Innisfree – Eco Handkerchief #1

Release Date: August 28-29th, 2010

Publisher: Innisfree

-16 different handkerchief designs were displayed at Innisfree’s Eco Handkerchief exhibition event
-Designed by Yoona and 4 other designers
-Limited, promotion has ended
-Comes with a thick paper case (design varies according to handkerchief’s design)
-A handkerchief was given to people who attended the exhibition
-Was also distributed at the SM Town Live ’10 World Tour in Seoul: click
-A limited quantity was distributed in Innisfree stores and online during September



Photos from Innisfree’s website and exhibition event on August 28-29th 2010:


Image credits: as tagged, Innisfree


One Response to Innisfree – Eco Handkerchief #1

  1. Shine says:

    When I visited innisfree 2 weeks ago, I inquired and was given a handkerchief with my purchase. The only design that particular store had was the yellow one in the first photo above, but you could always check other stores. For sones that get a chance to go, it doesn’t hurt to ask. They also have free yoona innisfree promotional posters.

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