Group of 20 – Let’s Go

Release Date: 15 October, 2010 (Digital) / 20 October, 2010 (CD)

Label: Asia Bridge Contents

Distributor: Loen Entertainment

Catalogue #: L100004168

-Sung by various Korean idol artists: Gyuri (KARA), Seohyun (SNSD), Junsu (2PM), Changmin (2AM), Jaekyung (Rainbow), Jonghyun (SHINee), Sungmin (Super Junior), Kahi (After School), Luna (f(x)), JiEun (SECRET), Junhyung (B2ST), Gayoon (4minute), Min (miss A), G.O (MBLAQ), Bumkey (2wins), G.NA, Son Dambi, Seo In Kook, IU, and Anna
-Produced by Shinsadong Tiger, Im Sang Hyuk, Eddy and B2ST member Yong Jun Hyung
-The song intends to help youth better understand the upcoming G20 Summit 2010 (November) to be held in Seoul
-Participation by the artists was voluntary and all profits made will be donated to multicultural families and the neglected
-Available digitally and as a CD
-Digitally released (3 tracks) on various Korean music portals. Tracks are sold separately.

Language: Korean

Length: 10:28

[Online: Digital Release]
Naver Music (Guide to purchasing music from Naver Music)
Cyworld Music

[Online: CD]
USD $5.654/$8.59 @
USD $10.99/free shipping @
1,006 yen (tax inc.) ~USD $12.34 @

USD $7.99/$5.99 shipping @ grapemusiccd

01. Let’s Go (Korean Ver.) – 03.30
02. Let’s Go (English Ver.) – 03.30
03. Let’s Go (Inst.) – 03:28

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