SPC – Sweet Delight (Limited Edition)

Release Date: 13 October, 2010

Label: SPC Music, SM Entertainment

Distributor: Loen Entertainment

Catalogue #: N/A

-Sung by Jessica of SNSD
-Endorses SPC Corporation, a South Korean food company. Brands under it include Dunkin’ Donuts, Paris Baguette and Baskin Robbins.
-Limited, could only be obtained via an event held by Paris Baguette on October 23rd 2010. See below for more details about the event.
-The lyrics in the radio edits are slightly different, with “SPC” being taken out (Source: Soshified@Twitter)

Language: Korean

Length: 22:24

Price: Not For Sale

USD $124.99/$6.70 shipping @ jace0337 (listing has ended)
USD $124.99/$6.70 shipping @ happybuykorea (listing has ended)
USD $99.99/$5.90 shipping @ uniqueurlife
USD $99.99/ shipping cost varies @ jace0337 (listing has ended)
USD $89.99/free shipping @ limited_logos_mania (listing has ended)

01. Sweet Delight (Spc Ver.) – 03:19
02. Sweet Delight (Radio Edit) – 03:19
03. Sweet Delight (East4A QM Mix) (SPC ver.) – 04:09
04. Sweet Delight (East4A QM Mix) (Radio Edit) – 04:09
05. Sweet Delight (inst.) – 03:19
06. Sweet Delight (East4A QM Mix) (inst.) – 04:09

Held by Paris Baguette on October 23rd 2010. Only 500 copies of Jessica’s Sweet Delight Limited Edition CD were available. Given to people who spent 20,000 won or over at the Paris Baguette store in South Korea.

Image credits: BADA_BONG@Twitter, bickyzoo@twitter, happybuykorea@eBay

4 Responses to SPC – Sweet Delight (Limited Edition)

  1. tom885 says:

    Wow … this album will be very hard to find + expensive ><

  2. GoHaraGo says:

    M U S T get my hands on this precious…But so impossible to find now T_T

  3. Ajumma says:

    Oooooohhh I want it!! TT^TT but I can’t find anywere…

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