2nd Japanese Single – Gee (Taiwan Version)

Release Date: November 5, 2010

Label: Universal Music (Taiwan)

Catalog #: 0204688

-The Taiwanese release is Limited Pressing
-The contents are the same as the Japanese Version First Press Edition. That is, it comes with DVD, photo booklet and a photocard.
-Photo card is the same as the Japanese version except it has a different catalogue number on the back
-Packaging is slightly different: instead of being printed in Japanese, it is printed in Chinese
-In Taiwan/HK, this single can come with the Taiwan version of the Gee poster for free

Language: Japanese, Korean

DVD Region Code: All regions

DVD Subtitles: None

DVD Picture Format: NTSC

USD $15.25/free shipping @ www.yesasia.com (does not indicate that it includes a photo card and photo booklet but there is only one Taiwanese release of the single)

USD $22.69/free shipping @ pop_asia
USD $24.79/free shipping @ undercatdog2

Price when altered:

1. Gee (Japanese Ver.)
2. Gee (Korean Ver.)
3. Gee (Without Main Vocal)

DVD Contents:
01 Gee (Japanese Ver. Music Video)
02 Gee (Dance ver.)

2 Responses to 2nd Japanese Single – Gee (Taiwan Version)

  1. westusa says:

    Hi Thanks for the reviews for the past albums.

    Was there a First press Limited for Taiwan Genie?

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