: Taeyeon’s DC Gallery, chichinhu (bestiz), blacksnsd (ebay), darkrad89 (ebay), Daewon Media

52 Responses to Daewon Media – Star Collection Cards Season 2.5

  1. wait so the one on sale at soshigoods is pre-order as well?

    • tiff says:

      according to John/ Soshigoods, “cards aren’t preorder, I will ship them as soon as I get some stock ^^”

      • thanks for the note! btw, i’m still angry this isn’t a completely NEW SET… 2.5?? what in the world IS THAT? >_<

        • owa1985 says:

          Actually, I think it refers to the fact that most of the “Rare” cards are reused, but all the world cup themed cards are gone.

          If I dare venture, this looks more like a proper S2 than S2 ever was. It’s pure conjecture at this point, but it might be that S2 was changed to coincide with the World Cup.

          I mean… When 80% of the cards in packs are drawn from a pool of a third of the total different designs of cards, it gets kinda fishy.

          • darkrad says:

            that makes sense… pulling out the world cup cards in season 2 honestly got boring after a set lol.

          • owa1985 says:

            Well, I started just giving out all the World Cup cards to whoever was in the shop at the time I opened the packs after awhile.

          • glad i’m not the only who thought this. though the world cup cards were cute, but it was mostly because the girls are cute. otherwise, i thought they were pretty lame ._.

            these 2.5 regs seem MUCH BETTER. can’t wait to collect them all~

  2. koyaa says:

    So excited for this. 🙂 Thank you for keeping us updated! 🙂

  3. vicjun says:

    limied_logos_mania @ ebay is selling these too


    It said that it will be released 22 Nov 2010

  4. taenyjjang says:

    how to avail that free gift? 😀 tnx

  5. hihi says:

    erm , what are the prizes for the bingo event ? Can someone translate ?

    • darkrad says:

      From what I’ve got…
      Perfect bingo card: iRiver SMART HD (K1) 8GB PMP
      5 Lines: Nintendo DSi (last season this was a 4 line prize and was signed by Seohyun)
      4 Lines: SPAO t-shirt
      3 Lines: DS software (doesn’t specify which, but I’m assuming here it’s one that’s distributed by Daewon)
      2 LInes: Mobile phone holder
      1 Lines: i can’t make out the translation =[ but something to do with a phone ‘line’ here i’m guessing it’s some sort of phone strap (somebody who understands more korean than me can help here =D)
      and the last one is sort of like a consolation prize lol it’s just a booster pack based on previous draws, about 20 people will get these

  6. wgfrance says:

    OMG! I want it !!!
    Should I buy from GMarket or SoshiGoods ?

  7. jing says:

    when will it release? because i ordered from gmarket already so i wanna know when i can get it.

  8. kong says:

    does anyone knows when will the bingo event starts?

  9. sun.shiner says:

    The shipping on gmarket just changed. its 2kg now. and isit confirm 15th november release? cause dvdheaven put this “This goods will be released on 2010-11-22 and it will be shipped after it is released. If you order this goods with other goods, all of them will be shipped together after it is released. This spec. can be modified or changed by production company.”

    • iced_tea says:

      We based this on info from grapemusicd on eBay. He has changed the date to the 17th now :/
      Looking at other eBay sellers and DVDHeaven…they say the release date is the 22nd or after the 20th.

      • darkrad says:

        hey i ordered my sets from the Gmarket guy, and they got to the warehouse yesterday (9th nov) and said shipment was sent off today (10th nov)
        so judging by that, i’m assuming they were released in korea/gmarket at least on the 8th

        and about the gmakret shipping weight, that seller tends to do that a lot. try sending an email to customer service about it, last time when i couldn’t combine some of my shipments, they told me to next time contact them about the weights and they should be able to change it for you or something to that effect.

  10. taenyjjang says:

    Hi so it’s 36 base cards only?

    how many rare cards could we possibly get in a set?

  11. OMG these new base cards are 32847398274893742 better than the world cup ones~ YES!!

  12. Jing says:

    Base cards I think only until 144.

  13. sdafasf says:

    the last picture, the first 3 isit Taeyeon autographed one? I thought only 9 are printed???

  14. darkrad says:

    my starcards came !
    will update more once i’ve gone through them =D

  15. JaMiH says:

    Can people outside Korea participate in the Bingo Event?

  16. gui says:

    whaa :o. does the bingo mean , if u perfect the bingo card you will automaticaly get the prize?., the
    mobile phone?., or pick winners?

  17. Jhiyuan says:

    Sorry got one question here
    Will like to ask whether you know if using season 2 bingo cards can join this bingo lucky draw and even if u win how will u be notice by them

    • tom885 says:


      I think Daewon still accept Bingo Cards from all Seasons (including 1 & 2) for this Bingo Event, so if you still have some leftover bingo cards from previous seasons, you should submit them to Daewon (If you sent it now, your entry will be in the 2nd round of Bingo Event, since the deadline for the 1st round is Dec.20)

      Daewon Media will post a list of winners at the end of each round (Winners for the first round should be announced on Dec.31). If you are a winner of the Bingo Event, you will not receive any notifications/e-mails by Daewon

      Hope that helps~ ^^

  18. greenballoonsyay says:

    hey do you have to stick the same picture to each uhh slot on the bingo card? because I heard from my friend that I could just stick the bingo pieces on without matching them.

    • tom885 says:


      I believed that you will have to stick the bingo piece in the correct spot, otherwise there is no point of Daewon designing the gameboard (it allows them to control the number of entries).

  19. TR_AN says:

    2 line is actually an apple dock. Can be use for most Apple ipods and itouch and iphone. Hope that made it more clear for everyone (:

  20. JQ says:

    Wait so this is the WHOLE season 2.5 star cards? SO if you buy one set, it will include all these?

  21. hihi says:

    will they be printing more ?

    • Kenneth says:

      @ hihi
      No, I don’t think so (refer to the beginning of the post which states that the cards are now out of print). That way, they become true collectibles 😉 !

  22. LSGreen says:

    Yay! I won a 2 line prize and received it today!!. Thank you to the people that wrote the guide’s.

  23. Kenneth says:

    Congratulations to all the winners of the 3rd Round 2.5 Bingo Event 😀 !!! Do enjoy your prizes 😉 !!! Cheers !

  24. Davin says:

    Hello i have a season 2.5 yoona gg2.5 -152 autographed & season 2 sooyoung gg2-011 autographed anyone interested do email me d.online97@gmail.com thanks!

  25. sososhihyo says:

    I’m selling star cards from all three (two and a half :p) seasons. Same shipping price for any amount of cards, worldwide shipping. Please take a look at http://myworld.ebay.com/sososhihyo

    S<3NE love!

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